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#Urgent This Iranian activist needs our help: her name is #MojganKeshavarz & her lawyer has been dismissed by judiciary, denying her chance to appeal the 23 years & 6 months jail for protesting #Forcedhijab & challenging Islamic Republic. Please be her her voice #WhiteWednesdays
Last week protestors surrounded the Iranian Embassy in London, as part of the #WhiteWednesdays Movement. For the last few years Iranian women have been posting pictures of themselves on Wednesdays in ...
Morgan Ortagus 14/08/2019 02:44
We condemn the Iranian regime for sentencing Yasaman Aryani, Monireh Arabshahi, and Mojgan Keshavarz to 55 years in prison for protesting compulsory hijab laws while simply handing out roses. We urge all nations to condemn this grave violation. #whitewednesdays
The movement soon went international. It came to be known as the #WhiteWednesdays movement. Last week campaigners proved that the fight was still going strong when they surrounded the Iranian Embassy ...
Islamic Republic state TV reported a fake news claiming that I was raped by 3 men, I received a death threat from a well known Basiji on an interview with BBC Persian, regime clerics call me prostitute and much more for leading #WhiteWednesdays movement against #forcedhijab
Women in Iran are waving white clothes on the end of sticks β€” but it is an act of defiance, not surrender. During the protests that rocked Iran earlier this month, a powerful image emerged of an ...
This woman from Afghanistan removes her hijab in front of camera to support #WhiteWednesdays . Right now there are 10 Iranian women are in jail for protesting #ForcedHijab Celebrities, journalists, politicians! We need your sisterhood & support. Be our voice & make your video.
A new social media campaign against a law which forces women to wear a headscarf is gaining momentum in Iran. Using the hashtag #whitewednesdays, citizens have been posting pictures and videos of ...
Natasha Fatah 01/09/2019 12:54
Saba Kord Afshari, 20, has been sentenced to 24 years in prison by Iran for removing her hijab in public. Her mother was also arrested. We speak with @AlinejadMasih, activist behind the #WhiteWednesdays Iranian women's rights campaign.
To campaign against the obligatory wearing of headscarves - or hijabs - Alinejad last month encouraged women to take videos or photos of themselves wearing white and upload them on social media with ...
Meanwhile, in Islamic Republic of Iran. These 3 women received total of 55 years imprisonment in Iran for their peaceful protest against compulsory hijab. Their crime is joining #WhiteWednesdays campaign against #ForcedHijab.
Iran’s Fars News agency announces that anyone sending a video to @AlinejadMasih risks between 1 and 10 years of imprisonment. Evidently, #WhiteWednesdays campaign has been such a thorn in the side of Iran’s autocrats that this woman has become their biggest nightmare. https:// twitter.com/FarsNews_Agenc y/status/1155745699469942784   …
This past May as part of Iran Accountability Week in Canadian Parliament, @AlinejadMasih testified about the threats to women in Iran who remove their hijab on #WhiteWednesdays. Now the Iranian regime is threatening any women who participates with up to ten years in jail. https:// twitter.com/nationalpost/s tatus/1156553557555974149   …
Imagine waking up in morning and wearing whatever you want on your own body... Most of you don’t have to imagine. That’s your reality. But that is not the reality for women whose bodies are controlled by the Islamic Republic of #Iran #WhiteWednesdays #FreeFromHijab
The law requiring a man’s permission for women over 18 to travel has been abolished! This is a happy day Congratulations to all Saudi women on fighting for and attaining your freedom! Onwards!! I hope #WhiteWednesdays Iranian women will earn their freedom soon too! https:// twitter.com/aljuaithen/sta tus/1156581228528771074   …
Hey, fake feminists in the west, These women of #WhiteWednesdays campaign #MojganKeshavarz got 23 yrs #YasamanAryani and her mother #MonirehArabshahi each got 16 yrs jail sentence just for handing out flowers to #women on 8th of March https:// twitter.com/shaparakshjr/s tatus/1156628538176528389?s=19   …
She is #YasamanAryani one of the youngest women’s rights activist who joined #WhiteWednesdays movement against #ForcedHijab. Today Yasaman & her mother each got 16 years jail sentence for their peaceful activities. She’s only 23. She is not a criminal.
I would countenance #WearAHijabDay if *and only if* the same people held a #TakeOffYourHijabDay in support of the #WhiteWednesdays movement in Iran where women are being served multiple years jail for protesting mandatory hijab, by taking theirs off. https:// twitter.com/ExmuslimsOrg/s tatus/1158355795161047041   …
As a woman I felt disgusted when this cleric started making lewd gestures to me during religious ceremony. I felt scared afterwards as he followed me and mad sexual propositions. #MyCameraIsMyWeapon #WhiteWednesdays
Zara Kay 07/09/2019 02:57
And more #AwesomeWithoutAllah in support of #WhiteWednesdays and #FreeFromHijab No to #Hijab. No to #GenderApartheid
And more #AwesomeWithoutAllah in support of #WhiteWednesdays and #FreeFromHijab   No to #Hijab. No to #GenderApartheid<br>http://pic.twitter.com/gVIqadJZOl
#WhiteWednesdays: Women From the Middle East Protest Mandatory Hijab Laws as one of the main pillars of gender apartheid | https://www. albawaba.com/node/whitewedn esdays-women-middle-east-protest-mandatory-hijab-laws-1307486   …
No opposition movement has posed such a sustained and consistent challenge to the Islamic Republic as #WhiteWednesdays. That’s why the regime is counter-attacking. Despite what some pundits claim, compulsory hijab is one of the Achilles’ heels of the regime. https:// twitter.com/kambizf/status /1150405848021254145   …
Senator Linda Frum 06/06/2019 07:27
Yesterday I spoke to the need for the Trudeau government to sanction the #IRGC, impose #Magnitsky sanctions on #Iranian human rights abusers, support #whitewednesdays, fight #compulsoryhijab, and stand with #Israel against Iranian sponsored #Hamas and #Hezbollah.
Pauline Hadaway 03/08/2019 12:16
Iranian judiciary has criminalised protests against compulsory hijab but these women won't be silenced #WhiteWednesdays #WalkingUnveiled https:// twitter.com/AlinejadMasih/ status/1156310189743759360   …
Jared Genser 26/06/2019 04:48
Peacefully demanding freedom and equality in the face of an oppressive regime is an act of bravery, not a crime. #FreeOurWomen #WhiteWednesdays https:// twitter.com/AlinejadMasih/ status/1143546425009147905   …
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