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DaystarNG 19/08/2019 06:17
Would you be one to build bridges to reach people who don't belong to your group, tribe or religion? _ @sam_adeyemi #soulwinning
ROCHESTER HILLS -- Since emerging nearly a decade ago, the Tedeschi Trucks Band has staked a claim as one of the best live bands on the road right now -- versatile, inventive, improvisatory and ...
Chris King 18/08/2019 11:58
What an encouragement to have 16 teens out soulwinning with me today. #thenextgeneration
President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday expressed sadness over the death of the General Overseer of Soul Winning Chapel, Rev. Moses Iloh. A statement by Buhari’s Senior Special Adviser on Media and ...
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
19. I prophesy in the name of Jesus Christ that as you commit to sharing the Good news of freedom from sin with others, the power of the Holy Spirit will come on you, every time you speak, the spirit of God will fill you and the power of God will be activated. #SoulWinning
An Executive Member of the Electoral Commission (EC), Adwoa Asuama Abrefa, has been spotted on one of Accra’s busy streets preaching the Gospel of God. Ms. Abrefa, who until her appointment was little ...
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
17. Start from their point of focus or areas of interest. Water was the main focus of that woman; Jesus started from that point. Talk with strangers on topics that are important to them. Get into their world. #SoulWinning
Accessing the benefits of soul winning! Sat, 10 Mar 2018 18:01:00 GMT
Welcome to another exciting week. I hope you were blessed by last week’s teaching. Also, I believe you have discovered how you can experience noiseless breakthroughs through obedience to the ...
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
16. Engage people. Jesus initiated a conversation with the woman at the well despite the existing prejudices. #SoulWinning
The rest of Anderson’s sermon focuses on the true nature of a “saved Christian,” the best methods of “soul-winning” and how to “catch a false prophet”. Despite publicly stating that he wished “every ...
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
12. On the outside you look the same but on the inside, there is a transformation. As the nature of God grows within us, we are transformed into being like God, thinking like God. We have capacity for love, forgiveness and Joy. #SoulWinning
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
11. Jesus told him that he must be born of the Spirit. In John 8, Jesus told the people of his day that, “ you are true children of your father – the devil” (John 8:44). So if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, the old nature has passed away. #SoulWinning
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
9. Sin is a nature. We are not sinners because we sin; we sin because we are sinners. Sinning is natural for every human being born on this planet. #SoulWinning
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
8. If you are a true follower of Christ, you will prioritize the transformation of the human soul. There is no greater miracle than for a person to lose the nature of sin that he was born with and to take on the nature of God. #SoulWinning
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
6. The impact that you make on human lives will last till eternity. What an investment! Paul says the love of Christ compels and drives us – if one person died; he died on behalf of everybody’’. #SoulWinning
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
5. When you are a true follower of Christ whatever your vocation is on this planet, influencing men to be godly, to be free from the nature of sin and to the have the nature of God will be your priority. #SoulWinning
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
4. Influencing men is the greatest assignment on this planet (Matt 4:19). When you are a true follower of Christ you will prioritize the transformation of human beings. #SoulWinning
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
3. The redemption of the man is the redemption of creation. Jesus went for the Man: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men – I will give you capacity to catch men; to influence men.” #SoulWinning
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
2. The quality of our world will never be better than the quality of man. Man was created to have dominion but when he rebelled against God, something went wrong. Something went wrong with the world because something went wrong with the man. #SoulWinning
Sam Adeyemi 18/08/2019 09:46
1. When Jesus came into the earth there were a lot of political, social, economic problems. Israel expected a political saviour and all the possible solutions, but Jesus the Christ knew that his priority was the salvation of the human heart. #SoulWinning
SOULTERA   🥀 18/08/2019 09:25
HAPPY LORD'S DAY #SoulWinning  <br>
TheKeepersHouse 18/08/2019 08:33
“Quickly say yes to the voice of the Lord” @FrancisAubyn ~Realities of Ministry~ #SoulWinning
TheKeepersHouse 18/08/2019 08:09
“Fulfill prophecy by winning souls” @FrancisAubyn ~Realities of Ministry~ #SoulWinning
TheKeepersHouse 18/08/2019 08:07
“When your personal dreams are the things that occupy you, you will be on your own” @FrancisAubyn ~Realities of Ministry~ #SoulWinning
TheKeepersHouse 18/08/2019 08:05
“God’s great plan to save the world must become your personal dream” @FrancisAubyn ~Realities of Ministry~ #SoulWinning
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