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Adam Brewster 19/01/2020 04:52
"If you're an individual parent or family and you run into hard times: your fault, on your own. If you're a drug company...we can't run to you with bags of money fast enough. Banks same thing" @AndrewYang in Independence IA last night after his usual criticism of the bank bailout
The 'Daily Show' and 'Crazy Rich Asians' star has a new Netflix comedy special, 'Asian Comedian Destroys America.’ Ronny Chieng first burst into the national consciousness in October 2016 with a Daily ...
Lis Smith 19/01/2020 06:38
It’s hard not to love @AndrewYang https:// twitter.com/erickmsanchez/ status/1218962596562395138   …
"I’m Yang Gang!" the "Chappelle Show" comedian said in a statement released by the Yang campaign. "Thank you @DaveChappelle and welcome to the #yanggang. You are the best. Let’s do this for our kids," ...
Andrew Yang  🧢 19/01/2020 11:08
Today Jan 19, 2020 is the 16th anniversary of the ‘Dean Scream.’ Here’s to commemorate the occasion: http://www. cc.com/video-clips/gl otfh/chappelle-s-show-black-howard-dean---uncensored   …
#YangGang is getting strong. Before the New Year, we posted how Donald Glover was one of the famous faces to support Andrew Yang's presidential campaign and now it looks as though the political ...
Tom Steyer 19/01/2020 09:25
Elected officials in Washington have been too cozy with lobbyists and big corporations. Glad @AndrewYang agrees that we need term limits to ensure a more diverse and representative democracy. https:// twitter.com/AndrewYang/sta tus/1218905868277899265   …
Which Candidate Would You Endorse? Fri, 17 Jan 2020 11:54:00 GMT
Thousands of readers told us who they think should lead the Democratic Party — and the country. On Sunday, The New York Times’s editorial board will announce which Democratic candidate it’s endorsing ...
Ronald Young III 19/01/2020 06:57
Have you ever seen a candidate actually JOIN the choir when visiting a church and not just sit up front and try to act like they fit in? I think Andrew Yang just won me over with this one @AndrewYang #YangGang
The comedian has endorsed Andrew Yang for president, the candidate revealed in a Tweet on Tuesday. "Thank you @DaveChappelle and welcome to the #yanggang. You are the best. Let's do this for our kids, ...
Caylina 19/01/2020 02:26
Watched @AndrewYang on Real Time, and I know everyone keeps telling me he doesn’t have a shot, but I just can’t remember the last time I really WANTED someone to be president, instead of just not wanting the country to collapse.
Andrew Yang  🧢 19/01/2020 08:50
Had the privilege of joining the Union Baptist Church in Waterloo this morning with @revwendy3 - thank you Pastor Jenkins and the choir for having me.
Had the privilege of joining the Union Baptist Church in Waterloo this morning with @revwendy3 - thank you Pastor Jenkins and the choir for having me.  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/9H8RApErJa
Meet Carol #SororityOfYang Carol is a 71 year old former pastor who came to Iowa to help canvass for @AndrewYang Listen to why she came from Wisconsin to help share the #HumanityFirst campaign throughout Iowa and why she believes Yang is our best bet for the future
Addisu Demissie 19/01/2020 06:37
LMAO I don’t know who I’m voting for yet but 11 months on the trail definitely made me an @AndrewYang fan https:// twitter.com/erickmsanchez/ status/1218962596562395138   …
Actors 4 Yang (Michael) 19/01/2020 08:50
#YangGang Today a #BernieSanders table was setup next to ours... Bernie lady: So you only like @AndrewYang because he’s Asian & you’re Asian, right? YG woman: Do you only like @BernieSanders because he’s white and you’re white? Bernie lady: ... #AmericaNeedsAndrewYang
Andrew Yang  🧢 19/01/2020 08:54
I like the Chiefs and 49ers today.
Andrew Yang  🧢 19/01/2020 06:18
Thank you Priscilla! https:// twitter.com/priscillaalmad a/status/1218669125423124480   …
#YangGang we need help getting signatures to get @AndrewYang on the ballot here in Indiana. While signatures in all congressional districts are needed, we need more from districts 1, 3, and 8.
Daniel Burke 19/01/2020 09:19
In 16 years on the religion beat, I’ve seen a lot of presidential candidates visit churches. But I’ve never seen one JOIN the choir like @AndrewYang https:// twitter.com/erickmsanchez/ status/1218962596562395138   …
God’s fingers lighting up this Yang sign I put up! #YangGang
Andrew Yang  🧢 19/01/2020 04:06
I hate to say it but Cerrone is washed.
Mike Yates 19/01/2020 07:58
I don’t get excited about politicians but I am pumped about @AndrewYang !!! #YangGang #Yang2020
Bobby Malec 19/01/2020 03:12
Hey #YangGang - I know AY supports term limits and so do many on here. I’m not sure I agree. Check out this article published January 2018. Anyone have data points to the contrary? https://www. brookings.edu/blog/fixgov/20 18/01/18/five-reasons-to-oppose-congressional-term-limits/   …
Christopher J. Hale 19/01/2020 08:15
[email protected] is singing in a gospel choir today. I love this guy!
#YangGang I have a secret... #Yang2020 #YangGangLove #YangGangFamily #HumanityFirst #MATH
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