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M. J. Negueruela 23/08/2019 07:12
Then reopen libraries. #CILIP #saveourlibraries #librariesmatter
A campaign group who is fighting to keep libraries in Essex open has issued information packs to town and parish councils across the county warning of the "impossible job" for community groups taking ...
Alison Jermak 23/08/2019 02:52
Unfortunately some councils in the UK are choosing to reliquish our equal power, control and access to public libraries by handing them over for volunteers to run. #SaveourLibraries @EalingSave https:// us/1164808264279683072   …
Some 42 per cent of mums, dads and carers say the looming long six week break leaves them broke and another 23 per cent feeling the pinch, The ReadingAgency found. The literacy charity's survey also ...
David Harrold 22/08/2019 03:43
Well said! The problem is the very same politicians that go on about the importance of raising people up and social mobility are the very same politicians that have been cutting library funding, opening hours and staffing these past few years. #SaveOurLibraries #NoToLibraryCuts https:// tus/1164437436358955008   …
More than 100 ­libraries a year are closing because of government cuts. A quarter of the budget for them has been axed in the past eight years, going from £1billion in 2010 to £741million last year, ...
Seos Page 21/08/2019 05:44
The library ordered this for me from some other library and now I can read it, and read it for free. Libraries are incredible! #saveourlibraries
The library ordered this for me from some other library and now I can read it, and read it for free.  Libraries are incredible! #saveourlibraries <br>
Save Our Libraries Essex march in Chelmsford Sun, 09 Jun 2019 05:17:00 GMT
HUNDREDS of children and their families marched with banners highlighting the importance of their local libraries. Campaigners from Save Our Libraries Essex (SOLE) raised their voices outside County ...
Sita Brahmachari 21/08/2019 10:00
Good old yurt @Edbookfest with the wonderful ⁦@Poetryjoe⁩ We had a laugh and catch up and a #saveourlibraries natter ⁦...before he continues on his fantastical library tour.
Good old yurt @Edbookfest with the wonderful ⁦@Poetryjoe⁩ We had a laugh and catch up and a #saveourlibraries natter ⁦...before he continues on his fantastical library tour. <br>
Ontarians have also taken to social media using the hashtag #SaveOurLibraries to protest the cuts. I've spent the last few years teetering on the edge of poverty. Libraries gave me a place to use the ...
And this is the beautiful joy of libraries #saveourlibraries #booksforall https:// /status/1163733274503593984   …
All welcome. #SaveOurLibraries #SaveOurGalleries #SaveOurMuseums #bradford2025
All welcome. #SaveOurLibraries #SaveOurGalleries #SaveOurMuseums #bradford2025<br>
Calling on all those people, groups & companies behind the numbers. Step out of the shadows. Withdraw your EOI or explain to residents why you are determined to sack library staff, undermine & endanger #Essex libraries. Shame on those who aren’t transparent. #saveourlibraries
Liz 19/08/2019 01:04
All these EOIs should be withdrawn. The people of #Essex have spoken. We do NOT want to lose our library staff, buildings or public library services. Hands off our libraries!! #saveourlibraries @TheGazette @tes @BBCLookEast @itvanglia
Joanna Booth 19/08/2019 07:42
The council were meant to report back in April 2019 about the library strategy. They still haven’t. #SaveOurLibraries
As far as @Essex_CC is concerned, anyone can volunteer to work in a community library, and without a DBS check. As for skills, objectivity, confidentiality, experience & reliability, @essex_CC don’ t care - its their closure by stealth plan. #saveourlibraries HarlowGuardian:
  💕 Amanda Jack 18/08/2019 07:02
Narrow minds will remain narrow Has this person even been to a library lately? What about the elderly who socialise there? What about the Nursery children who visit encouraging them to read? What of Writing Groups, ICT learning groups, Reading Book Clubs? #SaveourLibraries
Liz 17/08/2019 08:49
Wonderful! #saveourlibraries for now and the future @essex_CC https://www. ecames-youngest-library-member-1-6220429   …
Other other great ways to discover new books is for a) @essex_CC to increase book stocks in all local libraries b) users to browse books in their local library ... dip in! c) users to ask their local library’s experienced staff for recommendations #saveourlibraries #saveourstaff
Liz 16/08/2019 07:54
Hear! Hear! @essex_CC #saveourlibraries No more library cuts! No more library staff cuts. No more depletion of library book stocks!
Ever hard-working library campaigner Josefine points out another reason why we must #saveourlibraries and borrow books! #Essex @essex_CC https:// us/1162259358140362752   …
Unreliability of mobile libraries - we need our local, sustainable libraries and professionally paid staff. #saveourlibraries https:// /status/1161926149397786625   …
We demand the return of the thousands of books that @essex_CC quietly removed from #Essex libraries over just 10 years, eg 5500 from #Vange 6500 from #Pitsea 5600 from #Laindon #saveourlibraries #basildon @Allan_R_Davies @JeffHenryUK Stephen Hillier Patricia Reid
Liz 15/08/2019 11:46
Let’s hope the 4 EOIs in #Tiptree have been withdrawn. Residents there were deeply upset to hear of local groups offering deals to @essex_CC behind their backs #saveourlibraries https://www. campaigners-libraries-boss-put-gun-peoples-heads/?ref=twtrec   …
Please could the people of #Essex go to their libraries & also tell local groups NOT to try to take over their library because we don’t want library staff sacked, books & library buildings removed! Libraries are @essex_CC statutory responsibility. #saveourlibraries Save our books
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