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#SanfordAndSon tonight on #TVOne
On the sweet side, watching talented stars like Jamie Foxx and Woody Harrelson re-create classic scripts from All in the Family and The Jeffersons was a shot of pure, uncut nostalgia. There are ...
Duane Eklof 26/05/2020 05:35
[email protected] "Happy Birthday" Lenny - hope you have a great day! Love your music, as well as your mom Roxie's work on #TheJeffersons!
The Jeffersons Sat, 25 Apr 2020 17:00:00 GMT
who flocked to live versions of a pair of classic sitcoms and a special about a 20th-century TV beauty. ABC's re-creation of episodes of "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons" was among last week's ...
Bruh he said Tom ran out of breath running around the monopoly board. I’m hollering. #TheJeffersons
ABC is staging one-night-only revivals of two iconic Norman Lear sitcoms, All in the Family and The Jeffersons, Jimmy Kimmel announced during his show on Thursday. Airing Wednesday, May 22 at 8/7c ...
Zach Wilson 24/05/2020 04:21
3084. #TheJeffersons “Movin’ on Down” - We finally get to see their bedroom, it’s not quite as yellow as the rest of the house. Florence is here too, it’s amazing how rare her appearances have been so far. Cute bottle ep. (B)
3084. #TheJeffersons “Movin’ on Down” - We finally get to see their bedroom, it’s not quite as yellow as the rest of the house. Florence is here too, it’s amazing how rare her appearances have been so far. Cute bottle ep. (B) <br>
But he was mainly known for his role as Bentley in "The Jeffersons," which ran on CBS from 1975 to '85.
Whitman Mayo passed away on May 22, 2001 at the age of 70. We all knew him as “Grady” on #SanfordAndSon
Not all shows are built to last, but these comedy series have lasted for many years — and some are still on the air today.Here are just 22 of the longest-running comedies on television.Read the origin ...
Happy Birthday to the late Scatman Crothers May 23, 1910 – November 22, 1986.On #SanfordAndSon episode “The Stand-In” as Bowlegs.Go online to check out his acting career.
Happy Birthday to the late actress Vivian Bonnell May 23, 1924 – November 18, 2003.She was on #SanfordAndSon #TheJeffersons #GoodTimes and more. Go online to see her acting credits.
Happy Birthday to actress Corinne Conley (May 23, 1929) #SanfordAndSon episode “Julio and Sister and Nephew” as customer who wanted to buy a lamp. Check her acting credits online.
GERI'S ART GALLERY 23/05/2020 08:24
Check out this new face mask that I uploaded to https://   ! https:// effersons-geroge-and-lousie-geraldine-myszenski.html?product=face-mask   … #TheJeffersons #TVShows #ThrowBacks #ArtForSale #FaceMasks #TShirts #CoffeeMugs #BeachTowels #DuvetCovers #Art #FineArtAmerica #Drawings #Cartoons #ArtInfluencer
Hair Hustler 23/05/2020 04:22
George and Weezy #TheJeffersons https:// tus/1264221453769150464   …
Marie-Eve Mongrain 23/05/2020 12:13
This Lionel recast was really bad at playing drunk #theJeffersons
Happy Birthday to the late Hilda Haynes May 21, 1912 - March 4, 1986 #SanfordAndSon #TheJeffersons #GoodTimes
#RIPShadGaspard #WWE The body of former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard was found early Wednesday morning after he went missing over the weekend while swimming with his son in the ocean off Venice Beach. He was 39.
Mrs. Grotke 20/05/2020 11:35
I was waving from 2 houses down for @JaLisaEVaughn because y’all know I play 0 games but we were going to be there for our boo! Deuce called @CoryJay34 “uncle” for the first time when he wasn’t close enough to hear it soooo happy for #TheJeffersons #WhyWait
ELUSIVE 20/05/2020 03:16
JaLisa is married and I’m just full of joy and happiness. Wowwwww! When the people you love find true happiness....... man I just have no words. #TheJeffersons!
•SHY•   💋 20/05/2020 05:32
Florence dissing Mr Jefferson every time u can’t keep a straight face #thejeffersons
“I’m so dumb, I thought Cum Laude was a gospel song.” - George Jefferson #TheJeffersons
#RIPKenOsmond Ken Osmond, Eddie Haskell on 'Leave It to Beaver,' dies at 76 #LeaveItToBeaver #EddieHaskell
#TheJeffersons on #FreshPrince “ Your mother died, your mother’s dead, your mother ain’t living no more.”
Monique D 18/05/2020 09:32
Oh my GAWD "The Jeffersons" episode with the white "All American" jackass is so BRILLIANT! George actually dropped the "that's mighty white of you" line, I love this show #TheJeffersons #whitepeoplelovesaying #NYCLockdown
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