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azcentral sports 03/12/2019 12:56
Diamondbacks parting ways with Taijuan Walker, Steven Souza Jr. rssfeeds.azcentral.com/~/610739736/0/ phoenix/sports~Diamondbacks-parting-ways-with-Taijuan-Walker-Steven-Souza-Jr/?cid=twitter_azcsports   …
Taijuan Walker: Non-tendered by Arizona Mon, 02 Dec 2019 16:00:00 GMT
Walker will become a free agent after being non-tendered by the Diamondbacks on Monday, John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 FM reports. Walker missed nearly the entire 2019 season while rehabbing ...
Mike Nelson 10/12/2019 02:44
If the Mets finish the offseason with Taijuan Walker, Blake Treinen, Dellin Betances and Josh Phegley I’d be happy. It would be the cheap way to go and there isn’t a big splash in there, but they would be improved.
Diamondbacks nontender Taijuan Walker and Steven Souza Jr., opt to keep Jake Lamb The Diamondbacks parted ways with a pair of high-profile-but-injury-prone players on Monday, nontendering right-hander ...
Jared 10/12/2019 03:36
Pirates really should take chances on bounce back guys this offseason like Taijuan Walker or Travis Shaw type guys. Even if they rebuild, these guys could be great trade chips in July if they regain form. And even if they don’t, their contracts wouldn’t hurt the Pirates at all.
D-backs allow Souza, Walker and Joseph to become free agents The Arizona Diamondbacks did not offer 2020 contracts to outfielder Steven Souza Jr., pitcher Taijuan Walker and catcher Caleb Joseph, ...
Russell Hartness 03/12/2019 06:49
Bring Him Back Taijuan Walker @Mariners @tai_walker
Bring Him Back Taijuan Walker  @Mariners @tai_walker<br>http://pic.twitter.com/yeMuepMOGI
Injury returnees like Jimmy Nelson, Taijuan Walker and Steven Souza are sure to get a close look this spring, and Maikel Franco isn't a total lost cause. The most interesting casualty, though, is ...
Curley 03/12/2019 12:43
Diamondbacks non-tender starting pitcher Taijuan Walker https:// arizonasports.com/story/2179380/ diamondbacks-non-tender-starting-pitcher-taijuan-walker/   …
Should the Astros pursue Taijuan Walker? Tue, 10 Dec 2019 08:21:29 GMT
The other day it was announced that Taijuan Walker was non-tendered which some considered a surprise, especially with keeping Jake Lamb. An interesting name no doubt, and I’m sure like many of us I ...
Kevin Shockey 03/12/2019 12:08
Former Mariner Taijuan Walker and local guy Steven Souza both available now. https:// twitter.com/Gambo987/statu s/1201652602129137664   …
Jon Heyman 03/12/2019 12:17
D-Backs non tendered Souza, Joseph snd Taijuan Walker. Jake Lamb is tendered a contract.
Rob 03/12/2019 12:04
Taijuan Walker was really good in 2017, then had TJ and complications from it and missed 2018 and basically all of 2019. He'd be a very intriguing buy-low guy, probably wants some security after missing 2 seasons too.
Tim Penman 09/12/2019 06:54
Taijuan Walker would be an excellent target for the Mets as they look to find a replacement for Zack Wheeler in the starting rotation for 2020.
Jeremy Forsyth 03/12/2019 12:37
Holy shit 100%. Bring me him and Taijuan Walker and Aaron Sanchez. Put TW and AS in the factory
Izu ひhiara ☥ 03/12/2019 03:04
Arizona Diamondbacks Do The Expected By Non-Tendering Souza, Taijuan Walker dlvr.it/RKYQpk  
Arizona Diamondbacks Do The Expected By Non-Tendering Souza, Taijuan Walker  http:// dlvr.it/RKYQpk     <br>http://pic.twitter.com/PcqNcHbhgD
isaac 07/12/2019 01:13
The mood is sign Taijuan Walker after Cole!!
Cove Chatter 10/12/2019 02:00
If #SFGiants are planning to add a FA starter, here are some of the guys I find interesting... If G's want want age & upside, Aaron Sanchez & Taijuan Walker are both 27 & averaged over 93 on their FB (Sanchez this year, Walker in 2017).
An offseason of Wilmer Flores, Taijuan Walker, Kevin Pillar, and Blake Treinen gets them really close! If they shift salary and add Nick Castellanos back they are clear cut division favorites. All it takes is a PINCH of money. https:// twitter.com/cubprospects/s tatus/1204050987494887424   …
Ah shoot forgot to put Taijuan Walker
SoDo Mojo 09/12/2019 06:49
Drew Smyly. Michael Wacha. Taijuan Walker. As for the Rule 5, no idea. Maybe nobody. But Justus Sheffields brother Jordan makes a lot of sense. Zack Brown maybe. https:// twitter.com/tom_2000_17/st atus/1203925114925924352   …
jackson 08/12/2019 02:01
taijuan walker is an interesting option
Amed Rosario Stan Account 07/12/2019 01:22
Nope you forgot the sign taijuan Walker (but gausman works too. ;)
Justin Hallstein 06/12/2019 04:23
Taijuan Walker
Saurav 06/12/2019 05:06
is that taijuan walker?
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