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Scott Dworkin 08/11/2019 12:53
Trump should be in prison, not the WH. Raise your hand if you agree. #TrumpBribed
Fact: President Trump bribed the Ukranian government to help him win the 2020 election. He did this by freezing critical military aid, approved by Congress, while ordering Ukraine to gin up a public ...
Scott Dworkin 08/11/2019 03:21
BOOM: 20,000 tweets and counting with the #TrumpBribed hashtag. It’s now trending. Let’s keep it going!
Over the past four days, the media has been consumed with an allegation President Trump "bribed" or pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into Hunter Biden's business dealings ...
Scott Dworkin 08/11/2019 01:02
Please don’t tweet out #TrumpBribed. It’s just gonna make Trump furious. So, again, please don’t tweet out #TrumpBribed. Oops.
To practically no one’s surprise at this point, controversies surrounding Donald Trump have become as routine as his tweeting. He first shared his thoughts on how he believes things have been ...
Jon Cooper   🇺🇸 08/11/2019 02:51
#TrumpBribed is trending right now. We started to push it only one hour ago, and it’s already crossed 12,000 tweets!!
A Democratic lawmaker is asking the Justice Department to intervene and investigate whether a donation given to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump influenced ...
Scott Dworkin 08/11/2019 01:04
Trump wants people to keep using the words quid pro quo. So let’s stop using those words, because what Trump actually did was so much worse. He tried to bribe and extort Ukraine using their aid money. Raise your hand if you agree Trump should be in prison not the WH. #TrumpBribed
A group tied to Hillary Clinton supporters filed a complaint with the Justice Department that alleges Trump bribed Carson for the endorsement, the Hill reports. “It has recently come to light that Mr.
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly 08/11/2019 01:58
"If you don't think something like that could ever happen, consider this: it's happened before — to, of all people, Martin Luther King Jr." He's literally saying that the Russia investigation was just like the FBI going after MLK. #TrumpBribed #fridaythoughts #fridayfeeling
"If you don't think something like that could ever happen, consider this: it's happened before — to, of all people, Martin Luther King Jr."  He's literally saying that the Russia investigation was just like the FBI going after MLK.  #TrumpBribed #fridaythoughts #fridayfeeling<br>
Jon Cooper   🇺🇸 08/11/2019 05:05
WOW! #TrumpBribed is going viral — it just passed 40,000 tweets! Let’s keep it trending!!
Scott Dworkin 08/11/2019 12:55
How many people has #TrumpBribed? It’s sadly a reasonable question since Trump was willing to bribe an ally using taxpayer money that had already been allocated and approved by Congress to go to Ukraine. I can’t believe that sentence is real. Trump is a traitor. He’s gross.
Throughout his entire life, trump learned the way to get his way is through bribery. His dad bribed colleges to let him in. He bribed Pam Bondi to stop her investigation in Florida. And he tried to bribe Ukraine into finding dirt on Biden. THAT'S A CRIME. #TrumpBribed
DEAR MEDIA: PLEASE stop playing trump's game by framing his EXTORTION crimes with the phrase "Quid Pro Quo." Keep it simple: it was BRIBERY. THAT'S impeachable. Quid Pro Quo is not. Thank you, America #TrumpBribed
Grant Stern 08/11/2019 03:14
#JimJordanKnew about the Ohio State team doctor sexually abusing students. But he said nothing. That's why he's a perfect lapdog for President #TrumpBribed. He's got ignorance skills.
Meryl WELP PharmD 08/11/2019 02:03
Don't tweet out #TrumpBribed hashtag. It will upset Trump, especially if #TrumpBribed ends up trending. And don't RT please.
Rex Huppke 08/11/2019 04:05
So #TrumpBribed the president of a foreign county and now he’s paying a $2 million fine for running a scam charity. Perhaps not the best look for our commander-in-sleaze. All that, and much more in America’s favorite Week in Review: https://www. ppke/ct-trump-charity-impeachment-whistleblower-week-in-review-huppke-20191108-embma5f2lrhm3lfizjamjtiih4-story.html   …
Michelangelo Signorile 08/11/2019 04:14
I think it’s really terrible and sad — Joe and Mika-style — that #JimJordanKnew and #TrumpBribed are trending. What is wrong with you America? I mean, #TrumpExtorted should be trending too.
Peter Morley 08/11/2019 03:51
CNN: Rep. Jim Jordan on #TrumpBribed Ukraine call: “I don’t have any problem with the call. I respectfully disagree with my colleagues who think there needs to be a further inquiry here.” #JimJordan took a blind eye to sexual assault too! #JimJordanKnew
Grant Stern 08/11/2019 03:12
When your rich, they let you do anything... #TrumpBribed the president of a foreign ally to try and destroy their bipartisan support in exchange for $400 million of US taxpayers' money that Congress appropriated for them. It's wrong. It must be punished. #ImpeachmentTaskForce
Jim Morin 12/11/2019 03:43
Perfect letter from an deeply imperfect man #morintoon #TrumpBribed #Trump2020 #TrumpExtortionist #TrumpRussia #TrumpGenocide #impeachment #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #ImpeachmentVote
Perfect letter from an deeply imperfect man #morintoon #TrumpBribed #Trump2020 #TrumpExtortionist #TrumpRussia #TrumpGenocide #impeachment #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #ImpeachmentVote<br>
j363j 08/11/2019 01:10
#TrumpBribed #TrumpTreasoned #TrumpHighCrimedAndMisdemeanored b/c "It is better to be infamous, then not famous at all" - Trump's #1 political adviser, Roger Stone.
Cynthia Davison   🌻 12/11/2019 04:46
With all due respect, @NikkiHaley, committing bribery is an impeachable offense as stated in the Constitution. #TrumpBribed #ImpeachTrump
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