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@ingoma 18/08/2018 12:28
A healer. Religiously from early in the year, I would watch videos of her playing piano. She had these intros to songs where she'd tell stories. Check performane of 'My Cup Runneth Over With Love' and tributes to Whitney Houston & Natalie Cole where she plays piano
Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston is mourning Aretha Franklin, her friend of more than 50 years. “Aretha was my dear friend who I will deeply miss,” Cissy Houston tells PEOPLE in a statement abou...
John Marvin 18/08/2018 12:27
@SadeABC Miss You Whitney Houston
The man who found Bobbi Kristina lifeless in her bathtub after she overdosed on drugs in 2015 has died after also being found lifeless in a bathroom. Max Lomas was discovered on the floor with a syrin...
Levent KIZILKOCA 18/08/2018 12:25
I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/3JWTaaS7LdU?a   Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
Starbucks is paying tribute to Whitney Houston in a unique way that coffee lovers across the nation can experience. In honor of the what would have been Houston's 55th birthday, the coffee giant is pl...
sherley jane laxa 18/08/2018 12:23
TRY IT ON MY OWN - Whitney Houston (Lyrics) https://www. youtube.com/attribution_li nk?a=8mpZd-2izqs&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DG1wp8wFl2k4%26feature%3Dshare   …
Dionne Warwick is dismissing accusations that her sister, the late gospel singer Dee Dee Warwick, molested Whitney Houston and her brother Gary when they were children. “First of all, it’s totally hog...
pivert melin 18/08/2018 12:22
The Next Whitney Houston !! Angelica Hale AGT Performances FHD agt 2017 https:// youtu.be/Tzjkam53pFA   via @YouTube
The singer is adamant about protecting her sister. Dionne Warwick is in complete denial of the abuse allegations that were made against her sister Dee Dee Warwick. Whitney, a bio pick about Whitney Ho...
James Davies 18/08/2018 12:21
Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time BANGER
David Harris 18/08/2018 12:18
I love Whitney Houston but nope. I just listened to “Aretha: Live at Fillmore West” and without a doubt no one could touch the QUEEN. NO ONE. She was the greatest singer of her generation and of the 20th century. All others are just pretenders to the throne.
Jess Wolf 18/08/2018 12:16
I wish I understood how my brain works because I misread White House as Whitney Houston and have no explanation as to why or how.
Thabiso 18/08/2018 12:12
If tomorrow is a judgement day and im standing on the front line and the Lord ask me what i did with my life i would say I SPENT IT WITH YOU. WHITNEY HOUSTON-YOUR LOVE IS MY LOVE
Hala S Alsham 18/08/2018 12:09
The bodyguard Whitney Houston
Zero Infinito 18/08/2018 12:08
Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston https:// open.spotify.com/track/7tLtIZcl wLWk54PFAyDv5T?si=2a13Wjo9QFCMxjVpI-m8fw   …
Zero Infinito 18/08/2018 12:06
Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Houston https:// open.spotify.com/track/6yJxCltg tmGxIgKOS6ndnu?si=PDoSCinEQ26OUXE0n82rhA   …
Fat Vegetarian 18/08/2018 12:06
Listening to Whitney Houston greatest hits, high af crying about my ex.... this why you not supposed to wake up before 9am on a Saturday
50+ Music 18/08/2018 11:55
Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight @WhitHouston24x7 https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=eslyh5 1tjNU   …
Up listenin to a lil Patti LaBelle, Michel’le, Whitney Houston & Anita
J'adore Flâneur 18/08/2018 11:43
Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson all coexisted without issues
Look Up Radio 18/08/2018 11:35
#NowPlaying I Love the Lord by Whitney Houston http://www. lookupradio.com  
#NowPlaying I Love the Lord by Whitney Houston  http://www. lookupradio.com     <br>http://pic.twitter.com/9L6WJEMkEM
M.A 18/08/2018 11:34
I'll put my money on Sheena. She has the most wins. She was robbed a few times like her Whitney Houston and Darren Espanto impersonation. Next could be Esang who was very consistent then TNT Boys #YFSFKGrandShowdown
TeeTee 18/08/2018 11:11
#GenX had Soul Train, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, hell even Madonna & American Bandstand! We grew up on Aretha, Gladys, Patti, Natalie, Chaka, Diana, Donna Summers,Stevie Wonder, Celine, David Bowie, George Michael, Cyndi Lauper & more
highoffvon 18/08/2018 02:39
whitney houston herself got up from her grave after hearing that #du22
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