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Señorita  👸🏻 25/08/2019 09:37
Vasy go thread sondage
Business Barometer: OBG in Africa CEO Survey Copyright (c). All rights reserved. This survey has been designed to assess business sentiment amongst business leaders (Chief Executives or equivalent) ...
marjo #HOLD 25/08/2019 12:41
pire sondage ever https:// s/1165281019072843776   …
So, in early 1983, I placed a small 2x1m sondage into a point that had many different artefacts eroding from the cliff-edge of the site,” Edwards outlined. The test pit revealed a trio of large, ...
LunaJust2498 25/08/2019 05:08
Please take my survey! https://  
What did the Normans ever do for us...? Fri, 12 Jul 2019 22:01:00 GMT
Their findings are sent off for testing and carbon dating to an array of universities. Richard Reid points me to a “sondage”, a deep cut in the ground in one of the “cuttings” where the clay is greyer ...
Working out or eating raclette?'' Des cendriers ludiques qui proposent de répondre à un sondage avec son mégot font leur apparition dans le centre de Lille. La municipalité en a déjà fait installer ...
#SCOFCM 0/1 IciCestMetz
Max Novak works in Onchestos, Greece, creating a “sondage” (a little hole) at a dig where he later excavated a Hellenic — fourth or third century B.C. — votive sword. (Photo/Courtesy of Max Novak) Max ...
Nombre de tifosi en Italie/club (sondage StageUp-Ipsos pour la Gazzetta) : Juventus : 8.725.000 Inter : 3.975.000 Milan : 3.868.000 Napoli : 2.783.000 Roma : 1.895.000 Fiorentina : 673.000 (@Guillaumemp)
Nombre de tifosi en Italie/club (sondage StageUp-Ipsos pour la Gazzetta) :    Juventus : 8.725.000  Inter : 3.975.000  Milan : 3.868.000  Napoli : 2.783.000  Roma : 1.895.000  Fiorentina : 673.000  (@Guillaumemp)<br>
Poupinou 24/08/2019 10:16
Ok petit thread de sondage pokemon legendaires !
SoNdAgE/ 23/08/2019 02:43
Un Sondage !   📶 23/08/2019 01:52
#sondage - • Burger King ou McDo?
Dream It 23/08/2019 12:15
On a bien note vos reponses :) On prepare le sondage et on vous partage le lien ! // We've seen all your answers :) We're getting the poll ready and we'll share the link ! https:// tus/1164849463418077186   …
★☆★fay⁹'⁰ 23/08/2019 11:10
can u believe i got a question wrong in class bc the teacher asked me what “sondage” means & i forgot the english word for it so i said “question study” LIKE HOW IS THAT WRONG EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT I MEANT
Stéphanie Chevalier 23/08/2019 05:39
Moyenne Sondage Popularite - Juillet 2019 @EmmanuelMacron 32% (-) @MLP_officiel 25% (-1) @MarionMarechal 23% (+1) @dupontaignan 19% (+2) (en attente du futur president LR)
airemax (dynamo) 22/08/2019 07:08
3/3 Sondage clip lucky landing suite :
Athétroué 22/08/2019 06:48
Enjoy your break and come back with great sondage and #BFFunFact
~Sondage nº25~ Brett ou Liam ?
You created the sondage option, so why do thid ?!
LINOOO (heureux) 20/08/2019 11:57
Twitter you doing the fou use the sondage sah
80sLOVE 20/08/2019 11:01
Can you name the #80s song? #80s #Question #sondaggio #sondage
If you're a woman in the #localization industry, or looking to get into the #l10n industry, and you're interested in participating in a #mentorship event in #Toronto or #Montreal on September 25th, please fill out this quick survey: https://   #WLECanada #WomeninL10n
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