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Deloris 23/04/2019 05:07
WOW- #EddieLampert has done to Sears/Kmart what trump had done to his casinos! He plundered and stripped them of ALL ASSETS! lampert MADE $1 BILLION IN PROFIT! WHILE DESTROYING THE LIVES OF 250,000 PPL! One former employee asked- "How could he sleep..." ANSWER-
Is Trump scared? He should be Tue, 23 Apr 2019 04:06:00 GMT
Disgrace has long been a constant companion to Trump, the thrice married adulterer who squandered much of his inheritance on casinos that went bankrupt while he cheated investors, stiffed vendors and ...
Jon Culshaw FRAS 23/04/2019 11:45
“Trump Buckingham Palace Steakhouse and Casino. I got bigly plans for that place” #TrumpUKVisit
a former president of the Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City, who has since become a critic of his former boss. In his career in business, Mr. O’Donnell said, “he uses the law very tactically — e ...
W. Brian Tucker 23/04/2019 12:53
Trump mocking Sears for being poorly run is rich. How many failed brands and casinos does he have again? #inners
Trump sues over House subpoena Tue, 23 Apr 2019 00:10:00 GMT
a former president of the Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City, N.J., who has since become a critic of his former boss. In his career in business, O'Donnell said, "he uses the law very tactically. He ...
John Pavlovitz 22/04/2019 12:30
"Trump will soon do to America what he did to the Taj Mahal casino: leave it bankrupt and crumbling, without giving a damn about the people whose lives he ruined or the suffering left in his wake." #MondayMorning #MondayMotivation #MAGA https:// krupting-casino-country/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=johnpavlovitz   …
Here's why. Trump and BT seem to have found each other when Trump was building his Atlantic City hotels and casinos. BT wrote more than $100 million in loans, most of them secured by nothing more than ...
J-L Cauvin 19/04/2019 02:38
(3/3) If you are still on the fence with Trump, a racist, corrupt wannabe tyrant, and impeaching him will offend your clearly dumb or hypocritical sensibilities, then to paraphrase DeNiro in Casino, "Either your are in on it or you are too stupid; either way I cannot have you."
In the decked-out ballroom of a ritzy Washington hotel the night before Donald Trump took office, thousands of dollars flowed from political donors and a questionable casino company to an undisclosed ...
Translate Trump 17/04/2019 04:10
Trump giving out tax advice is about as absurd as Trump giving advice on... - Faithful Marriages, - Spelling & Grammar, - Not Bankrupting Casinos, - The Rules of Golf, - Racial Tolerance, - Professional Ethics, - Forest Management, ...and Fighting Historical Building Fires. https:// p/status/1118321122624331776   …
Pedro Nicolaci da Costa 17/04/2019 02:37
"... shady Trump properties — at 40 Wall Street, Trump at Cap Cana, the General Motors Building in Midtown, Manhattan, Trump Castle Casino and Trump World Tower — all linked to Deutsche Bank."
French: Trump’s idea of water tankers would collapse the building. Reminder: Trump should never be in charge of anything - everything he touches dies. Trump Airlines Trump Wine Trump U Trump Magazines Trump Steaks Trump Casinos God help America. #NotreDameCathedral
@JulieZebrak 16/04/2019 12:29
Remember we’ve talked about Suspicious Activity Reports/SARS? Those are reports required by FinCEN by law to be filed by banks, casinos, financial institutions, which provide financial intelligence to the US govt. If Trump’s Treasury won’t provide them to Congress, try the banks! https:// /status/1117946352120553472   …
Ikenna Ronald Nzimora 15/04/2019 06:59
Trump Hotels & Casinos: Succeeded Trump Estates: Succeeded Trump Name Branding: Succeeded Trump for President: Succeeded "All you need to live like a king for the rest of your life is ONE good idea -Ross Perot" For someone who claims to be an entrepreneur,you're full of shit https:// /status/1117788896321048577   …
Bette Midler 15/04/2019 05:17
Trump told head of Border Protection he'd pardon him if he goes to jail for blocking asylum seekers. Man, he must be desperate! He’s writing IOUs faster than a guy with a failing casino!
Jeff Tiedrich 15/04/2019 02:12
today I'll be flying on Trump Airlines to one of Trump's casinos while eating a Trump Steak and drinking Trump Water and reading Trump Magazine ... oh wait I won't be doing any of those things because the genius in charge of them ran them straight the fuck into the fucking ground
Michael Skolnik 15/04/2019 01:56
Trump Airlines: Failed Trump Casinos: Failed Trump University: Failed Trump Shuttle: Failed Trump Vodka: Failed Trump Steaks: Failed Trump Magazine: Failed Trump Ice: Failed Trump The Game: Failed Trump Mortgage: Failed
Ryan Negri 15/04/2019 01:45
“No product has suffered like this one” Trump Airlines Trump Ice Trump, the game Trump Casinos (rebrand, Trump Entertainment) Trump Magazine Trump Vodka Trump Steaks Trump University Sure, no one product. Several. https:// p/status/1117736685721223168   …
Amee Vanderpool 15/04/2019 12:20
Trump Airlines Trump the Game Trump Casinos Trump water Trump Steaks Trump Travel Trump communication company Trump Tower Tampa Trump Tower Chicago Trump University Trump Vodka and on and on... I think it's safe to say you know very little about SUCCESSFUL branding. https:// p/status/1117736685721223168   …
BrooklynDad_Defiant! 15/04/2019 12:17
Lol, NO product has suffered? Everything you put your name on has suffered BIGLY: trump Steaks trump Airlines trump University trump Foundation trump Magazine trump Ice trump Casino Eric trump It's almost as if your name is poison.
Trump Taj Mahal Trump Castle Hotel & Casino Trump Plaza Casino Trump Plaza Hotel Trump Marina Trump Steaks GoTrump Trump Airlines Trump Vodka Trump Mortgage Trump: The Game Trump Magazine Trump Ice Tour de Trump Trump Network Trumped! Radio Show Yeah, dude. You branded FAILURE.
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