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Best tweets:

OT Kariyu 26/05/2020 07:46
Remember "storm area 51"? Nah scrap that we raiding epic headquarters #StormEpicHQ Who coming
Remember "storm area 51"? Nah scrap that we raiding epic headquarters #StormEpicHQ  Who coming <br>
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Bobby HILL 28/05/2020 06:27
This is what storm area 51 should have been
man on Facebook that he is sponsoring a nationwide movement to “storm” Area 51 at dawn on Sept. 20 to search for the aliens and their craft. The fellow, who is named Jackson Barnes, said in later ...
ostrich17 28/05/2020 06:26
The world ain’t been the same since y’all tried to storm Area 51
Storm Area 51: A look at Day 2 — PHOTOS Fri, 20 Sep 2019 18:06:00 GMT
with about 100 extraterrestrial enthusiasts converging at the back gate of Area 51 near Rachel at 3 a.m. to follow through on the original Storm Area 51 plan. Making the trek to one of two ...
i'll never forget that in 2019 there were hundreds of people running like anime characters from naruto, and trying to storm area 51 to find out if the government was actually hiding alien life forms.
As the day of “Storm Area 51” arrived, a motley group of about 100 “alien-chasers” converged on the back gate of the secret site early Friday, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
That Sucks Syd 27/05/2020 07:35
You know how everyone was gonna storm Area 51 can we do that but for Chicago beaches (at a social distance obviously)
The Arizona vacation destination is also apparently a well-known one for UFO sightings. Lauren Hillhouse, GetYourGuide's Destination Manager for Arizona and Nevada, told Fox News on Monday of the ...
spidasmokefiya 27/05/2020 06:03
Shit...they cant stop all o yall even wit the white boys wit tear gas n shit, it just takes 1 to start the movement...just like the storm area 51 shit Ha #FUCKDAPOLICE https:// atus/1265482697985662977   …
Sarah 27/05/2020 07:12
remember when we were tryna storm area 51
SQT 27/05/2020 06:31
Is covid-19 punishment for trying to storm Area 51?
Adriana 27/05/2020 12:56
Okay, what if we took everybody who was gonna storm Area 51 and pushed them over to ticket master?
CURIOSITY 26/05/2020 02:25
Guy Naruto Run Past News Anchor for Storm Area 51 #comedy #funny #lol #humor #funnyvideos #lmao #laugh #viral #hilarious #dank #comedyvideos #bhfyp
JADEN THE LIGHT 26/05/2020 12:57
So did we ever storm area 51?
Harry Woodcock 26/05/2020 12:44
Should we storm Area 51 again just for the hell of it?
Duncan   🍩 24/05/2020 05:36
Do we need to go all ‘storm Area 51’ on this? #Cummings
Dexter Rothschild 23/05/2020 10:08
https://   We are all gonna storm area 51 ! Then tea time with englands royal family....
 https://       We are all gonna storm area 51 !   Then tea time with englands royal family.... <br>
MattVader74 23/05/2020 03:00
I think they should do a 2nd #StormArea51. Because you know, why not. Or is this already a thing? I don’t know.
Jed Woodward 22/05/2020 11:53
Y’all ever stop and think if everything that has happened in 2020 is the government punishing us for trying to storm Area 51?
Jim 22/05/2020 11:02
People: we are going to storm Area 51 The Government: If you do that we are going to fuck you up. > < > The Government: yo there are aliens, take a look at this America. People: okay? I don’t give a fuck!?
Marie Alexis 22/05/2020 10:46
Storm Area 51: The joke that became a ‘possible humanitarian disaster’ https://www. canada-49667295   … #Storm #PossibleHumanitarianDisaster
  🎰 yerffej  🎰 22/05/2020 09:31
my villagers are ready to storm area 51 lol #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Luke Hibbert 22/05/2020 11:57
Life was simpler when everyone was gonna storm area 51
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