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Mark Hebden 21/01/2020 11:05
Laurence Fox says its "incongruous" to find a Sikh soldier in Sam Mendes 1917 film. 74,187 Indians died fighting for this country in WWI and over one million served you insufferable racist prick.
Matthew Wade and Macalister Wright set the stage for Hobart Hurricanes to edge out Melbourne Renegades in a Big Bash League thriller.
bentley hammington 21/01/2020 06:36
Bentley's reaction when Sam appa asked him to order the food. Ben: me??????
Irish national Road Race champion Sam Bennett leads the Tour Down Under after winning a tight sprint finish in Tuesday's first stage. The Waterford rider, 29, edged out Belgium's Jasper Philipsen by ...
Parody Boris Johnson 21/01/2020 01:17
One in six British soldiers who fought in WW1 were from the Indian sub-continent, yet Laurence Fox is offended by seeing one Sikh in a film because it contradicts his vision that the war was won by a bunch of public schoolboys in between rugger matches. https://  
Melbourne Renegades were forced to sub out wicket-keeper Sam Harper in their clash with Hobart following a scary collision. Harper was at the crease when he hit the ball to mid-off, setting off for a ...
Rupert Myers 21/01/2020 07:21
Laurence Fox goes to war with Sam Mendes over Sikh soldier in movie 1917 Imagine watching this absolute masterpiece and taking issue with one Sikh (150,000+ served). You’d only do this if you were angry that you weren’t in the film. https://www. cle-7909283/SEBASTIAN-SHAKESPEARE-Laurence-Fox-goes-war-Sam-Mendes-Sikh-soldier-movie-1917.html   …
It's still too early in their respective careers to be talking about winning Grand Slams just yet, but there's little doubt American teenage sensations Coco Gauff and Caty McNally are the future of ...
Taru 21/01/2020 09:40
This guy is a f*cking idiot. He's got a huge problem if Sikh soldier bothers him. https://www. cle-7909283/amp/SEBASTIAN-SHAKESPEARE-Laurence-Fox-goes-war-Sam-Mendes-Sikh-soldier-movie-1917.html?__twitter_impression=true   …
Sam Rockwell appears backstage with the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries for 'Fosse/Verdon', during the 26th annual SAG Awards held at the Shrine ...
Asha Rangappa 21/01/2020 01:57
Great piece by @sam_vinograd observing that when the president blocks the American public from hearing from our intel chiefs (or from anyone else in the admin for that matter), he's essentially getting free rein to conduct a influence op on the public https://www. nions/intelligence-agencies-fear-of-upsetting-trump-vinograd/index.html   …
Lucão 21/01/2020 03:36
I’m Not The Only One (Sam Smith)
Sam Presti getting taken away after he robs some more teams at the Trade deadline
bobbeautiful 21/01/2020 01:51
Maybe Sam knows.
Cas: what's a "thot"? Dean, joking: oh, a thoughtful person. [later] Cas: thanks for helping me, Sam, you're such a thot. Sam: *choking* I'm A WHAT—
khadijah 21/01/2020 12:32
sam, nat and steve chilling: why’s the ceiling shaking? bucky upstairs:
Hardeep Matharu 20/01/2020 11:57
Laurence Fox latest: "It's like 'there were Sikhs fighting in this war'. OK, you're now diverting me away from what the story is. There is something institutionally racist about forcing diversity on people in that way" THOUSANDS DIED so he could say this https://www. cle-7909283/SEBASTIAN-SHAKESPEARE-Laurence-Fox-goes-war-Sam-Mendes-Sikh-soldier-movie-1917.html   …
Anila Chowdhry 21/01/2020 01:40
As a #Sikh, I can't believe @LozzaFox comments! Over 150,000 Sikhs fought in WWI, making up the millions of Indian soldiers who worked alongside British forces. Let's not re-write history through a lens of ignorance when people have lost their lives for us https://www. 910667/Laurence-Fox-slams-Oscar-winning-director-Sam-Mendes-incongruous-Sikh-soldier-1917.html   …
On The Naughty Step 21/01/2020 03:32
To all you xenophobes out there wittering on about Sam Mendes depicting some soldiers of colour in the film 1917 I have one question....who do you think dug most of the 12,000 miles of British trenches? It wasn’t the soldiers.....
Jets Opinion 21/01/2020 02:00
Sam Darnold practicing handing Dowell Loggains under the table money to step down
DC 21/01/2020 01:00
Uncle Sam has spoken. What did you think of FREEDOM FIGHTERS #12?
Uncle Sam has spoken. What did you think of FREEDOM FIGHTERS #12? <br>
LIL PHAG 21/01/2020 02:31
sam when i had the flu
sam when i had the flu <br>
Dundee United FC 21/01/2020 12:02
Dundee United can confirm that midfielder Sam Stanton has departed Tannadice. Good luck Sam as you continue your career in America. Best wishes from everyone at the Club. #Tangerine50  
Good morning 1. Sam and Caitriona discuss his lip balm usage before a kissing scene2. Caitriona giggled through all of this and it’s adorable 3. Sam always so cheeky 4. I could watch these two do interviews together all day
DungeonMaster Ewington 21/01/2020 09:53
Frodo: ‘But I’m going to Mordor, Sam...’ Sam: ‘I know that well enough, Mr. Frodo. Of course you are. And I'm coming with you!’
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