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Best tweets:

Yes we did! #WeThePeopleMarch http://www. wethepeoplemarch2019.org  
Yes we did! #WeThePeopleMarch   http://www. wethepeoplemarch2019.org     <br>http://pic.twitter.com/xcJyLjx3P0
WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) β€” Thousands joined in Washington, D.C. for the β€œWe the People” march and, right here in the Port City, community members rallied just the same. Carol Caffey says Women of ...
FINALLY coverage of the #WeThePeopleMarch: "Where were other outlets when thousands of protesters demanded the president’s impeachment while marching down Pennsylvania Avenue?" https:// spectator.us/media-forgotte n-protest/   …
Saturday's "We the People March", billed as an event to remind elected officials that they work for the people, saw protesters marching from Freedom Plaza to the US Capitol. Taking place on the heels ...
"We got to remember what the Constitution started with: "We the People," not "Me the President," he added. #WeThePeopleMarch https:// thehill.com/homenews/admin istration/464565-powell-the-republican-party-has-got-to-get-a-grip-on-itself   …
On Saturday, as part of a national march, about 75 people gathered in Glens Falls City Park to express their views about issues relating to the environment, women's rights, immigration and guns.
Keep it going fellow Americans: - Friday #ClimateStrike - Saturday #WeThePeopleMarch - Monday #ShutDownDC
With shouts of "shame, shame, shame", the crowd made their way in front of the Trump hotel to call for accountability from President Trump and other lawmakers.
I really feel a global shift happening against authoritarianism. Elections in Russia, Israel - ruling in the UK. So grateful we marched Saturday and reminded our elected officials that they work for us. You can finally feel the shift here towards impeachment! #WeThePeopleMarch
We The People March Gathers In Beaver County Sat, 21 Sep 2019 21:07:00 GMT
Demonstrators gathered on the steps of the Beaver County Courthouse as part of the We The People March. Woman Stuck By Car In Point Breeze Is In Critical ConditionA woman is fighting for her life ...
Damn right you’ve been very weak! We worked for 2 years to get a majority in the House and all you seem to care about is getting re-elected. We the People demand you hold this lawless regime accountable! #WeThePeopleMarch https://www. washingtonpost.com/politics/weve- been-very-weak-house-democrats-decry-their-oversight-of-trump-push-pelosi-on-impeachment/2019/09/22/94fb9510-dd51-11e9-8fd3-d943b4ed57e0_story.html   …
We have a mobster boss running our country. And he has gotten away with it all until this week! Walking by Trump Hotel DC at the #WeThePeopleMarch with thousands pointing and yelling, "SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!" was one of the most glorious things to witness! https:// wapo.st/2nijK7y?tid=ss _tw   …
Here we were last Saturday marching by the Trump Hotel DC - it was glorious! #WeThePeopleMarch https:// twitter.com/Aktau80/status /1175469922543112194?s=20   …
50 neo-Nazis go to Portland to encourage violence and the media will cover them endlessly for days. Thousands peacefully protest and march to the Capitol, nothing from the media. What are you encouraging @CNN @MSNBC @nytimes @washingtonpost #WeThePeopleMarch https:// twitter.com/ChristineZambr 1/status/1176096148576264192   …
β€œ...the β€˜We the People’ call for impeachment is already moving along. On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced plans for a β€˜formal impeachment inquiryβ€˜ of President Trump." #WeThePeopleMarch https:// spectator.us/media-forgotte n-protest/?fbclid=IwAR3LoqQxwq2TxdIMshIxy3typPCrWM0y6Ghqpcaoz8rnhyfY7C95O-tFvnE   …
I am tempted to organize a march outside of @MSNBC and @CNN and chant β€œSHAME, SHAME, SHAME” for them being a bunch of corporate sellouts. Why did only Fox News reach out about covering our nationwide peaceful protest (that worked!)? #WeThePeopleMarch https:// twitter.com/Martina/status /1176496974255837184   …
Democracy_420 22/10/2019 12:26
Emoluments for $200B, Amy? #ImpeachTrump #Resistance #author #wethepeoplemarch #Monday #MondayVibes #weather #lawyer #ImpeachmentTaskForce #MarchForOurLives #BocaRaton https:// twitter.com/Amy_Siskind/st atus/1186428616852299778   …
Yep. It's getting rather tedious to witness from the other side of the planet. Did that "We The People" march ever happen? If so, it fizzled like a wet firecracker as far as the news was concerned.
Mike Day 21/10/2019 07:45
People of Cerritos, rise up against this tyranny! #WeVapeWeVote! #wearethepeople #WeThePeopleMarch https:// twitter.com/CASAAmedia/sta tus/1186367014945918976   …
Anna Dunwell 21/10/2019 05:46
We the People March, Saturday, September 21, 2019, Washington DC https://www. wethepeoplemarch2019.org  
PJ Parker 21/10/2019 05:26
Could someone please run that Constitution (aka the Deed to the Property) over to Trump and point out who owns this country? #WeThePeopleMarch
Ani Sangye   πŸ†˜ 21/10/2019 04:47
Um, we had the #October13 #ImpeachmentNow March a couple weeks ago. In DC about 300 of us showed up. In Sept the #WeThePeopleMarch had 3,000 in DC & 500 in NYC. Americans need to stop talking about having a big March and start walking.
Carol 21/10/2019 03:38
I just attended the We The People March in September. The media didn't even cover it. You need media for people to attend and for the impact after
TheResistance.Blog 21/10/2019 02:58
JOIN THE CALL-IN #CallBankAmerica 800-732-9194 Crash phones Obstruct business Until Senate Republicans #ImpeachTrump @LiberalResist #TheResistance #edinburgh @ForDemocracyUSA @MoveOn @VotoLatino #TrumpMustResign #WeThePeopleMarch #KurdishGenocide #TrumpGenocide @UNHumanRights
JOIN THE CALL-IN #CallBankAmerica 800-732-9194 Crash phones Obstruct business Until Senate Republicans #ImpeachTrump  @LiberalResist #TheResistance #edinburgh @ForDemocracyUSA @MoveOn @VotoLatino #TrumpMustResign #WeThePeopleMarch #KurdishGenocide #TrumpGenocide @UNHumanRights<br>http://pic.twitter.com/nG24Is0xOf
Mary Beth Frezon 21/10/2019 12:53
This sort of talk is a raging example of just HOW un-American you are and how little you value our nation's Constitution and our democracy. #RESIST #IMPEACH #TRE45ON #WeThePeopleMarch
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