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Luminary 07/12/2019 05:30
[email protected] really has done it all, from documenting indigenous people in the world’s most remote regions to being a guest on #UndertheSkin with @rustyrockets. Check out his episode now: bit.ly/2rrQ1eu   . https:// twitter.com/rustyrockets/s tatus/1203350027202158593?s=20   …
They concluded two passages, called fistulas, had formed from the lungs, through the chest cavity and under the skin, probably as a result of repeated medical procedures. Subcutaneous emphysema is ...
undertheskin.tv 07/12/2019 04:27
Obama? yeah, a real drag.
We step into the fuzzy but very serious shoes of Blacksad, a private detective gathering clues for a case that isn't all that it appears. Blacksad: Under The Skin arrives on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox ...
undertheskin.tv 07/12/2019 04:27
you'd have to talk to the klan. you know. the democrats.
Review: Blacksad: Under the Skin Mon, 02 Dec 2019 12:55:00 GMT
And now, in an era where traditional adventure games have made a comeback, here they are with Blacksad: Under the Skin, a game modeled more after modern adventures like The Walking Dead with its third ...
Russell Brand 07/12/2019 04:26
Today's guest on #UnderTheSkin is explorer, documentarian and former marine @bruceparry!! Listen to it today only on @hearluminary
Today's guest on #UnderTheSkin is explorer, documentarian and former marine @bruceparry!! Listen to it today only on @hearluminary<br>http://pic.twitter.com/JgdaVXXTep
The post Under the Skin director Jonathan Glazer returns with disturbing short film The Fall: Watch appeared first on Consequence of Sound. Jonathan Glazer isn’t one to rush things. The English ...
undertheskin.tv 07/12/2019 04:26
we don't talk about old shit.
At the end of October, a shocking short film aired on BBC Two with no introduction and no credits. The short depicted a mob of masked people pursuing a man through a forest and then hanging him, ...
undertheskin.tv 07/12/2019 04:22
they're all shit.
undertheskin.tv 07/12/2019 04:15
oh good. this means we'll never hear about it again.
Flixano Movies 07/12/2019 12:34
Watch Under the Skin (2014) on Flixano Start Free Trial: https:// url2.in/UBjmAlB   #UnderTheSkin
Watch Under the Skin (2014) on Flixano Start Free Trial:  https:// url2.in/UBjmAlB      #UnderTheSkin <br>http://pic.twitter.com/5ZqjhSs3my
#Tunein to hear undertheskin - \COLD\ on strawberrytongue.com  
undertheskin.tv 07/12/2019 12:48
probably not true but ok.
MelindaRooke 06/12/2019 03:49
So tragic for small farmers that depend on their donkeys to reach market. #undertheskin #donkeysbetteralive @GcuCsayn we must help! https:// twitter.com/racingxtinctio n/status/1200036618926612480   …
MelindaRooke 06/12/2019 03:46
Donkeys Face Extinction in Northern Nigeria..the Chinese Connection – Sahel Standard Magazine #undertheskin #donkeysbetteralive ⁦@GcuCsayn⁩ we need to support this! https:// sahelstandard.com/donkeys-face-e xtinction-in-northern-nigeria-the-chinese-connection/   …
undertheskin.tv 06/12/2019 01:30
he called a guy fat.
undertheskin.tv 05/12/2019 10:24
hahaha Biden is ridiculous.
Shannon McNally 04/12/2019 10:43
@rustyrockets have you had any parenting gurus on #UnderTheSkin (if there is such a person)? You can sound unsettled when speaking about parenthood, and having felt similar I’d like to hear more insight. I love the podcast! Luv Shannon.
undertheskin.tv 04/12/2019 04:41
we saw the transcript. we heard the hearings. this is a waste of time.
Russell Brand 02/12/2019 05:57
Hey! Listen to the #UnderTheSkin podcast for just $3.99 for the whole year by signing up before 4th Dec on @hearluminary: luminary.link/russell  
Michael Parle 30/11/2019 09:00
I'm confused as hell? arnt you! listen in #UnderTheSkin https:// twitter.com/rustyrockets/s tatus/1200481552695730178   …
RhinoBoy 30/11/2019 08:21
@dextroburger asked me to draw Smirnov to celebrate @pendulostudios #blacksad #undertheskin Here is my attempt
@dextroburger asked me to draw Smirnov to celebrate @pendulostudios #blacksad #undertheskin   Here is my attempt <br>http://pic.twitter.com/dl5j6m7y4N
arctiics 30/11/2019 11:07
Best gift #Blacksad #UnderTheSkin
Best gift #Blacksad #UnderTheSkin <br>http://pic.twitter.com/bWxwdXmfCf
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