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Charlie Kirk 16/10/2019 12:04
Net worth before running for President: Trump family: $4.5 billion Obama - $3 million Clinton - $480,000 Today: Trump family: $3 billion Obama - $40 million Clinton - $100 million But Trump is the guy trying to steal your money?
President Trump wasn’t wrong Monday when he said he could “swiftly destroy Turkey’s economy” if Washington’s NATO ally continues its military incursion in northern Syria. But the modest sanctions he ...
Kamala Harris 16/10/2019 12:08
President Trump has committed crimes in plain sight. Voting to impeach him isn't unfair—it's just observant. #DemDebate
Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images At that time, understandably, the many House Democrats (and their even more numerous progressive allies in the opinion biz) who had been fruitlessly ...
Bernie Sanders 16/10/2019 12:06
Trump is the most corrupt president in the history of this country. #DemDebate
Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich ripped President Trump, accusing him of sowing division across the country with his presidency. Kasich, a Republican who challenged Trump in the 2016 presidential primary, ...
Kayleigh McEnany 16/10/2019 12:05
Warren wants to impeach because of EXONERATING Mueller Report Bernie wants to impeach because of emoluments Biden wants to impeach because of stonewalling Congress They can't get their story straight! They know they can't beat @realDonaldTrump so they must impeach! #DemDebate
The Trump administration is proposing to exempt Alaska's Tongass National Forest from long-standing protections against logging and development, opening the door for potential timber harvesting on 165 ...
Ben Askren 16/10/2019 12:08
Do the democrats actually have a platform or will they just bash @realDonaldTrump the entire time?
Republicans buckle to Trump on Syria Tue, 15 Oct 2019 16:50:00 GMT
The Republican rebellion against President Donald Trump was short-lived. Republicans unleashed perhaps their most aggressive outcry of the Trump era after he abandoned the U.S.’s Kurdish allies and ...
Robert Reich 16/10/2019 12:12
Mayor Pete makes important point that Trump admitted to an impeachable offense, and he also correctly directs attention to how we'll see our society after Trump is gone.
John Harwood 16/10/2019 12:13
Gabbard repeats Trump defense that impeachment effort began at outset of his term
#ThePersistence 16/10/2019 12:08
Who says that women don’t love @realDonaldTrump Women are going to be the reason why Trump wins in 2020. #DemocraticDebate
GregGutfeld 16/10/2019 12:10
CNN (surprise) making this immediately all about trump turns each candidate into 1/12th of one repetitive person.
GOP 16/10/2019 12:10
Tonight's 2020 Dem debate is in Westerville, OH. Let's take a look at how Ohio has thrived since @realDonaldTrump was elected: —93,600 jobs have been created —Unemployment has decreased from 5.2% to 4.1% —The average tax cut was $1,476 — 157,031 Ohioans are off food stamps
Jennifer Rubin 16/10/2019 12:12
Buttigieg smart to talk abut post-Trump
Terrence K. Williams 15/10/2019 11:57
The Trump Derangement Syndrome Debate has started! #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate
Elizabeth Warren 16/10/2019 12:08
We took a constitutional oath: No one is above the law, and that includes the President of the United States. Impeachment is the way that we establish that Donald Trump—and future presidents—won’t be able to break the law over and over again without consequences. #DemDebate
Ibram X. Kendi 16/10/2019 12:12
I don't understand why they are asking about impeachment when pretty much all these candidates agree Trump should be impeached. This line of questioning is a complete waste of our time. #DemDebate
Kyle Griffin 16/10/2019 12:10
Kamala Harris on Trump and Ukraine: "As a former prosecutor, I know a confession when I see it. And he did it in plain sight." #DemDebate
Zach Parkinson 16/10/2019 12:09
As Amy Klobuchar claims President Trump hasn't "stood up" for workers in Ohio, a reminder 88,000 jobs have been added in the state since President Trump's election, including nearly 18,000 manufacturing jobs
CNN opens #DemDebate with huge focus on impeachment. It's no surprise. A whistleblower inside CNN just revealed that CNN President Jeff Zucker has a vendetta against President Trump and is obsessed with pushing for impeachment. https:// -whistleblower-reveals-network-vendetta-against-trump-obsession-with-impeachment/   …
Marc Lotter 16/10/2019 12:08
Democrats accuse the @realDonaldTrump of a "coverup" for declassifying and releasing the details of his call to the public? They are impeaching over the worst game of hide and seek ever.
Topher Spiro 16/10/2019 12:08
It warms my heart to see the Dems unified in attacking Trump rather than each other.
Eric Quach  🧢 16/10/2019 12:05
What is the point of asking if @realDonaldTrump should be impeached? Jeez, once again, more waste of time. #AndrewYang #YangGang
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