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Joan Clements 23/05/2019 09:41
Never said there was a #TrumpTowerMoscow & do not recall anyone stating this.. The Trump org said negotiations for a TTM was dropped in Jan 2016..That was a lie.. negs continued through 2016..& was dropped when @realDonaldTrump won election. #TrumpCoverUp
Publicly available internet directory records analyzed by POLITICO from the domain registration database ... While registration for was renewed as recently as June 29, 2016, there ...
VFarrellGallery 23/05/2019 06:25
#TrumpLies November 2013 @realDonaldTrump said in a televised press conference he was trying to make a deal for #TrumpTowerMoscow and other deals in Moscow
Over the past week, the Trump Organization has renewed its lease on more than 1,000 web domains, keeping its claim on everything from the defensive,, ...
Annalee Perez 23/05/2019 03:21
#TrumpTowerMoscow #TrumpColluded #TrumpObstructed #Trump has betrayed his oath of office. #TrumpMustResign #TraitorTrump #ComplicitGOP https:// 1131552721251774464   …
The Trump Organization has renewed its claim on thousands of web domain names including and The company is currently controlled by Donald Trump’s sons, Donald ...
Njeanous 23/05/2019 01:19
Trump would love to #Resign but he can't because its the WILL of the @GOP who is Using him to further their Agenda. He just wanted his #TrumpTowerMoscow in the Primary but #RepublicanRussianRigging BEAT #HillaryClinton & Now there's 5Conservatives on @Scotus Out to End RoeVsWade. https:// 1131499470812786688   …
Last week, Garten signed off on registration renewals for and which raised some eyebrows given the current controversy, which includes an investigation into ...
Oh for god's sake! #Ivanka has been running a completely separate #Administration, where Ivanka travels the world, at OUR expense, getting worthless bits of paper signed, & with a #PhotoOp for herself! And we NOW know, that #Ivanka WAS deeply involved with #TrumpTowerMoscow!
From to, below is a selection of some of the website domains registered by the Trump Organization: ...
Yaffa Lyulka 23/05/2019 10:14
He wrote a fakeletter to #coverup the #TrumpTower meeting. He lied about knowing anything about the hushmoney. He said he had no business dealing in #Russia with the #TrumpTowerMoscow in full swing;refusing to show taxes, etc... What more is needed? A dead body on 5th avenue?
Tony G. 22/05/2019 11:37
Too bad we have a President who thinks he's a dictator and Kim Jong, Putin, and Orban are his friends. Think of what could have been accomplished if we actually had a President who wasn't a crook who didn't try to lift sanctions on Russia to make himself money. #trumptowermoscow
mickey 22/05/2019 11:02
2 days after the second #MuellerBookClub -people are reading the report and the little footnotes-so after Trump announced run his second letter of Intent For #TrumpTowerMoscow was like a Gift(compared to first LOI w/ a flat 3%) & Sater emailing to Cohen "Buddy,OurBoyCanBePres"
2 days after the second #MuellerBookClub -people are reading the report and the little footnotes-so after Trump announced run his second letter of Intent For #TrumpTowerMoscow  was like a Gift(compared to first LOI w/ a flat 3%) & Sater  emailing to Cohen "Buddy,OurBoyCanBePres" <br>
Cevichewaterfall 22/05/2019 08:34
#IDontDoCoverUps says the pathological liar that covered up the hush money payments to a porn star and the #TrumpTowerMoscow cover up.
Troy Field 22/05/2019 06:49
If there was no #TrumpTowerMoscow did @realDonaldTrump or #JaredKushner wire money or receive wired money from #Russia? If so, what was the amount and what was the frequency? Assuming that there aren’t any #Trump businesses in Russia. Asking for a friend. @CNN @FoxNews @MSNBC
DCTribune 21/05/2019 03:47
Michael Cohen Privately Admitted Trump’s Current Lawyer Instructed Him To Lie To Congress   #HouseIntelligenceCommittee #MichaelCohen #TrumpTowerMoscow
And yet, your lawyer told Michael Cohen to lie about your involvement with #TrumpTowerMoscow Somehow I don't believe you. https://www. el-committee-votes-to-release-michael-cohen-testimony-exhibits/   …
Francisco Taveira 21/05/2019 12:00
President #DonaldTrump’s longtime personal attorney testified under oath that the president’s namesake son lied to Congress about the family’s #TrumpTowerMoscow project. https://www. l-cohen-testimony-reveals-why-donald-trump-jr-is-terrified-of-testifying-under-oath-about-trump-tower-moscow/   … #UnitedStates
Aerodyne 21/05/2019 06:18
So tough as to assure the completion of the trump tower moscow by the end of incarceration. #trumptowermoscow
Kevin Jones 17/05/2019 09:31
Now sell my condos #trumptowermoscow
Kevin Jones 17/05/2019 09:29
You saying it is the @fbi that are traitors?? #trumptowerMoscow #trumpFlynn #trumpManafort #russianSanctions “Russia if you are listening I hope you are able to find...” #WikiLeaks #TraitorTrump
Adam Pol 16/05/2019 10:09
2013: “Trump Tower Moscow is next” 2016 while negotiating with a SANCTIONED Russian bank about a #TrumpTowerMoscow deal: “I have no deals in Moscow”
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