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Kevin Heck 25/05/2019 01:14
Was very fortunate to learn the (Tex Winter) Triangle Offense, along with @cvivianstringer, from then longtime @Lakers assistant @coach_jcleamons, and I always liked the use of the "blind pig" to free up the guard vs pressure in the full court.
Authentic Tex-Mex food by people who know what they’re doing ... I’m not sure. I miss clam shacks in the winter, but that’s a different story. Who was your most memorable customer? That was, of course ...
Campy 24/05/2019 05:04
Completely agree w/Shawn and it doesn't make Beilein a bad guy. He just wasn't the warm and fuzzy type. Steve Deace also made a good point about an advisor like Tex Winter to Hoiberg. @SamWebb77 thought Jay Smith my choices Gary Williams, Thad Matta, JT3...
Tex, who sleeps on the streets of Hobart ... think outside the square of the current approaches to find new ways to meet demand as winter approaches.” SHE sleeps on concrete, under an awning at the ...
Ryan Raffensperger 24/05/2019 01:37
Tex Winter, the originator of the Triangle offense, was the Long Beach State Head Coach in 1983. He was replaced by Dave Buss. If that name sounds familiar to Mount fans, The Mount beat Buss & Wisconsin Green Bay in the 1981 D2 Semifinals. Buss lasted one season at Long Beach.
He came back last winter and convinced her to give him a cheque ... Johnston’s family grave site is in Fort Worth, Tex., and, oddly, Braun’s brother is buried there, a source said. ...
Degenerately done. 24/05/2019 03:13
The game can turn on a trifle - Tex Winter
So word spread quickly last month after a disheveled 30-year-old man appeared on the trail in North Carolina, acting erratically and clad in a heavy winter coat and knit cap ... a 35-year-old from ...
He "only" had Shaq? Yeah, just the most dominant player of his era. I get it noe . I guess in your mind Kevin Love is HOF & Glenn Rice aint. Tex Winter & Phil Jackson both in the Hall along with Dr Buss. Kobe had a red carpet. (LAL vs IND)
 He "only" had Shaq? Yeah, just the most dominant player of his era. I get it noe .  I guess in your mind Kevin Love is HOF & Glenn Rice aint.  Tex Winter & Phil Jackson both in the Hall along with Dr Buss.   Kobe had a red carpet. (LAL vs IND) <br>http://pic.twitter.com/vpuCsRLmrP
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Clarence Gaines 23/05/2019 06:06
Tex Winter used to say "don't feed pearls to swine." It's a biblical verse (Matthew 7:6) - Obviously @Money23Green's teammates are not swine. Simple solution - start playing with more cerebral and skilled players. https:// twitter.com/MrLightNYC/sta tus/1131620946501148673   …
Chuck Cooperstein 23/05/2019 02:07
Those who succeed often know what they dont know and being in people to help them. Billy Donovan had his Larry Shyatt. Jim Calhoun had George Blaney. In the NBA Phil Jackson had his John Bach and Tex Winter. Juan's top asat hire will likely be the most important thing he does
Swopa 23/05/2019 01:26
FWIW, that concept goes back at least to Del Harris when he was coaching (those were the roles in his offense), and probably further. Maybe Tex Winter/triangle, for all I know.
R.O.D. 22/05/2019 09:25
Don’t forget PJ never won a championship without Tex Winter
Christopher Cejnar 22/05/2019 07:24
Right! They needed each other. Some Jordan fans have a tendency to down play the greatness of Phil Jackson. I am not a LeBron fan (Laker fan) I can tell you the greatest compentery piece that Jordan or James had was Jordan having Phil Jackson (Tex Winter’s Triangle offense.
mark kerwin 22/05/2019 07:10
I remember Tex Winter was mad at MJ for ignoring the Triangle and running his own iso play. Tex said, "there's no I in team." Jordan countered with, "but there is an 'I' in winning."
Owen Graham 22/05/2019 03:40
Makesi...how does KD get the benefit of Pop through Kerr, but LeBron doesn't get the benefit of Riley through Spoelstra??? #HowSway??? And are you kidding me? Walton is Phil Jacksons lineage as much as Kerr is...so is Derek FisherWhat did Tex Winter ever win?
Makesi Alexander 22/05/2019 03:18
Most would credit Tex Winter for Phil's success.. There is a clear line... Only Paul Silas I'd give so pedigree to.. The others.. Where is the lineage? Blatt.. Mike Brown.. Spoelstra, Lue, Walton...
I concurr because the basic ideas of the triangle offense were initially established by HOF coach Sam Barry at the University of USC. His system was further developed by former Houston Rockets & KSU basketball head coach Tex Winter, who played for Barry in the late 1940s...
Christopher Cejnar 22/05/2019 04:28
Del Harris and Kurt Rambis failed as coaches for the Lakers. Doug Collins failed as Bulls coach. Both teams needed Phil and Tex Winter to win. No coach takes bottoms feeders to a championship. All winning coach’s have great players.
Supreme Clientele 22/05/2019 12:07
I believe the credit should be split between Tex Winter and Johnny Bach. It was Bach’s Doberman defense that turned Pippen into a HOFer
Beto Durán 21/05/2019 08:27
Tex Winter (triangle) in Huntington Park High Hall Of Fame. @kobebryant would rave about him #HP
Tex Winter (triangle) in Huntington Park High Hall Of Fame. @kobebryant would rave about him  #HP<br>http://pic.twitter.com/2LiT56kYvp
Jerry Hairston, Jr. 21/05/2019 07:16
Tex Winter triangle made everyone tough the ball. Phil great mediator convincing #Jordan that averaging 37ppg wasn’t helping. Needed to trust teammates . MJ just needed Scottie to be Robin to his Superman. He wasn’t even an All Star in ‘91. Scottie started to take off in ‘92
Eddie A Johnson 21/05/2019 03:44
MJ loss with every coach before the great Tex Winter and Frank Hamblen arrived with Phil and created a system (triangle) that was perfect. So I disagree !
TheRealSlimKD 19/05/2019 03:06
False. First of Tex winter installed it. MJ did have dribble moves, the same as LeBron, who actually gets most his buckets in transition or just running into people. MJ post/footwork is superior to LeBrons. MJ simplified the game
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