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#StandUp4Brexit 22/09/2019 08:22
Juncker backtracks on his commitment (see below) to the Irish people this morning on #Ridge Q: If negotiations fail... will you give us a clear commitment that the EU will not impose a border? A: Yes (Pres Juncker) #StandUp4Brexit
And she is joining the #StandUp4Brexit campaign of Tory MPs who've vowed to fight for a hard Brexit. Ms McVey tonight releases her first video in a series called "Get 2 Know WTO" - designed to see off ...
#StandUp4Brexit 19/09/2019 11:25
This #BBCQT audience member absolutely nails it! “It’s Parliament who’s caused the chaos. Not the Brexit voters, not the Conservative Party, it is people like you. You asked for the referendum in 2008. Mr Davey, you have to understand that we’re all looking at you as hypocrites”
A sad day for democracy. @StandUp4Brexit Maria Eagle said Theresa May has “lost all authority” following the vote. She whipped it (having said she wouldn’t) voted against it (having said she’d vote ...
#StandUp4Brexit 15/09/2019 03:19
Nobody who voted Remain voted for this. #StandUp4Brexit
Nobody who voted Remain voted for this.  #StandUp4Brexit <br>
In the “#StandUp4Brexit” video, it is claimed: “Since Boris announced the Queen’s speech the BBC have been relentlessly biased. “Since the announcement, a review of 18 Brexit guests on the BBC R4 ...
#StandUp4Brexit 22/09/2019 08:40
“When we leave the EU, there will be enormous opportunities across the world. And Britain will be a force for good. We will trade more liberally, including with the poorest countries held back by Western protectionism” @DominicRaab #StandUp4Brexit https://www. 09/21/global-britain-leading-world-force-good/   …
The Times newspaper reported 20 Conservative lawmakers were now backing a grassroots ‘StandUp4Brexit’ campaign, committing to opposing the Chequers plan. Parliament returns from its summer break on ...
Brandon Lewis 22/09/2019 09:05
& To be clear we have said that we will not put in place infrastructure checks, or controls, at the border & have said we would happily accept legally binding commitment to this.
Great job and well done #StandUp4Brexit!’ One Tory insider said: ‘We’ve taken that as a signal that when it comes to having a real Brexiteer once May’s gone, it’s got to be a true believer like Esther ...
#StandUp4Brexit 19/09/2019 10:41
“In 1993 I helped campaign for the Liberal Democrats to win a by-election and one of the reasons was because they would hold a referendum. I’m appalled by your stance now. I can’t believe what has come of the party. It’s just morally corrupt.” #BBCQT #StandUp4Brexit
#StandUp4Brexit 22/09/2019 07:00
"Foreign leaders just want us to get on with [Brexit]. What they care about is deepening our relationships with them. And also they want Britain to be at the table at the World Trade Organisation making the case for free trade" @trussliz #StandUp4Brexit https://www. 09/21/foreign-leaders-want-britain-get-brexit-order-begin-striking/   …
#StandUp4Brexit 20/09/2019 08:56
“The only deal the Tory MPs who’ve lost the whip will accept is a deal that Brussels will accept, not a British deal, and that’s no way for us to leave. We can only leave if it’s a deal in our own national interest” @MechaNonPlacet #StandUp4Brexit #bbcnewsnight
#StandUp4Brexit 20/09/2019 07:17
“Cameron’s memoirs are a candid account of how he pursued an idea – that the EU can be reformed. He expected diplomacy, but encountered a bureaucratic Death Star whose hunger for power is matched only by its intransigence.” @FraserNelson #StandUp4Brexit https://www. 09/19/david-cameron-has-unwittingly-written-best-ever-case-brexit/   …
#StandUp4Brexit 19/09/2019 10:19
“Boris Johnson comes in, and the media, and MPs haven't even given him one glimmer of hope or support. No wonder he's suspended parliament to try and get us a good deal and actually do what the people voted for” #BBCQT #StandUp4Brexit
#StandUp4Brexit 19/09/2019 08:22
“When politicians accuse other politicians of doing the same as they do, that does tend to make it rather ludicrous. “The Supreme Court can only enter the debate when there is defined legislation as to the limits and extent of powers of government” @MPIainDS #StandUp4Brexit
#StandUp4Brexit 18/09/2019 09:33
“When I saw the Liberal Democrats cheering Guy Verhofstadt to the rafters when he said we should join a European empire, I thought they really finally have gone bonkers.“ Mark Francois #StandUp4Brexit #Peston
#StandUp4Brexit 19/09/2019 10:33
“Did Boris Johnson not offer the Opposition an election? And if that had taken place we wouldn’t be in a situation when it seems the Supreme Court is basically doing politicians dirty laundry in public, making the country look a laughing stock” #BBCQT #StandUp4Brexit
Shameful of Ridge not to press him on this.
Maria Caulfield MP 16/09/2019 07:23
During the referendum we were told there were no plans for a European Empire . What changed? @StandUp4Brexit
During the referendum we were told there were no plans for a European Empire . What changed? @StandUp4Brexit <br>
#StandUp4Brexit 16/09/2019 09:14
“We don’t accept the premise that we should seek an extension, and certainly not on the terms of this surrender bill, which would require conditions effectively to be imposed, with very little room for manoeuvre, no matter how punitive they are” @DominicRaab #StandUp4Brexit
Roobarb 22/09/2019 10:15
Ridge was softball all the way. Asked a couple of mildly awkward questions that Junker would not have liked, but zero follow up. I understand that Ridge does not set out to be confrontational, but the interview with Junker was pathetic: Sophie can do so much better. #sophieridge
#StandUp4Brexit 19/09/2019 11:00
“It is tempting to treat the Liberal Democrat position as ridiculous. I worry, though, that it is quite dangerous... It shows such contempt, not just for the public, but contempt for democracy“ #BBCQT #StandUp4Brexit
Iain Duncan Smith MP 16/09/2019 01:44
UK MPs don’t get to pick & choose which votes they respect. Jo Swinson on @BBCRadio4 said the Lib Dem’s would revoke Article 50 & ignore the EU referendum result, then said the Scottish Independence Referendum must be honoured #StandUp4Brexit #standupfordemocracy #LeaveOct31
Lisa #standup4Brexit 15/09/2019 09:38
Attention Brexiteers! There's a pro-Brexit march organised for October and it would be great if you could attend. – 19th Oct 2019 @ 12pm – Trafalgar Square, London https://   #BritishIndependance #LeaveMeansLeave #StandUp4Brexit #LeaveOct31 #Brexit
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