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Just Alex 23/05/2019 09:29
French style #giletsjaunes #yellowvests
French style #giletsjaunes #yellowvests <br>
I am writing you from Montpellier, France, where I am a participant-observer in the Yellow Vest movement, which is still going strong after six months, despite a dearth of information in the ...
What a bunch of morons.
What a bunch of morons.<br>
French director Ladj Ly, who has drawn comparisons to Spike Lee in Cannes, that "we've been the yellow vests for 20 years, staking a claim to our own rights while we face police brutality and get shot ...
George Galloway 23/05/2019 08:29
JohnMcDonnell, 40 years a Trotskyite opponent of the EU is now a “Remainer at heart”? A man who called for revolution on the streets here but can’t support the Yellow Vests in France? Who backed Berger and Ryan and the criminalisation of anti-Zionism? What’s “left” about that?
Christophe Chalencon, a blacksmith with right-wing views, is on the campaign trail around France seeking to turn his fame as a "yellow vest" protester into a seat in the European parliament. And it's ...
Sarah Abdallah 22/05/2019 09:13
Macron isn’t content with merely tear gassing, beating up & blinding unarmed #YellowVests protesters, he’s now also threatening French journalists who exposed his government lying about its complicity in Saudi Arabia’s atrocities in #Yemen with jail time. https://www. 1/france-threatens-journalists-jail-time-exposing-government-lies-about-yemen   …
France’s Yellow Vest demonstrations drew a lower turnout and drifted away from Paris to smaller cities on Saturday, suggesting the movement is weakening as it hits the six-month mark. Police estimated ...
CYBG Yellow Vests 22/05/2019 06:37
Why are we protesting outside #CYBG #virginmoney london #leadenhall offices? We want justice for the destruction of our businesses, bankrupted, lives destroyed by this toxic bank. #ShameOnYouClydesdale #ShameOnYouVirginMoney Partnered with a Vulture Fund. @nabcustsupport
PARIS: High-visibility yellow vests that drivers must have in their cars in case of emergency are the chosen symbol of an ongoing protest movement in France that began six months ago. As the ...
Kevin Metcalf 21/05/2019 10:56
Police confirm: Yellow Vests Canada members Rick Boswick and Cory Scott charged with one count each of uttering threats.
Roxy 21/05/2019 07:23
There has been threats of violence by Leave campaigners if we don't have brexit. Nothing is done. There have been people in yellow vests physically harrasing people. Nothing is done. A milkshake gets thrown. Everyone loses their collective shit because of the side that threw it
The Netizen 19/05/2019 12:41
#YellowVests still pushing. Respect. Too little attention in US media.
#YellowVests still pushing. Respect. Too little attention in US media. <br>
Sarah Abdallah 18/05/2019 06:12
Mainstream media isn’t interested in covering these gigantic anti-Macron #YellowVests marches happening in #Paris today, because unlike #Venezuela, #France isn’t sitting on the biggest oil reserves in the world. #GiletsJaunes
Sy Sez 18/05/2019 05:07
RT from OP - Jerome Rodrigues, a figure in the #YellowVests movement, is seen leading a procession in #Paris. They jubilantly chant "Emmanuel #Macron, Big Head of Con, we come to get you at home.” Vive la France! #GiletsJaunes #ActeXXVII
Oh boy what a shot 18/05/2019 01:11
Many #Parisians are showing their #YellowVests support by claxoning! LISTEN! VIDEO: #Paris #Acte27 #GiletsJaunes [SOUND ON] This video will not be shown in mainstream media. So please share...
Oh boy what a shot 18/05/2019 12:32
More than six months (27 weeks) of ongoing #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests protests in France. VIDEO: #Paris #Acte27 This video will not be shown in mainstream media. So please share...
DIRECT INFO Les #GiletsJaunes traversent Neuilly #Acte27 #ActeXXVII #GiletsJaunesparis #YellowVests #YellowJackets
Ruptly 18/05/2019 12:11
#YellowVests call for new protests in #Paris Watch live:
#YellowVests call for new protests in #Paris Watch live:  http://     <br>
Oh boy what a shot 18/05/2019 12:09
#YellowVests: 27 weeks almost no mainstream media coverage about the ongoing massive peaceful #GiletsJaunes protests in France VIDEO: #Paris
Piranha_Teeth 17/05/2019 06:58
Impressive turnout in #Paris for #ActeXXVI of the #GiletsJaunes protest. This is what fighting for real change looks like. It comes from the bottom up not from the top down. Vive la France!! #YellowVests rt @SimplyBeautific #MacronMustGo
Oh boy what a shot 15/05/2019 09:17
More shocking footage coming in from France #YellowVests Imagine a boot stamping on your face.
Sarah Abdallah 15/05/2019 07:44
#YellowVests in France: • 26 straight weekends of protests. • Hundreds wounded. • Thousands arrested. If only the media wasn’t so busy pushing the neocons’ new illegal wars on #Iran and #Venezuela, this would be front page news. #GiletsJaunes
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