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I really hope he re considers counseling... he needs it. #AntronMcCray #WhenTheySeeUs #WhenTheySeeUsNow
Oprah Winfrey Presents When They See Us Now saw Winfrey sit down with Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise for an emotional conversation that left viewers ...
jas 13/06/2019 08:43
this part really had me bawling #WhenTheySeeUsNow
"The world knew them as just a derogatory headline for decades ... But from this day forward we call them the Exonerated Five, not the Central Park Five," Oprah Winfrey said during her hour-long ...
HOT GIRL BROOKE 13/06/2019 06:06
But y'all, Y'ALL. My absolute favorite part of the #WhenTheySeeUs #WhenTheySeeUsNow evening was watching #TheExoneratedFive sing along to the unofficial Black National Anthem #BeforeILetGo. The JOY jumped out They deserve all the joy in the world
Following scrutiny surrounding the accuracy of Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us," it was only fitting for Oprah Winfrey to remind viewers of the creative depths the cast went to when embodying the ...
Y Justbecause 13/06/2019 04:33
And down she goesElizabeth Lederer, Prosecutor of Central Park Five, Resigns From Columbia Law - The New York Times #WhenTheySeeUsNow #WhenTheySeeUs https://www. nytimes.com/2019/06/12/art s/elizabeth-lederer-central-park-five.html   …
It’s a painful but necessary movie to watch. In this clip from the special, Oprah Winfrey interviews the cast and executive producers about the series, which chronicles the case of five ...
Shacorrah 13/06/2019 04:14
"what I know about the justice system, is that it's the wrong name for it" #WhenTheySeeUsNow
June 7, 2019 – Netflix and OWN announced today that the closing night of Netflix’s Emmy® FYSEE showcase, featuring a special in-depth conversation hosted by executive producer Oprah Winfrey, with ...
Ash Moiré 13/06/2019 04:00
Yusef saying Korey is the reason they are free tells me that Korey was needed to be there for a higher purpose. Without him they would never be able to have a life without labels now. Without Korey they would be out but still be felons, rapists, etc to the world.#WhenTheySeeUsNow
Ava DuVernay 13/06/2019 03:40
No one else could have done this interview. She talked with 14 cast members and the Exonerated 5 back to back in the same day. She made everyone feel seen and heard. And she guided us through the moment when the men shared in their own way. Grateful. #WhenTheySeeUsNow https:// twitter.com/iwiedlin/statu s/1139011238061625345   …
Ash Moiré 13/06/2019 03:36
#WhenTheySeeUsNow Korey Wise is just beautiful. You can tell he’s broken but his spirit doesn’t allow him to be down. I love him.
Baby   💋 13/06/2019 03:26
Korey Wise hasn’t been a man of many words.. and that’s completely fine with me because his presence says a million. Every time I see him so many things go through my head but what sticks most is that this man is a walking miracle #WhenTheySeeUsNow
Ava DuVernay 13/06/2019 03:25
This is what love looks like. We love them. #WhenTheySeeUsNow https:// twitter.com/kaybostic/stat us/1139009999181701120   …
KB 13/06/2019 03:22
This is so powerful & so heartbreaking. Bravo @ava @Oprah #WhenTheySeeUsNow
Angie Thomas 13/06/2019 03:17
Not a single publication needs to give Linda Fairstein a chance to speak. These men are broken because of her actions. She has done more than enough damage. #WhenTheySeeUsNow
Nicole Tillman 13/06/2019 03:17
Watching Antron McCray bring an entire room to tears. This man considers himself “broken”. Not merely shattered, but forever unfixable. Shame on the people who thought it was acceptable to do this to a human being. #WhenTheySeeUsNow
AvaDuVernay Fans 13/06/2019 03:12
I weep for all of them... but this man broke my heart. Korey Wise #WhenTheySeeUsNow
Ava DuVernay 13/06/2019 03:11
I can’t tell you how right you are. I’ve talked with him for hours at a time. His words are often prophetic. He’s helped me in my own life. Sometimes the things he says just floors me. #WhenTheySeeUsNow https:// twitter.com/_kdakota/statu s/1139006613317140481   …
April 13/06/2019 03:08
I can't take my eyes off Korey Wise. He is still so affected that he can barely speak. I look at his physical build & think of the atrocities that befell him for over a decade in prison. No one is hated in prison more than alleged rapists except child molesters. #WhenTheySeeUsNow
AvaDuVernay Fans 13/06/2019 02:53
Do you know their names? Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, Antron Mc Cray, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise. #SayTheirNames #WhenTheySeeUsnow
rA.K.iA.  💕   💚 13/06/2019 02:31
We all could do more. We need to do more. #WhenTheySeeUsNow
Nother Brother Ent. 13/06/2019 02:27
WOW that answer ASANTE BLACKK #WhenTheySeeUsNow
Tanisha Renee 13/06/2019 02:25
The whole cast #WhenTheySeeUsNow
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