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Best tweets:

Taika Waititi 26/03/2020 11:57
It's a fuckin LOCKDOWN. #TheThickofIt https:// atus/1243207058293473282   …
The thick of it Sat, 23 May 2020 03:25:00 GMT
Yesterday may have been Diamond Day but at Bleeding Cool, we were all in the thick of it, as seen in today's Daily Lying In The Gutters.
T 04/05/2020 07:42
The best summary of Star Wars ever... @Aiannucci #thethickofit
It’s fifteen years since the Londoner’s favourite satire, The Thick Of It, was broadcast. Creator Armando Iannucci told us: “Malcolm Tucker was an amalgam of a whole load of henchmen who would go ...
Peter Capaldi is supporting our urgent appeal. Go to   now! #petercapaldi #doctorwho #thethickofit #coronavirus #stayhome
Rebecca Front revealed that, in The Thick Of It, her character had a thing for Malcolm Tucker "in a really unhealthy, slightly abusive way".
Melanie Blanksby 25/05/2020 11:41
Series 1 Episode 3 of #thethickofit
The comedy that gave us Malcolm Tucker was funny because it was true, but for politicians it was harrowing, says Ed Cumming. He speaks to Armando Iannucci, Peter Capaldi, Rebecca Front, Chris Addison ...
David Timbrell 25/05/2020 09:39
@Aiannucci the UK needs #TheThickofIt season 5 more than ever
Joanna Scanlan is set to play Ma Larkin in the Darling Buds of May remake. The original series starred David Jason and a pre-fame Catherine Zeta-Jones, and followed the trials and tribulations of the ...
becksisafreak 25/05/2020 09:32
Well after a day like today there is nothing left to do but watch #thethickofit from the beginning again
Jackie Burns 25/05/2020 09:11
#TheThickOfIt seems appropriate viewing this evening.
Mark Hazard 25/05/2020 08:51
Started watching #TheThickOfIt again earlier this afternoon. Series one is uncomfortable in places for obvious reasons but the rest of it shines through.
David McCulloch 25/05/2020 08:46
Gotta give props to @Aiannucci for a cracking bonus episode of #thethickofit that came out today. Although, I'm still not quite sold on this Dominic character tbh. I don't think he will last for future episodes. #Domnishambles
Alice 25/05/2020 08:31
Glen Cullen’s “I am a man” breakdown. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #thethickofit
Simon 25/05/2020 08:28
Jeez...what a time for my phone battery to go, in the middle of the strangest gov press conference in years...still couldn’t write it in an episode of #TheThickOfIt eh @Aiannucci can only hope now I don’t wake up quite so angry again tomorrow
Sean Mason 25/05/2020 08:06
Catching up on the second press briefing today and fucking hell, Boris is a blinker. #TheThickOfIt
Catching up on the second press briefing today and fucking hell, Boris is a blinker. #TheThickOfIt <br>
alysha davis 25/05/2020 08:01
Even Malcolm Tucker knew when to resign #thethickofit #cummingsliar
Andrew Pope 25/05/2020 06:08
That interview by Dominic Cummings was worse that Ben Swain being interviewed by Paxman #thethickofit https://  
Nick 25/05/2020 04:24
@Aiannucci This #Dominiccummings special of #TheThickOfIt is absolute genius. Well don to you and the team
Phil shearing 25/05/2020 04:18
I love the BBC, but this this is real life #thethickofit Sorry, he has to go.
Peter 25/05/2020 03:53
"He spelt you with 5 Y's!" #thethickofit @Aiannucci
Croaky 25/05/2020 03:53
Dominic Cummings is no Malcolm Tucker is he! #DominicCummngs He’s certainly in #thethickofit
Rem ten Hove 25/05/2020 03:44
”The guy is an epic fuck-up. He’s so dense that light bends around him.” - Malcolm Tucker #thethickofit
Malcolm Tucker would never let any of this happen #TheThickOfIt #Cummings
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