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Phat Chad 19/09/2019 04:24
I took another dump #VoteTrump2020
It read “Socialism will kill Houston’s economy. Vote Trump 2020.” It was a pointed preview of the coming campaign. The Democrats increasing lurch to the left was once again in full view at their ...
Laura Dion-Jones 21/09/2019 09:53
Feeling Patriotic! #VoteTrump2020!
Feeling Patriotic! #VoteTrump2020! <br>
SOCIALISM WILL KILL HOUSTON’S ECONOMY! VOTE TRUMP 2020 read the big blue banner trailing the plane, for anyone who looked up. Down below last night, the 10 leading Democratic presidential candidates ...
Dondolio 21/09/2019 04:48
DEMANDS FOR TRANSCRIPT https://   There is no way in hell #BabblingBiden came up with this statement on his own, he inept. #VoteTRUMP2020
Plane with banner that reads “Socialism will kill Houston’s Economy VOTE TRUMP 2020,” circling the Democratic debate hall. 1. Still the front runner, Joe Biden. For a third ...
Melissa Jackson 18/09/2019 08:07
Well said Mr President, We the people of the great Nation American must teach them how to love and be committed to this country and also be proud of it .We have to make our nation great again. #MAGA #DonaldTrump #Mrpersident #VOTETRUMP2020 https:// atus/1174402009526689792   …
As the Democratic debate was about to commence in Houston Thursday night, a small airplane flew low and loud over the campus of Texas Southern University trailing a banner that read: “Socialism will ...
Melissa Jackson 18/09/2019 05:27
She has nothing to offer America . #VoteTrump2020 #MAGA #DonaldTrump https:// atus/1174088160118267904   …
I want to share that with our viewers. It says, ‘Socialism will kill Houston’s economy. Vote Trump 2020,’” said Hemmer, as the banner crawled across the Fox News screen, giving it a bit more exposure.
GypsetSerafini 21/09/2019 06:14
Thank you, I guess I have arrived. Like him or hate him, no matter, just consider our beautiful economic state. Orange Man bad/ good. Our economy is GREAT, growing! Infastucture next! ALL THINGS CONSIDERED! #VoteTrump2020 https:// tatus/1175459941903163394   …
Linda Cook 21/09/2019 06:48
We need to vote for Trump again in 2020! #voteTrump2020 #Trump_2020
Animalsmatter 21/09/2019 05:23
Unless we want our entire country to look like this, we will #VoteRedToSaveAmerica and #VoteTrump2020 THIS is what #Democratic leadership produces. This is the product of a #democratic mayor and governor. We do not want this to happen to our country.
Christie 21/09/2019 06:32
Done! #VoteTrump2020 #BuyTrumpStraws #SayNoToSocialism https:// s/1175136035354882050   …
Done!   #VoteTrump2020  #BuyTrumpStraws  #SayNoToSocialism   https:// s/1175136035354882050   … <br>
Laura Dion-Jones 19/09/2019 12:38
#ClimateConfessions: Love steak, lamb chops, fish, cheeseburgers, & drinks with plastic straws. How ‘bout you? Stop voting democrat to save America from socialism. We are one election away from losing our country and freedoms to socialism. #VoteAllDemsOut #VoteTrump2020 or else.
Dondolio 14/09/2019 03:11
Keep America Great! #VoteTrump2020 #KAG2020 https:// p/status/1172859963963822080   …
The Eric Posey 14/09/2019 02:18
Just my humble opinion here just have to say "Let's Make Anerica Great Again" #VoteTrump2020!!!!!
Vote Trump 22/09/2019 03:06
Great Train! #VoteTrump2020
Korietta Koch 21/09/2019 03:53
Why should Trump care about journalists?!!! That’s silly. #VoteWithMe #VoteTrump2020
Deplorable Janice 20/09/2019 09:19
Someone in the socialist dem party need to put Cortez Omar and the rest of the squad in their place. What am I saying? The whole socialist dems all are corrupt. #voteTrump2020 https:// atus/1174778486747254785   …
Animalsmatter 21/09/2019 01:24
I agree, Cactus. But we can't get complacent. I'm afraid people might think, "We've got this", and hit their snooze button, instead of voting booth. We must cast our vote! We can't let POTUS down. He has not let us down. It's critical ALL OF US get out to #VoteTrump2020
The Mainstream Media Has ZERO Credibility! #ThinkForYourself #BigGovSucks #FakeNewsMedia run amuck in this country, destroying this country #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #VoteTrump2020 https://www. ogSqk&feature=share   …
Kris 13/09/2019 02:49
#VoteTrump2020! These Democratic clowns have been sucking up our tax dollars and representing illegal immigrants instead of American citizens. https:// s/1172521210015436801   …
The Hammer 14/09/2019 03:26
Senator you will never be POTUS we as Americans are not going to tolerate confiscation of our arms and red flag laws! Your so-called plans don’t pass the common sense test! #VoteTrump2020
Deplorable Janice 20/09/2019 09:35
I agree with you. I believe absolutely nothing the Democrats say they only want to destroy our wonderful Country. President Trump has only wanted to make America great again he has and will continue to do so. #VoteTrump2020 https:// s/1174918441569898496   …
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