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Robert Davi 20/08/2019 03:38
50 years ago SINATRA released this classic - here is my tribute
'My Way' 50th Anniversary CD Edition Includes Duets with Willie Nelson and Luciano Pavarotti And Two Live Performances from 1971 and 1987 'Sinatra Sings Alan & Marilyn Bergman' Features ...
Nancy Sinatra 21/08/2019 07:38
Why are you allowing @realDonaldTrump to remain in office? #ImpeachTrumpNow
The story of Neil Diamond’s "Sweet Caroline" has it all: love, baseball, Kennedys, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and the triumph of the human spirit. It’s pop’s answer to the national anthem ...
Frank Sinatra 22/08/2019 03:48
Remembering Frank Sinatra’s take on @TheBeatles’ “Something,” written by @GeorgeHarrison, which Frank called “one of the best love songs I believe to be written in 50 or 100 years”—all without ever saying the words “I Love You” #tbt
Frank Sinatra isn’t around anymore to sing his greatest hits, which leaves “My Way” as a nice and nostalgic way to celebrate his rich songbook. CATCO launches its 2019-2020 season more than a month ...
Oakland A's 22/08/2019 05:10
Tha Dogg Pound's 'New York, New York'>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' FINAL: #Athletics 6, Yankees 4 #RootedInOakland
Sinatra in Concert Wed, 21 Aug 2019 00:51:00 GMT
SINATRA IN CONCERT AT ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL - Performance - Filmed on November 16, 1970, Ole' blue eyes performs classic favorites like “Pennies From Heaven,” “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “My Kind Of ...
Nancy Sinatra 21/08/2019 07:41
25th Amendment NOW https:// status/1164238040102948864   …
When Gil Lemmon handed the North Coast Section commissioner’s keys to Pat Cruickshank this month, he offered no grandiose advice or pearls of wisdom. It was more like, “You know what you’re doing,” ...
History Lovers Club 21/08/2019 03:18
10 year old Frank Sinatra.
10 year old Frank Sinatra. <br>
Frank Sinatra 19/08/2019 04:53
He lived life his way. #MyWay50
Frank Sinatra 23/08/2019 12:39
Just released: recorded video of Frank Sinatra performing "My Way" at The Royal Festival Hall in 1970 #MyWay50 https://www. hy0wU   …
Jack Daniel's 23/08/2019 05:08
Pour a glass in the style of Sinatra. Sinatra Select by Jack Daniel's. #SinatraSelect
My fav 50s song “Somewhere beyond the seas” -Bobby Darin I also love anything from Sinatra https:// tus/1163259391363207168   …
Kurt Vonnegut 20/08/2019 08:03
"To be is to do"-Socrates "To do is to be"-Sartre "Do Be Do Be Do"-Sinatra
History Lovers Club 22/08/2019 09:34
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. & Frank Sinatra, 1963.
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. & Frank Sinatra, 1963. <br>
Keybaem gonna sings Frank Sinatra "Sway"??? Aaahh~~ we gonna get his contents on Sept!!! Yeyyyy!! https:// atus/1164777039758446592   …
LEGEND   🇸🇩 20/08/2019 12:59
Built to WIN even through the losses
Tank.Sinatra 18/08/2019 11:30
You can care about things without being upset all the time I feel like people might not know this
Life in Moments 19/08/2019 05:01
Sinatra and his Thunderbird, 1955.
Sinatra and his Thunderbird, 1955. <br>
Miggy 20/08/2019 07:44
we can take the long way home cause I don’t wanna see you go
J.Randy Taraborrelli 20/08/2019 03:21
Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra at the premiere of, Meet Danny Wilson (1951).
Bank Sinatra 19/08/2019 06:54
Whoever got my voodoo doll give that nigga a hug
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