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Senator Patty Murray 17/01/2019 02:14
A woman who's worried about paying her bills on time while taking care of her father—a Navy veteran suffering from a neurological disease. A man trying to make it work with his small business. I know that my colleagues are also hearing #ShutdownStories like these. #TrumpShutdown
In a new interview with Ari Melber, Hillary Clinton’s former running mate, Senator Tim Kaine blasts Republicans in Congress for “enabling” Trump and reveals he knew Trump was hiding details of meeting...
Neera Tanden 17/01/2019 01:50
This deal was rejected by the White House last week. #Trumpshutdown https:// c/status/1085712173169553408   …
Trump should boast that he's the toughest president ever with the longest shutdown ever, and can close government anytime he wants. Then open it up. Donald Trump just proved again that, when it comes ...
Donald Trump and Republicans are ruining the economy. First the 1% tax cut exploded deficit with little growth, then trade wars exploded trade deficit, now the Trump shutdown is going to contract the economy. The 1% got a huge tax cut and will buy everything cheap #WheresMitch
The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill Almost exactly forty years ago, a nuclear reactor near Harrisburg, Pa., almost had a meltdown. Three Mile Island then ...
Ted Lieu 17/01/2019 01:41
Mr. President: Reopen our government. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #TrumpShutdown https:// /status/1085633578405425155   …
With Democrats now in charge of the House of Representatives, and the country nearing a fifth week of the disastrous Trump shutdown, progressives are beginning to feel new momentum. But while ...
Elizabeth Warren 17/01/2019 01:01
8,200 federal workers in MA – including members of the Coast Guard, TSA agents, air traffic controllers, health care providers, & parks staff – have been sent home or are working without pay. Republicans must stop playing politics with people's lives & end the #TrumpShutdown.
Donald Trump has now given the United States its yugest shutdown — seriously, at 23 days it is the longest government shutdown in history — over his outrageous demand for a wall the majority ...
Kamala Harris 17/01/2019 12:10
Day 26 of the #TrumpShutdown and families in California and across the country are being forced to make tough choices. It’s cruel to play games with their livelihoods.
John Moffitt 17/01/2019 12:06
Fake copies of The Washington Post found all over Washington DC this morning. Print editions, similar to the real paper are filled with stories about President #Trump leaving office. Lead story alleges that Trump resigned from office by writing a note on a napkin. #TrumpShutdown
Fake copies of The Washington Post found all over Washington DC this morning. Print editions, similar to the real paper are filled with stories about President #Trump leaving office. Lead story alleges that Trump resigned from office by writing a note on a napkin.  #TrumpShutdown <br>
Stephen King 16/01/2019 11:48
Thanks to the Trump Shutdown, government workers are queuing for donated commodities. He is this country’s shame.
TheBeat w/Ari Melber 16/01/2019 11:42
"It's a Trump shutdown that is being protected and enabled by Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans" - Sen. @timkaine
Senator Patty Murray 16/01/2019 11:12
This week, @senatemajldr once again blocked our effort to pass a bill that would reopen the government and end this #TrumpShutdown. The Senate should be able to stand up for our constituents and do the right thing—and Leader McConnell should stop standing in the way of that.
Tammy Duckworth 16/01/2019 10:59
If this #TrumpShutdown was about national security, Donald Trump & Senate Republicans would ensure our Servicemembers were being paid. Mitch McConnell must let the Senate vote to end this ridiculous shutdown & give those who wear our nation’s uniform the paychecks they’ve earned. https:// us/1085246326944788482   …
Jared Sherman 16/01/2019 10:34
How about you actually focus on McConnell?! There are two parties responsible for this shutdown at the point and they aren’t Democrats and Republicans - they’re Trump and McConnell. How is that NOT the story? #TrumpShutdown #EndTheShutdownNow #WheresMitch
Michael Bennet 16/01/2019 10:25
[email protected] can end this #TrumpShutdown today. Instead, he’s putting legislation on the floor to attack women’s health care.
Stealthgirl21 16/01/2019 09:00
Any comment as to why the Clock Tower Observation Deck has been able to stay open as it is maintained and operated by the NPS? Where did those funds come from? #EmolumentsClause #TrumpShutdown #DoubleStandards
Ted Lieu 16/01/2019 08:27
Does this look like we are having a "national emergency"? NO. There is no crisis at the southern border that would warrant a government shutdown. Mr. President: Reopen our government. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #TrumpShutdown https:// p/status/1085194521036546049   …
Christine Pelosi 16/01/2019 08:26
It’s #unbecoming to selfishly ask hundreds of security personnel to work for free and risk their lives staffing a National Special Security Event that can easily be re-scheduled until after the #TrumpShutdown. https:// 5620450472939521   …
Call your senators and demand a vote to open gov:202-224-3121 Make sure your friends and family in Kentucky call @senatemajldr: Bowling Green: (270) 781-1673 Lexington: (859) 224-8286 Louisville: (502) 582-6304 Washington: (202) 224-2541 #TrumpShutDown #WheresMitch https:// /1085217315229237248   …
Vote D in 2020 16/01/2019 07:51
Facts are hard for Republicans, so I will help you. When shutdown began, Paul Ryan was in charge of the House, McConnell was running Senate, and Trump was in White House. Notice that none of these people are Dems. @GOP gets all the blame. #TrumpShutdown and #McConnellShutdown
iAmerica Action 16/01/2019 07:30
Faye Smith, a security guard at the Smithsonian fears she'll be evicted due to the #TrumpShutdown. "If I don't have my rent in by the first of next month, I will be evicted." #JobsNotWalls #EndTheShutdown
Senator Patty Murray 16/01/2019 07:05
26 days of this #TrumpShutdown. 26 days of workers not knowing when their next paychecks will arrive. 26 days of trash piling up at our national parks. 26 days of lines at our airports. 26 days of chaos. People across the country are paying attention—and they want it to end.
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