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Best tweets:

11:11 to wake up to 1/4 @Calum5SOS @Ashton5SOS @Michael5SOS @Luke5SOS
11:11 calum hood from 5sos to refollow me
11:11 luke hemmings from 5sos, calum hood from 5sos, ashton irwin from 5sos and michael clifford from 5sos to follow me
TuRn It Up tO ElEvEn @Ashton5SOS @Calum5SOS
tala | tomorrow 15/08/2018 09:11
11:11 merily sidra ana noor aylin micah sejla sam des @imzachherron to refollow meet the boys + limelight
i unfollowed a lot of ppl/stuff to clean up my feed but i dont think i broke any mutuals otherwise dm me <:3c and i'll refollow
erik stocklin and babies #dreamsarecomingtrue !!! ;) lol @ColleenB123 @erik_stocklin
@Michael5SOS what do you call a mexican with a rubber toe? roberto (rubertoe)
Meri 15/08/2018 12:08
Hey everyone. I'm Meri supremescrungus and my old account got suspended. I'll do my best to get it back but for now can u pls retweet this? I wanna refollow all my friends from before.
my favourite hoods... calum who? @malikoa @calum5sos
my favourite hoods... calum who?   @malikoa @calum5sos<br>
caroline 15/08/2018 09:25
can you believe it's less than 48 hours until we hear ariana's best album
Jo  πŸ’˜ 15/08/2018 03:43
cleaning me ratio tonight so rt if you want me to refollow you
c// see   πŸ“Œ !! 13/08/2018 05:00
unfollowing people for 24 hrs like this for a refollow
im gonna be doing an unfollow spree so reply anything so i can refollow you. my real mutuals don't need to worry,, i won't unfollow y'all :))
retweet if you remember this iconic keek
cleaning my ratio :)) rt to be refollow & be mutuals again like if we're not mutuals but you want to be
teresa, refollow me luke 11/08/2018 10:03
Shawn Mendes - Meo Sudoeste https://www. R3dNQUxvUWV8MU1ueG5aTGVnZFZ4T6C_szMIogmEbXFZlv1RoJfhv-EQMpOt8ciZE8vLHCUY   …
Y’all I’m gonna unfollow some people bc my TL is messy and some of y’all aren’t active LIKE THIS FOR A REFOLLOW
sophia 08/08/2018 05:20
hi its me jintellectually/jinsleftball, i got suspended for the second time soooo pls refollow me and help me by rting since twitter is a clapped horre!!
ten ten 05/08/2018 07:50
"my tl is getting messy so im unfollowing to 0. like for a refollow"
"my tl is getting messy so im unfollowing to 0. like for a refollow" <br>
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