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Solace 23/02/2020 01:40
This Tame Impala album is fucking hitting dude wow.
“The Slow Rush” is preoccupied with the passage of time, so it’s appropriate that the fourth album by Australian pop auteur Kevin Parker has arrived a year late. On 2010’s “Innerspeaker” and 2012’s ...
rika 24/02/2020 02:13
can we bully tame impala into bringing back the old version of borderline
The post Album Review: Tame Impala’s The Slow Rush Fuses Elements into a Beautiful Collage appeared first on Consequence of Sound. The Lowdown: Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker loves hip-hop. You wouldn’t ...
Gabri 27/02/2020 02:34
tame impala tinha razao the less i know the better mesmo
A pop star, a beloved K-pop group, a rapper and an alternative rock outfit all start new albums inside the Billboard 200's top 10.
Spinning Top 22/02/2020 06:21
Congratulations @tameimpala The Slow Rush is the #1 album in Australia
Congratulations @tameimpala  The Slow Rush is the #1 album in Australia <br>http://pic.twitter.com/lcOIUVe9M9
Parker missed the deadline, however, for his follow-up to Tame Impala’s 2015 psychedelic pop breakthrough, Currents. Instead, he released only a handful of songs last year, including one cheekily ...
Billboard Charts 24/02/2020 04:33
Debuts on this week's #Billboard200 (1/3): #1, @justinbieber Changes #2, @ArtistHBTL Artist 2.0 #3, @tameimpala The Slow Rush #5, @OfficialMonstaX All About Luv #26, @iameden No Future #30, @SUICIDEBOYS Stop Staring At The Shadows #32, @barrymanilow Night Songs II
Aficionados of Tame Impala, the genre-defying brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker, held their breath for half a decade waiting for his newest album, “The Slow Rush.” Fans can rest assured ...
misho  😈   ✨ 28/02/2020 03:57
smoke up, listen to tame impala, dance till we get tired, and slow fuck maybe? my soft kinks are popping off a little extra today
Headline Planet 23/02/2020 09:44
Top 5 on Billboard 200: 1) @justinbieber - Changes (his 7th #1) 2) @ArtistHBTL - Artist 2.0 3) @tameimpala - The Slow Rush 4) @RoddyRicch - Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial 5) @OfficialMonstaX - All About Luv
im not pete 25/02/2020 04:10
tame impala really just removed the original (and better) borderline from spotify even though it was my most streamed song ever,,
chart data 25/02/2020 12:10
Top 10 groups on this week's Artist 100: 1. @tameimpala 2. @OfficialMonstaX 3. @BTS_twt 4. @jonasbrothers 5. @maroon5 6. @DanAndShay 7. @Imaginedragons 8. @QueenWillRock 9. @PanicAtTheDisco 10. @thebeatles
Billboard Charts 24/02/2020 08:31
This week's top 10 on the #Artist100: 1. @justinbieber (12th week at No. 1) 2. @tameimpala (re-entry) 3. @billieeilish 4. @PostMalone 5. @RoddyRicch 6. @OfficialMonstaX (debut) 7. @ArtistHBTL 8. @theweeknd 9. @lukecombs 10. @DaBabyDaBaby
NME 26/02/2020 04:15
Agree with Kevin here? https://www. nme.com/news/music/tam e-impala-kevin-parker-considers-alex-turner-another-league-as-songwriter-2614946   …
fée d’art☾ 28/02/2020 12:12
the slow rush inspired by tame impala
the slow rush inspired by tame impala <br>http://pic.twitter.com/xUk3RuHyXC
Chris Long 22/02/2020 06:43
New Tame Impala
jiun 24/02/2020 03:46
why the fuck did tame impala - borderline get remixed and the original got taken down im killing myself
everybody talkin bout dat cornovirus, thats what you get when you listen to tame impala
not dead yet 28/02/2020 03:48
Tame impala, that’s it, that’s the tweet
chart data 25/02/2020 01:00
Best selling albums this week (US pure): #1 Changes, @justinbieber #2 The Slow Rush, @tameimpala #3 ALL ABOUT LUV, @OfficialMonstaX #4 Night Songs II, @barrymanilow #5 No Future, @iameden #6 WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WDWG? #7 Weather #8 Hecho En Mexico #9 Music To Be Murdered By
Titus Jennings 28/02/2020 04:35
Join me, @tameimpala @brainsthlm & heaps more for The Titus Jennings #Experience from 6pm GMT (1pm EST) on http://www. liveonlineradio.net/uk/internation al-sounds.htm   … #qualityradio
take a sip babes 27/02/2020 09:28
me when tame impala patience comes on over the speakers at the panera
katie  🧡   😛 27/02/2020 09:25
five faves! tagged by @novacrossing •colour: purple •food: grapes •song: the less i know the better - tame impala •scent: baking cakes •drink: fanta fruit twist i tag @luvcrossing @leifbby @faacrossing @peachquilts @ac_breezybay
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