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Mac Petty 16/02/2019 03:50
I see you knew Tex winter. I coached college basketball at Wabash College for 35 years. In the middle '90's I got to know Tex. He was a great fellow let alone great coach. I used his Triangle offense for great success at the time.
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Terry Stultz 15/02/2019 08:29
1967 at then New Fieldhouse, beat Kansas St. 89-83. Tex Winter was KS coach. @IndianaMBB started year 6-0. I was eleven, damn.
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janshan 15/02/2019 04:14
Coz former players are stupid analysts. Ofcors they”re nt d same mj and kobe are scorers their role is to score the basket, lebron is a pass first guy, he wont attempt 30 shots. But lebron better basketball iq than both mj and kobe. Doesnt have dean smith phil jackson tex winter
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Leonard Ellis 15/02/2019 07:29
Scottie played with Michael and resented the little brother role. Pippin came up small during Michael's baseball sabbatical. Bulls had stability: savvy GM, Coach Phil Jackson, & Tex Winter, large mkt. LeBron only had part of that at Miami. Quiet Scottie. https:// twitter.com/FirstTake/stat us/1096091274137010176   …
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Calvin Scott 15/02/2019 02:24
How lethal would a Tex Winter triangle be with this young and talented Bulls group? Takes away a stagnant offense, moves the ball and creates high assist totals. Would love your opinion
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King Karl 14/02/2019 03:14
So Phil wasn’t the mastermind behind the triangle it was Tex winter and Marc Jackson has Steph and Klay playing iso ball
thomas dauphan 14/02/2019 10:27
I am def worried Brett has serious limitations but firing Brown is Crazy talk The city Luvs Brown & he luvs the city & we ALL want him to succeed Just get Brett an asst who is really good at adjustments like Phil Jackson had w/ Tex Winter in Chi & LA
The Infamous El Guapo 14/02/2019 01:09
The Van Gundys are both under acheivers and the triangle died with Tex Winter who by the way was responsible for Phil's success.
DigitalSports 13/02/2019 08:24
It is not the system, but the execution of the system, that counts. - Tex Winter #HappyHumpday #HumpDay #WednesdayWellness #WednesdayWisdom #WellnessWednesday #WisdomWednesday #WW #FADBAD #SportsQuotes #hustle #tryyourbest #nosubs #nobench #alwaystry #fightthefight #dream #a
It is not the system, but the execution of the system, that counts. - Tex Winter #HappyHumpday #HumpDay #WednesdayWellness #WednesdayWisdom #WellnessWednesday #WisdomWednesday #WW #FADBAD #SportsQuotes #hustle #tryyourbest #nosubs #nobench #alwaystry #fightthefight #dream #a…<br>http://pic.twitter.com/PnmkYNHBn7
OTBS Online 13/02/2019 06:17
There is no substitution for hustle, and if you don't hustle there will be substitution.- Tex Winter
Hoops King.com 13/02/2019 04:00
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owepee 13/02/2019 08:31
You’re the Tex Winter of this shit
*JD* Sports Tweets 12/02/2019 04:46
Tex Winter
Frank 12/02/2019 01:24
Not to knock Phil but MJ was the coach of that Bulls team and Tex Winter designed the triangle offense. Phil was a product of MJ. Phil was fortunate enough to coach possibly 3 top 10 all times players in their prime.
Jason Stwiter 11/02/2019 04:47
needs Phil Jaxon to mentor him like a Tex Winter
Young God Rel 09/02/2019 09:20
Fiz doesn’t even have to be that guy if that’s not who he is. He does need his own Tex Winter on his staff though. Phil didn’t come up with the schemes Tex did.. Knicks need an offensive coordinator
Chad Jackley 08/02/2019 09:15
Tex Winter would have never drawn up that play!
Aloha Lakers 08/02/2019 02:52
If you have the players, here is the offense #LakeShow https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=91Wx8g T3kRw   …
DevilTukee 08/02/2019 02:46
Bobby desperately needs to find his version of Tex Winter and Johnny Bach.
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