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Rick Grimes 21/10/2019 01:44
Someone play this scene at my funeral #TheWalkingDead
Last night on The Walking Dead we had a pill-popping Carol making some…rather poor decisions all night long, culminating in a showdown with Alpha where she actually takes a shot at an enemy leader ...
The Walking Dead on AMC 21/10/2019 01:24
We all have one of ~those~ friends. #TWD
“The Walking Dead” got real clever this week, making viewers question what they saw by casting doubt on Carol’s perspective and making us wonder what really happened and what was the creation of a ...
Walking Dead 21/10/2019 02:01
the walking dead & toy story — a thread
the walking dead & toy story — a thread <br>
When it comes to handing out gripping season-long narrative arcs, The Walking Dead has stepped a fairly wide berth around Avi Nash's Siddiq since his Season 8 introduction. Season 10 has attempted to ...
The Walking Dead on AMC 21/10/2019 01:13
Jaime Lannister WISHES #TWD
The Walking Dead star Angel Theory, who is hard-of-hearing, was “verbally assaulted” by a member of the security staff at Walker Stalker Atlanta, according to friend and co-star Nadine Marissa.
The Walking Dead on AMC 21/10/2019 01:45
What’s THAT look? #TWD
If you were hoping “The Walking Dead” would start revving the old storytelling engines after the table setting of this season’s first two episodes, I’m afraid you’ll have to keep waiting. There is ...
The Walking Dead 19/10/2019 09:37
They’re so beautiful
They’re so beautiful <br>
Tomaj Tate 21/10/2019 02:38
The extended Michonne & Carol Convo, that was oddly deleted. They don’t have enough scenes together as it is. #TWD #TheWalkingDead
Negan in the house like #TheWalkingDead
The Walking Dead on AMC 21/10/2019 01:01
We’ve all been there. #TWD
Beth Hannel 21/10/2019 01:25
Carol is the biggest badass. I really hope she gets to take Alpha out! #thewalkingdead #twd
The Walking Dead on AMC 21/10/2019 01:30
Carol speaking what we’re all thinking #TWD
The Walking Dead on AMC 19/10/2019 02:00
Alpha wants to talk. This can't be good. #TWD
Nick Somers 21/10/2019 01:24
Carol doesn’t fear anyone bitch #TheWalkingDead #TWD
mel 21/10/2019 01:51
Daryl “my dad wasn’t a truck driver” everyone watching- #TheWalkingDead
The Walking Dead 21/10/2019 10:32
Negan and Lydia in Alexandria reflecting on how they survived their evil groups. #TheWalkingDead
kathleen 21/10/2019 01:40
negan and aaron this episode #TheWalkingDead #TWD
The Walking Dead on AMC 21/10/2019 01:12
Mich-slapped #TWD
The Walking Dead 21/10/2019 04:47
We're obsessed with the new HD images from this week's #WalkingDead
We're obsessed with the new HD images from this week's #WalkingDead    http://     <br>
ʟᴀʟᴀ 21/10/2019 01:48
“My dad wasn’t a truck driver.” CAROL HALLUCINATED THAT ENTIRE CONVERSATION I- #TheWalkingDead   #TWD
Christine Jones 21/10/2019 01:24
Alpha has no idea what Terminus Carol is capable of....just sayin #TheWalkingDead #TWD @WalkingDead_AMC
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