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Seriously the best thing you did was walk out @theresa_may #useless #blameeveryoneelse A complete waste of my time- can’t believe I paused #Corrie to watch that mince you really don’t speak for the people
Two top Snap executives were grilled by a UK parliamentary committee on Tuesday about failures in Snapchat's age-verification system, with one admitting that it does not work. Snap's senior director ...
Emma Cochrane 20/03/2019 09:02
#TheresaMay does not speak for me. She has refused to speak for 48% of the U.K. She has refused to acknowledge suggestions from other Parties (not you, DUP). She has blamed everyone but herself. She is mean, useless, vicious, vitriolic, xenophobic, out of touch.. I could go on.
JUST when you thought the purgatory couldn’t go on any longer, here’s news to make you want to go and live in Canada. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has asked the European Union to delay Brexit ...
Angela Rayner 20/03/2019 09:01
Non-entity statement tonight from a fading PM,blaming everybody except herself, her inept&incompetent leadership lingers on. This lame duck PM delivering a lame duck speech, not a modicum of self awareness of the damage she is causing, it really is time for this useless PM to go!
The study, which recently appeared in Clinical Psychological Science, pushes back against the findings of Harvard University researchers, who suggested that trigger warnings might actually be a ...
Paul Mason 20/03/2019 08:56
May's weird statement: trying to mobilise the British people against their parliament always ends badly. Turning your back on cameras always ends badly. Being advised by a useless clique ditto. She is finished. #MayMustGo
Android has grown to become the largest computing platform on the planet, and that makes it a target. You can’t spend much time on the internet without hearing about some new piece of Android malware ...
Julia Hartley-Brewer 20/03/2019 08:52
She’s going to stay on forever, isn’t she? She’s never going to resign. Or deliver Brexit. She will carry on being our Prime Minister, turning up late to make pointless statements blaming everyone else for how useless she is until the end of time. This is our lives now. Forever.
If I had a penny for everyone who’s said that to me since my son was born… Why is everyone so obsessed with nappies? There are numerous tangible, albeit useless, skills I’ve picked up since ...
Corbyn really is a useless turd.
Shaun Cole 20/03/2019 08:01
Every single day @jeremycorbyn manages to be just that little bit more fucking useless than he was the day before.
Devin Nunes' Cow 20/03/2019 07:27
BREAKING MOOS. Know this story is circulating so you might as well hear it direct from the cow's mouth. Devin's utter work... notoriously sloppy. He's got these freakishly short sausage-like fingers that are utterly useless. Clammy too. And the direct eye contact? Didn't need it.
#MayMustGo cos she is useless
#MayMustGo cos she is useless <br>
Jon Gaunt 20/03/2019 06:50
Leaked @theresa_may speech for tonight. I am resigning. I am useless. I have betrayed you. I am taking all the remainiacs with me. This was my once in a lifetime decision.
therapist: the distorted gif of apollo justice shaking grape juice bottles as maracas isn't real he can't hurt you gif of apollo shaking grape juice bottles:
4.) clear your electronics of useless shit!! delete those old pics and numbers. clear your inbox of unnecessary emails. delete apps you never use. but be CAREFUL bc mercury is still retrograde, so double and triple check that you’re not deleting something important!
  🔪 20/03/2019 03:16
the north vs south discourse is useless because literally all cuisines in india are extremely delicious none of them are bad you just have to find the right place to have those dishes https:// d/status/1107587218124595200   …
Master Mirror 20/03/2019 03:05
As of 2017, the United States only averaged 18.7mbps while South Korea was the only country above 25mbps on average. Global average is 7.2mbps. This console is already useless. https:// 8383230514868224   …
sarah murphy 20/03/2019 02:58
In 3 years of low points, today has to be a new low. Our hateful, stubborn PM/govt and useless opposition collude to deprive the country of any choice and any control. If you even try to claim this is in order to ‘respect democracy’, you’re a fucking disgrace.
Annika H Rothstein 20/03/2019 02:07
A “money-tree” protest in #caracas , dripping with useless bolivares #venezuela
A “money-tree” protest in #caracas , dripping with useless bolivares  #venezuela<br>
Mike Hudema 20/03/2019 01:22
90% of all the #plastic #waste ever created has never been #recycled. There's now over 6.3 billion tonnes of it. This year #wasteless, #useless and let's end #PlasticPollution.
  🚮 Peter   🌱 20/03/2019 01:12
real useless calling yourself a liberal Tory if you can’t read
real useless calling yourself a liberal Tory if you can’t read <br>
Pappu Barod agar 20/03/2019 12:53
#HappyHoli2019 #राम_रंग_होली_हो Do what was done by prahalad as celebration without accepting the core values is useless. #HoliHai
#HappyHoli2019 #राम_रंग_होली_हो  Do what was done by prahalad as celebration without accepting the core values is useless.   #HoliHai<br>
Gavin Esler 20/03/2019 12:49
This is absolutely brilliant. The confidence of the words of David Davis followed by profound failure as Brexit Secy is a warning about all politicians who speak well but prove useless in reality. It’s an example of what psychologists call the Dunning Kruger effect. https:// tus/1108309524883169280   …
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