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Dianna De La Garza 27/01/2020 07:33
Wow... what a night... #grammys #thankyougod
Wow... what a night... #grammys  #thankyougod <br>
“First of all, God is the greatest, thank you God,” began Khaled, 44, who accepted the award for “Higher” alongside John Legend. (The late Nipsey Hussle was also featured on the track.) “This is for ...
Sana Munjal 27/01/2020 06:58
After the Senate adjourned just after 6 p.m. without voting on the vaccine measure, on the final day of a two-year legislative session, the crowd outside roared. “Thank you, God!” one group chanted.
Rae 27/01/2020 07:14
Quitting my job in June was the absolute best decision of my life! & this year is MY year. So many goals to reach and I see them unfolding already #blessed #thankyouGod
The Hall tweeted out a video of that phone call: "Oh wow. Oh boy," Carmichael said. "This is so much of an honor, oh gosh. Never thought this would happen. But thank you, God. Thank you for telling me ...
Tikya Aguirre 27/01/2020 06:41
Laundry time is picnic time for me. #thankyouGod for this weekend's activities and thank you for today's rest day.
“Thank you, thank you, God, and thank you, everyone. This is a miracle.” The reunion with his family came one year and eight months after U.S. immigration authorities separated him from his ...
BriannaShaniece__ 27/01/2020 05:23
Cannot believe I just crushed two critical thinking/writing assignments within an hour timeframe... Won’t He do it! #ThankYouGod
After the game, Theo Hernandez posted the following message on social media (in reference to Ibrahimovic): 'Thank you God for this win, let's continue like this...'. You can view a picture on the ...
Amanda Kay 27/01/2020 05:06
I’ve felt so normal the last half hour. I don’t wanna lay down and go to sleep. I just want it to last forever. #ThankYouGod
(ㆀ˘・з・˘) 27/01/2020 03:39
locked out of my house and neither of my moms are home #thankyougod
Mark Otero 27/01/2020 03:38
Colin Rodrigues 26/01/2020 05:37
blessed to see 17 #ThankYouGod
Soma Ghosh 26/01/2020 08:26
All the way from #Puri, the Lord has come to stay with me :) Jai Jagannath #ThankYouGod #BlissfulSunday
All the way from #Puri, the Lord has come to stay with me :) Jai Jagannath  #ThankYouGod #BlissfulSunday<br>
Jaay B.   🌹 26/01/2020 02:07
Just accomplished one of my goals tonight but it’s only the beginning #ThankYouGod
Ive never felt love the way that child loves me. She is everything ive always prayed for in a niece. #ThankYouGod
This year is going to be very bang for me and my life will change completely, all my dreams will be complete, which have been slowly. #ThankyouGod
Cin B. 25/01/2020 05:48
So happy and proud of myself #ThankYouGod
  🏜 K3 24/01/2020 09:11
I feel the most mature, spiritually strong, & guided than ever before #THANKYOUGOD
. 24/01/2020 01:33
Prayed hard on something and everything’s good now!! #ThankYouGod
Tori Sapp Jr. 24/01/2020 03:48
Procedure on my knee went good ... now it’s time to comeback stronger.. #ThankYouGod
ron sabac 23/01/2020 07:08
“ thank you god for blessing me much more than i deserve. " #thankyougod
“ thank you god for blessing me much more than i deserve. "  #thankyougod <br>
Kayla Mae 23/01/2020 04:43
Move in silence! #ThankYouGod #NurseKay
Move in silence! #ThankYouGod #NurseKay<br>
Nicholas Williford 23/01/2020 04:05
having a near death experience makes you look at the world a little different after.. #thankyouGOD
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