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Dictionary.com 13/02/2018 05:13
Ducking means to stoop or bend suddenly. #NotTheOtherThing #NeverTheOtherThing #TakeItFromTheDictionary #WhyAutocorrectCanKissMyBass http://www. dictionary.com/browse/duck  
Katt Funny 13/02/2018 04:31
#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass You stupid count.
I wanted HUNAN beef and now everyone thinks I'm turning to cannibalism #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
I think Iโ€™m getting dick. Can you bring me tissues? #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
Silver 13/02/2018 04:19
I told my sick aunt to 'Get wet soon." #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
Brandon Cloud 13/02/2018 04:18
I've never willingly typed butch in my life. Not even to my lesbian friends. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
Ziggy 13/02/2018 04:12
When your a big fan of Gotham art #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
When your a big fan of Gotham art  #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass <br>http://pic.twitter.com/wZsE5sVbw0
Silver 13/02/2018 04:12
I always end up posting some thongs I didn't Nintendo. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
Diana Y 13/02/2018 04:10
Because I want my fiends to know how much I leave them! #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
Sir Mike S'alott 13/02/2018 04:10
It takes me twice as long to post tweets and thatโ€™s bullshirt. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
I have a bad migrant #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
Mina Masters 13/02/2018 04:03
What the duck is never write. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
Dana 13/02/2018 04:02
#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass because itโ€™s confusing when I ask for milf to be brought home.
Richard H 13/02/2018 04:02
Because I want to go to a concert not a concept!!!! #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
Dawn 13/02/2018 04:01
Because my name isn't Dan, down, or darn. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
CK 13/02/2018 04:01
Because it ducks up my puns. The snuggle is real. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
craig onetweetwonder 13/02/2018 04:01
I don't need autocratic, I'm great at spilling. #WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass
Jason Robey 13/02/2018 04:01
#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass Visual representation of the relationship autocorrect thinks I have with ducks:
TwitFaced 13/02/2018 04:01
#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass because I said sew, that's why!
Sassy Senior 13/02/2018 04:01
#WhyAutoCorrectCanKissMyBass I so agree. It's my worst enema!
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