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β€œHeaven is not at all what you think,” Shalini says to a man she likes. She is right, but cannot comprehend the true meaning of her own words: as she keeps moving through Kashmir, and is regularly ...
Unfortunately, the book ended. I have posted every single truism that Lini gave under the #ShitLiniSays hashtag ;)
The Early Foods Team Achieving 30,000 orders a month didn’t come easy for the first time entrepreneur. Shalini says that with zero experience in the food business, navigating the different aspects ...
So, I think what I’m going to do is, look at all of my posts in #ShitLiniSays and count RTs and likes as β€œvotes” for me to do an β€œas Lini used to say” segment in drag. Top 10 maybe?
Stuck on Arrakis 18/02/2020 10:56
I'm fully onboard the #shitlinisays train
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