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Another Patriots Superbowl #ThingsIDontWantToHave
Another Patriots Superbowl #ThingsIDontWantToHave<br>
Patriots QB Tom Brady 'ready' for Super Bowl title defense in new Twitter photo originally appeared on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady certainly has enjoyed his ...
NFL on ESPN 25/04/2019 02:41
As a 3-time Super Bowl champion and future Hall of Famer, @RobGronkowski knows a thing or two about having success in the NFL. Here are his tips for this year's draftees:
Super Bowl champion Marvin Washington said he believes a "sensible non-prohibitive, non-degrading cannabis policy" is coming to the NFL when their collective bargaining agreement is up in 2021."I know ...
boofany 24/04/2019 07:47
Every. single. fricking. artist. on. the. @lost_lands. line. up. This is the mother fricking load to have a Super Bowl of dubstep.
BOSTON (CBS) – Want to own a piece of Patriots history? For a pretty penny you can own a ring celebrating the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. An unknown Patriots player’s Super Bowl ...
Darth Blount 47 24/04/2019 07:42
For the haters, #Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has made 187 mill dollars with 2 Super Bowl wins & 3 total appearances. He also just had his most TD's ever & led the league in pass yards. Eli Manning = 235 mill. Phillip Rivers = 202 mill. So yeah. Big Ben has been UNDERPAID.
SportsDay's Dallas Cowboys beat writers examined the best draft picks by the team at each position since 1967, the year the AFL and NFL stopped drafting the same players. Below are the top QB ...
Gavin Reyes 24/04/2019 06:23
Congratulations to @ScooterMagruder making it big time with the feature on @nflnetwork THE DALLAS COWBOYS WILL WIN THE SUPERBOWL
The Chiefs' decision to add Frank Clark didn't just bolster their defense, it also made Kansas City the new favorites to win Super Bowl LIV. In a blockbuster deal between the Chiefs and the Seahawks ...
Deana Martin 24/04/2019 06:11
Let’s say Happy Birthday to our friend (Super Superbowl Quarterback & Winemaker) Vince Ferragamo
Let’s say Happy Birthday to our friend (Super Superbowl Quarterback & Winemaker) Vince Ferragamo    <br>
Across The Bridge 24/04/2019 02:41
AFL GODFATHER 24/04/2019 01:35
A birthday memoriam for #Raiders WR Bob Chandler, April 24, 1949 - January 27, 1995. A Super Bowl XV champion.
A birthday memoriam for #Raiders WR Bob Chandler, April 24, 1949 - January 27, 1995. A Super Bowl XV champion.  <br>
136 Days   🧀 24/04/2019 01:56
todays tea: ) ) ) ) ( ) ) _(___(____)____(___(_ \ The Vikings have / \ Never won a / \ Super Bowl. / \ NEVER / \____________/
Boston Sports Info 24/04/2019 01:43
Boston teams' dominance during these playoff runs since October All 4 teams are a combined (22-6, .786) ALDS- (3-1) ALCS- (4-1) World Series - (4-1) AFC Div Rd - (1-0) AFC Champ game - (1-0) Super Bowl - (1-0) NBA EC 1st Rd - (4-0) NHL EC 1st Rd- (4-3)
Boston Sports Info 24/04/2019 01:34
BOSTON SLAM IS ALIVE And for the 1st time in the city's history each team won at least 1 playoff round in the same year and Boston has won 8 STRAIGHT ROUNDS ALDS- WIN ALCS- WIN World Series- WIN AFC Div- WIN AFC Champ- WIN Super Bowl- WIN NBA EC 1st Rd- WIN NHL EC 1st Rd- WIN
Coach Joey (9-7) 24/04/2019 01:24
Any predictions on what song we come out to next year at Super Bowl 54 ?
Barstool Chicago 24/04/2019 01:04
Get Javy in Nagy’s system and the Bears are Super Bowl shufflin’
Mike Grinnell 23/04/2019 11:45
Nothing gets a boston crowd going like a nice beer chug from a super bowl champion
Boston Bruins 23/04/2019 11:04
The Super Bowl MVP is in the house! @Patriots WR @Edelman11 and @SpOlympicsMA athlete Meghan Colby were tonight’s fan banner captains.
Chiefs Kingdom 23/04/2019 09:32
This Frank Clark trade tells me that the Chiefs are going all in on winning a Super Bowl. I like it. #ChiefsKingdom
Maxim 22/04/2019 08:00
The high-octane Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series puts the Super Bowl to shame. @AutoTrader_com https://www. car-is-americas-most-exciting-live-sporting-event-2019-4   …
Bleacher Report 22/04/2019 04:27
Happy 33rd birthday to Beast Mode himself, @MoneyLynch - Super Bowl champion - 5x Pro Bowl - 2013 & 2014 rushing TD leader (via @nflthrowback)
Football Central™ 22/04/2019 03:39
Never Forget one of the filthiest Super Bowl endings
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