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Best tweets:

#StandUp4Brexit 27/02/2020 01:42
“Mr Barnier is blatantly cherry-picking from what has already been agreed to justify his preferred future relationship, but his British counterparts will not let him get away with it.” #StandUp4Brexit https://www. 02/27/boris-johnson-wont-let-michel-barnier-cherry-pick-preferred/   …
More than £220,000 has been donated by more than 11,000 people since the StandUp4Brexit fundraiser was launched on the GoFundMe crowdfunding website on Wednesday. The Prime Minister said on ...
Alan Clarke 27/02/2020 09:55
"The EU's new negotiating stance is laughably deceitful" #StandUp4Brexit https:// status/1231359574105567233   …
The StandUp4Brexit group says the £272,000 raised will instead go to veterans' charity Help for Heroes. They say efforts to persuade House of Commons authorities to accept the donation have been ...
Alan Clarke 27/02/2020 09:44
"Le crunch: are the Brexit talks doomed before they begin?" https://www. nch-are-the-brexit-talks-doomed-before-they-begin/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEEK%20%2020200229%20%20AL&utm_content=WEEK%20%2020200229%20%20AL%20CID_a0880504e6bfa787ca72996cfc0cfc7b&utm_source=CampaignMonitor_Editorial&utm_term=James%20Forsyth   … #GlobalBritain #StandUp4Brexit
Brexiteers donated £272,600 in an appeal by StandUp4Brexit to get the bell to chime. But the commission said major works would be required to see the bell toll amid the Elizabeth Tower’s £80million ...
@BorisJohnson £120,000 is the magic number #Jenniferarcuri
@BorisJohnson £120,000 is the magic number #Jenniferarcuri<br>
The StandUp4Brexit group managed to crowdfund £272,000 in a bid to make it ring - which has instead gone to veterans' charity Help for Heroes. Work on the tower began on Monday, August 21 at noon.
James Clark 27/02/2020 07:13
Absolutely, the #EU have moved the goal posts and thinks we'll just allow them to get away with that shit. The minimum deal we want is Canada Plus to include financial services anything less and we walk.
In a video posted on the fundraising site, Mr Francois said he is “delighted to announce that our Eurosceptic colleagues from StandUp4Brexit have agreed to host a crowdfunding campaign to help ...
rob lee 27/02/2020 12:37
Decent free trade deal or we are out on WTO terms. Barnier and his gangster pals no longer have the whip hand and can be firmly told to " take it or leave it". Thank goodness our politicians are now showing a bit of bottle.
#StandUp4Brexit 27/02/2020 12:08
“Geography is no reason to undermine democracy, to be clear, we will not be seeking to dynamically align with EU rules on EU terms governed by EU laws and EU institutions. The British people voted to take back control, to bring power home...” @michaelgove #StandUp4Brexit
Yes. Brexiters are realising what they’ve lost.
James Coveney 26/02/2020 06:30
I would be happy if we walk away and trade on #WTO and become a Singapore on Thames! That is what the EU fears!
#StandUp4Brexit 26/02/2020 05:34
“Boris Johnson set for EU clash as Number 10 casts doubt on Brexit deal.” “Downing Street sources suggested the contents of the "political declaration" & the Brexit withdrawal agreement had been trumped by the Tories' general election victory.” https://www. cal-parties/conservative-party/boris-johnson/news/110163/boris-johnson-set-eu-clash   …
#StandUp4Brexit 26/02/2020 05:28
“⁦⁦@MPIainDS⁩ has sounded a dire warning to EU leaders including Ursula von der Leyen, Michel Barnier and Christine Lagarde - saying any effort to force UK-based financial institutions to follow EU rules would be disastrous for the eurozone.” https://www. 7284/eurozone-news-eu-meltdown-financial-crisis-city-of-london-iain-duncan-smith-barnier-euro   …
Mike 26/02/2020 01:59
Certainly is a refreshing turn of the tables
#StandUp4Brexit 26/02/2020 01:16
“The European Union has no upside in this game, we do have upside in this game, so negotiating leverage is all one way now.” ⁦@DavidDavisMP⁩ https:// is-failing-reach-trade-deal-would-hurt-eu-more-uk-20022633027   …
Caroline Hills 26/02/2020 11:43
British waters are none of their business!
#StandUp4Brexit 26/02/2020 08:18
“The EU says that existing fishing quotas must be maintained.” “A No.10 spokesman dismissed suggestions that the status quo over fishing would prevail. He said: “The UK didn’t vote to take back control of its waters only to give that control up again.” https://www. 1247395/brexit-news-boris-johnson-eu-trade-talks-brussels-michel-barnier-fishing-rights   …
Mike 25/02/2020 06:45
It was the timescale agreed by the EU in the withdrawal agreement. They can’t blame us that they never thought we’d leave or that if we did we would extend for another two years. They really don’t seem to grasp what’s actually happening here.
That's not the Brexit that was sold in 2016 though. Brexit is a scam, no different to knocking on someone's door and telling a bunch of lies to obtain their silver and gold. Brexit is a criminal act, that fact won't go away.
Peter Turner 25/02/2020 05:00
Let the fun and games begin, once more onto the breach once more.
Howard O.Jones 25/02/2020 04:59
One can only assume the EU must be rather simple minded if they think negotiations are going anywhere with their complete fantasy demands. Bye bye Brussels .
#StandUp4Brexit 25/02/2020 04:46
“Barnier starts Brexit blame game in furious rant at Boris over EU pressure and fishing” https://www. 3/brexit-latest-news-michel-barnier-blame-game-trade-talks-update-uk-pressure-eu   …
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