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Best tweets:

Guy Fieri 20/12/2019 08:04
We're rolling out on #TripleDFriday
We're rolling out on #TripleDFriday <br>
Law and public safety Mon, 24 Feb 2020 16:00:00 GMT
March 22, 2019 Law and public safety Comments Off on What Gainesville ... It's weekly payment plan tripled Friday to $15,000.
Guy Fieri 03/01/2020 09:07
Another action packed #TripleDFriday is right around the corner!
Tag Archives: UF Health Shands Thu, 20 Feb 2020 16:00:00 GMT
Williston’s Regional General Hospital continues to struggle financially as it pays down utility debt to the city. It's weekly payment plan tripled Friday to $15,000.
Guy Fieri 25/10/2019 08:51
It’s no mistake that #GreasyFoodsDay happens to fall on a #TripleDFriday!
Guy Fieri 10/01/2020 09:01
Can’t stop, won’t stop! We’re rollin’ out another exciting installment of #TripleDFriday on @FoodNetwork
Can’t stop, won’t stop! We’re rollin’ out another exciting installment of #TripleDFriday on @FoodNetwork <br>
Guy Fieri 17/01/2020 10:10
Yes way! We’re rollin out for #TripleDFriday
Guy Fieri 13/12/2019 10:12
When you get home from work and remember you got a whole #TripleDFriday ahead of ya!
Guy Fieri 24/01/2020 10:13
When you sneak DDD on during a Friday meeting #TripleDFriday
Guy Fieri 20/09/2019 08:41
You runnin’ to your couch for #TripleDFriday #Area51storm
Guy Fieri 13/09/2019 09:04
Tune into #TripleDFriday tonight... you know you want to
Guy Fieri 27/12/2019 10:00
#TripleDFriday is comin right at ya!
Happy Friday everyone !!!!!!!!!! #tripledfriday Diners drive inns and dives starts today at 1/12c and goes until 4AM
Steve Barter 22/02/2020 08:07
Every Friday night of drinking ends with #TripleDFriday
Guy Fieri 21/02/2020 09:20
Heads up! #TripleDFriday is coming’ at ya ALL NIGHT LONG on @FoodNetwork
Also it's #tripledfriday
Guy Fieri 14/02/2020 09:55
Unless Agent Fieri is on the other end of the phone... all calls from your boss should be headed to voicemail on #TripleDFriday #Shaft
Phil Paige 08/02/2020 01:57
I told Alexa I ate all the food from this Triple D episode and she called 911. #TripleDFriday
Phil Paige 08/02/2020 01:49
I’ve never tried chicken and dumplings but I suspect it’d taste like it wanted to kill you. #TripleDFriday
JB 08/02/2020 01:03
Pasta night! Spicy and delicious! #comfortfood #flavortown #ruizing #TripleDFriday
Pasta night! Spicy and delicious! #comfortfood #flavortown #ruizing #TripleDFriday <br>
Guy Fieri 07/02/2020 10:03
Guy Fieri feat. @FoodNetwork “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Intro)” Official Lyrics | @Genius #Verified #TripleDFriday
Pitmaster 30/01/2020 01:35
#TripleDDD has only visited 2 local (Columbia/Lexington) joints, one of which closed. There are a couple #ruizing certified local joints that should be on the short list for a #TripleDFriday visit from @GuyFieri @FoodNetwork
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