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olajide_jr 22/01/2020 03:44
If you want to be useless I mean very useless like useless useless please depend on people's promise. #wiseup
He added: “It is high time these organisations took a wise-up pill and supported the democratic decisions of the UK.” Do you want to sell more to businesses in your region? Get Bdaily Marketing's ...
kim 22/01/2020 01:50
Because you were cheated in the past doesn’t mean you should cheat people back too, God that later put you in the position to help is not dump. #wiseup
England captain Joe Root has warned his side they can no longer afford to play their best cricket when they are backed into a corner. Root saw his side slip to a 107-run loss in the first Test against ...
Samuel August 22/01/2020 12:40
The people you supported won't be there when you are broke #wiseup
Thank God the federal government is not in charge of my household budget. There are so many examples of our government’s excessive spending that have led to the staggering national debt of $22 ...
I AM Because WE Are. 22/01/2020 04:30
I scored 3/3 in today's Hamilton trivia! #WiseUp @broadwsySF
I scored 3/3 in today's Hamilton trivia! #WiseUp @broadwsySF <br>http://pic.twitter.com/vlmfH8hCkJ
Parents in Moray have been told to “wise up” about road safety ahead of school crossing patrollers being axed across the region. Police have stepped up patrols at some schools in recent weeks amid ...
Nicole Shearer 21/01/2020 10:32
If I could score some cost friendly tickets to this show... I would certainly rise up! #WiseUp #RiseUp
If I could score some cost friendly tickets to this show... I would certainly rise up! #WiseUp #RiseUp<br>http://pic.twitter.com/alJcbKVILM
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and his Republican colleagues in the state Assembly aren’t faring too well in the national conversation about whether white guys should be able to dictate who we celebrate ...
I wonder Oo, who knw her as journalist apart the TVC program that’s anchor! @oluwaloninyo should wiseup she is still a small girl with sharp mouth
Okiki 20/01/2020 10:00
Caption this #Okiki #WiseUp #JoorConcert
Caption this  #Okiki #WiseUp #JoorConcert<br>http://pic.twitter.com/SwJdJ4dnmz
9_snow 19/01/2020 11:58
The rain of 2020 is about to fall... #wiseup #OnGod
Policy is what defines progressivism, not identity. Pramila Jayapal endorsed Sanders instead of Warren today. She's the head of the Progressive Caucus & is an Asian American immigrant woman. Again policy trumps identity. #WiseUp
Highster_kweku_shykhid 18/01/2020 11:19
We aren't wealthy but we won't sell our pussy to eat . #slayqueen #wiseup
ポンコツ人間 18/01/2020 09:41
My score on the examen of neurology was 88 out of 100.
S U L E  ✨ 18/01/2020 06:07
Home has nothing to offer you, except free food,,, u better wiseup
Home has nothing to offer you, except free food,,, u better wiseup <br>http://pic.twitter.com/k5gWbTDvZV
Adema 18/01/2020 10:02
Sweet in the middle #WiseUp
Jamesy 17/01/2020 12:27
It’s actually quite sad how your brain works #WiseUp
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