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South Africa coach Stuart Baxter has a terrible record since taking over in the Fifa World Cup qualifiers Baxter's played five World Cup qualifiers and from those he's lost four. That includes two def...
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Nonhle is apparently a perfect example of how one should not behave when things are going well, as life always finds a way to humble you. Nonhle Thema has been trending again for her old Twitter rants ...
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FIFA World Cup 2018 Final, France vs Croatia: Just a day before the semifinal clash between England and Croatia, a BBC tweet queried: “Can ‘tired’ Croatia end England’s dream?” The Blazers had to make ...
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Arsenal returned to winning ways with a 3-0 victory over Bournemouth at the Emirates today. The 2014 World Cup winner has come under fire from sections of the fanbase and press recently after a dip in ...
While Cape Town International Airport has been named the leading airport in Africa, the shooting will indelibly leave a scar in the minds of travellers who are aware of the incident. The tourism indus...
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