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Democracy above all..... 07/12/2019 01:40
The crime is ongoing......#TrumpExtorted https:// 1203100889659166720   …
The House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry report demonstrates in exhaustive detail that President Trump and numerous aides pressured Ukraine to open investigations for Trump’s political ...
Suzanne Koontz 07/12/2019 12:52
I genuinely hope you’re being real. I would hate to think you’re just playing us and are really supporting the trmp cult as some have said. #TrumpCult #ImpeachTrump #TrumpExtorted
New phone records and accounts from 17 witnesses describe the pressure on Ukraine. But the Democrats’ impeachment report says much evidence of it was in plain sight. Senior Nat’l Security ...
Richard Gabbert 07/12/2019 12:10
Rot in jail, traitor! #TrumpExtorted
Rot in jail, traitor! #TrumpExtorted <br>
A congressional impeachment inquiry seeks to determine whether U.S. President Donald Trump extorted a foreign leader, withholding a coveted White House meeting and U.S. military aid in order to ...
Roger Sampson 06/12/2019 10:29
Devin Nunes Should Be Investigated As Co-Conspirator In Ukraine Scandal https://   via @YouTube #EmolumentsClause #TrumpExtorted #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachRemoveTrump #TrumpCrimeFamily #ImpeachmentHearings #ObstructionOfJustice #witnessintimidation
Democratic Rep. Jim Himes told "Meet the Press" anchor Chuck Todd Sunday mornign that it will be easier to convince the public the president committed a crime by threatening to withhold military aid ...
dcandohio 06/12/2019 09:10
Oh Lord, you now believe your own bullshit. Dude. Get some help. #TrumpExtorted #LockHimUp https:// tatus/1203004704306933760   …
Congressman Gerry Connolly joins Hallie Jackson to talk the latest revelations in the House's impeachment inquiry. After Trump aide Gordon Sondland revised his testimony to reflect the presence of a ...
PickleRick 06/12/2019 07:37
Impeach #trumpextorted
BlueWave Bob 06/12/2019 03:09
LOL . That's PRICELESS... from a man/baby who constantly says "many people told you" or "many people are saying" !! Those are very ANONYMOUS sources... aren't they, LARDASS ?? #TrumpCrimeFamilyMustGo #TrumpExtorted
Roger Sampson 06/12/2019 12:42
Rudy Giuliani is Literally in Ukraine RIGHT NOW https://   via @YouTube @RudyGiuliani #EmolumentsClause #TrumpExtorted #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachRemoveTrump #TrumpCrimeFamily #ImpeachmentHearings #ObstructionOfJustice #witnessintimidation
dcandohio 05/12/2019 12:38
This is not going well for you. Any of it. Your NATO stunt was pathetic. #TrumpExtorted #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW https:// p/status/1202435070239428608   …
Randy Vera 04/12/2019 12:09
No matter how hard you spin this, the whole world knows #TrumpExtorted withheld arms for the Ukraine all while his BFF Putin was shooting is them. It’s disgusting. #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump
Randy Vera 03/12/2019 10:42
Backfired? Trump is Guilty! #trumpextorted, Extorted Ukraine! It's not a debate. Congress is going to #ImpeachAndRemoveTrumpNOW - for our posterity, as much as for the desecration of the office which Trump has been. Keep Spinning it! #Lindsey just turned on him.
Randy Vera 03/12/2019 05:01
The evidence is overwhelming. Putin is shooting at Ukraine, #trumpextorted them using their very lives as leverage. Fox won't tell anyone this b/c they're paid propaganda, laundering WH crimes into infotainment for Trump's dwindling base.
Eliza Rose 03/12/2019 01:40
Idiot strikes again, only the fool can #TrumpExtorted https:// /1201857970746863616   …
Marie Lynn   🇨🇦 03/12/2019 01:06
So not only does Russia have kompromat on Trump, but Trump has a whole ton of dirt on a lot of powerful folks from his days with Epstein, royal and otherwise. Who here thinks that Trump leverages this insider knowledge to extract loyalty, favours and silence? #TrumpExtorted
Spinosa Knowsa 03/12/2019 01:05
#TrumpExtorted #Trump lies
ChangeAbout 03/12/2019 09:36
Prosecutor who aided Giuliani’s hunt for damaging details on Biden fired in anti-corruption purge |   https://www. secutor-who-aided-giulianis-hunt-for-damaging-details-on-biden-fired-in-anti-corruption-purge/   … #TrumpExtorted #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW
Mark Hilton Buckman 02/12/2019 04:08
How embarrassing having a self confessed sexual predator, unindicted co-conspirator who bribed and extorted the President of Ukraine then obstructed justice, representing the USA in the world stage. #ImpeachRemoveIndict #ImpeachTrumpNow #TrumpBribed #TrumpExtorted #LiarInChief
patricia rc 01/12/2019 02:24
#trumphistory #TrumpExtorted for decades
#trumphistory #TrumpExtorted for decades <br>
William Solano 28/11/2019 03:13
Judicial Watch. Biased, deceptive, delusional crap. Dividing America is their only goal. Don’t fall for their crap. #TrumpExtorted
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