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toya   🚀 06/07/2020 06:21
Say it with me: There is nothing wrong with scientists having tattoos and piercings. It is not unprofessional. Get over it.
Warrior Nun’ is one of Netflix’s best new shows. HL spoke with Toya Turner about Shotgun Mary’s fate in the season finale, Father Vincent’s deception, and more.
Toya Sin 09/07/2020 04:51
My office is a mess
The Fourth of July might be over, but that doesn't mean that Toya Bush-Harris is finished with her festivities. The Married to Medicine mom spent the holiday taking in a viewing of Hamilton with ...
Toya  🇯🇲 09/07/2020 04:01
The show Villain The actual Villain #popthemtags
Reginae Carter received support from Toya Johnson and Lauren London after Lil Wayne & 50 Cent's recent interview with viral. It's been a few days since the latest installment of Young Money Radio ...
Toya Clay 09/07/2020 09:41
I noticed that women have a private language. A language not dependent on the constructions of men but structured by signs and expressions, and that uses ordinary words as code-words meaning something other. #straight #small
Reginae Carter's mom, Toya Johnson, announced her engagement by way of a new episode with T.I. & Tiny. Toya Johnson and Robert “Red” Rushing are making their engagement IG official, after covering the ...
True love is unconditional, money don’t make a man...
While 2020 is a banner year for the actress securing her first series regular role on the Netflix fantasy show, she refuses to shy away from social justice issues.
🄽🅉🄶🄽 09/07/2020 03:58
Today i offer you setsuno toya being bb warmup
Today i offer you setsuno toya being bb warmup  <br>
  🦋 Toya   🦋 09/07/2020 02:56
Fuck Jericho!!!! #AEWDynamite #FyterFest
Toya  🇯🇲 08/07/2020 09:41
This is such a tune #NS10v10
La Toya Kissoon-Charles 08/07/2020 09:41
Fog slowly lifting. Pink and orange light, Through tall reeds Glassy surface color of tea. Floating meadows, Underwater forest dancing, Ribbon-like leaves. Memories from when I was studying shallow lakes in Minnesota where my #BlackPlantLove blossomed #BlackBotanistsWeek
Toya Clay 08/07/2020 09:41
The doors of success never open to the mind shut so defiantly towards a new approach, that it stops seeing or believing in the door's existence. #orgasm #if
Toya VA 08/07/2020 06:14
Deadly Premonition 2 looking lit
La-Toya Oss 07/07/2020 08:51
It’s a vibe
Toya Nixon 07/07/2020 05:24
I just love these shoes
toya   🚀 07/07/2020 05:01
Normalize listening to Black people at hospitals/doctor’s offices when they say they’re in pain. Our lives matter
Bali Yachts   ⚓️ 07/07/2020 06:31
Stunning scenes over at the Traditional Harbor Toya Pakeh #Penida this afternoon. Something very important missing on this beautiful sunny day
Dabi 07/07/2020 04:33
"Guess who's back"
"Guess who's back"<br>
Toya   🦂 06/07/2020 06:22
I wanna cryyyy!!! I’m almost done with this contest!!!
#zurena baby
La Toya Kissoon-Charles 06/07/2020 03:15
Ever heard of the lotus effect? Lotus leaves stay dry and clean due to cone-like nanostructures on their surface. Water droplets bead up and roll off taking small particles of dirt with them. What a cool wetland plant strategy! #MacrophyteMonday #BlackBotanistsWeek
c.s.d 06/07/2020 02:59
This is Toya Turner. She's a Jamaican-American actress. She portrays Shotgun Mary on Netflix's #WarriorNun
This is Toya Turner. She's a Jamaican-American actress. She portrays Shotgun Mary on Netflix's #WarriorNun<br>
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