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The Epoch Times 11/09/2019 01:10
#ChristineBlaseyFord and her attorney, Debra Katz, should be investigated. Katz’s comments raise serious questions on whether Blasey Ford’s allegations and testimony were motivated by #Kavanaugh’s apparent position on #RoevWade. Commentary by @EladHakim https://www. into-blasey-ford-is-warranted-due-to-attorneys-recent-comments_3073676.html   …
The Real Reason for That Kavanaugh Smear Mon, 16 Sep 2019 08:34:00 GMT
Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh (Jim Young/Reuters) The media and Democrats want to place any decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade under a cloud. Why would the ...
RESISTNYC 15/09/2019 07:53
Brett Kavanaugh is a Trump plant appointed to shred #RoeVWade for the evangelicals and to protect Trump and the #GOP from accountability. #MoscowMitch knew the best defense for a liar and a rapist is liar and a rapist. #ImpeachKavanaugh #ImpeachKavanaughNow
Over the last year, nine states have passed aggressive anti-abortion measures that aim to restrict access to early abortion procedures. The new bans, which have yet to take effect, are a direct ...
Dr. Dena Grayson 21/08/2019 12:56
It's @Alyssa_Milano's body, and it's HER choice. #SorryNotSorry #RoevWade https:// status/1163454759249907713   …
As states across America continue to usher in new laws imposing restrictions on abortion, Margaret Atwood's 1985 dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale has become increasingly relevant in its depiction ...
March for Life 31/08/2019 05:35
”It’s safe to say that the abortion industry is based on a lie..” - Jane Roe #roevwade
”It’s safe to say that the abortion industry is based on a lie..” - Jane Roe #roevwade <br>
One year ago, the media did the left’s dirty work in dragging Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation through the mud. Now, they’re back at it again. It wasn’t two weeks ago that Debra Katz, the attorney for ...
Diggety Dog 16/09/2019 08:16
It’s all about #RoeVWade to them. Ends always justify the means.
Do Americans Really Support Roe v. Wade ? Thu, 05 Sep 2019 02:30:00 GMT
new poll from the Pew Research Center purports to show that Americans tend to support the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, as well as that a majority agrees more with Democrats than with ...
Seth Grimm 16/09/2019 06:29
Yeah and it's no good when most people don't know the facts about RoevWade
Stephen Meng 16/09/2019 06:29
She did to save #RoeVWade
Kevin Stanley 16/09/2019 05:06
Do you have a source for this? I understand there have been efforts made to make the process more difficult but I believe #RoeVWade still provides each state with the templated legality of it.
Lori Zaccari-Leavitt 16/09/2019 04:03
So, if you consider yourself a #conservative and a 1 issue #voter RE: #Abortion How ‘bout we let you overturn #RoeVWade BUT You have to put back every #regulation the #GOP has repealed in the last 2 years. No? I thought so. #hypocrisy the name is #GOP
Leslie 16/09/2019 02:58
Anyone think #Kavanaugh being on the Supreme Court & potential overturn of #RoeVWade has anything to do with the left’s incessant smear campaign? Nah...couldn’t be #duh
Joseph Bailey 16/09/2019 02:45
Every red-blooded real American should do everything that they can to ensure a repeal of @roevwade and to completely see a 100% ban on abortion in every way that the word "ban" can be done.
(((evan shapīro))) 16/09/2019 02:01
Susan @SenatorCollins: Sided w a Sexual Predator whilst helping destroy Women’s Reproductive Rights. Voted against sexual abuse victims, whilst voting to kill #RoeVWade. Personally gained, whilst throwing rape victims & US Women under the bus. Her 2020 Opponent is @SaraGideon.
Roger A. Mola 16/09/2019 12:30
The @NYTimes admits its #Kavanaugh claims are every bit as sound as the legal reasoning behind #RoeVWade.
The @NYTimes admits its #Kavanaugh claims are every bit as sound as the legal reasoning behind #RoeVWade. <br>
Wait,What?! 16/09/2019 10:46
The only reason why this new accusation is coming out against Kavanaugh is because Blasey Ford's lawyer recently said she basically lied to protect RoevWade and it was revealed that her family did not believe her and supported Kavanaugh.
David Place 16/09/2019 10:25
Taking our guns doesn’t have to be the change. GOP better be prepared or soon there will be a RoevWade for guns.
Pamela Harnden 16/09/2019 08:10
Omg so scary the number of white middle class men trying to overturn #RoeVWade in the USA. Ultimately it is about white supremacy trying to control women’s reproductive rights
James C. McHann 16/09/2019 03:57
Nah, that's not courage, it's an unprincipled willingness to say or do anything to protect #RoeVWade. #BearingFalseWitness #SmearingKavanaugh #HatefulLeft #DishonestLeft #Dangerousleft
luke candler 16/09/2019 01:35
They pushed #KavanaughLied onto the Supreme Court because they know it's how you ultimately effect change in the country by packing the court with ultra right wing judges that will overturn #RoeVWade & be a constant thorn in the side of progress long after Trump's gone #Kavanaugh
Kemba 15/09/2019 06:50
Ford’s own lawyer admitted RoevWade motivated the accusation but whatevs
Alex Strachan 15/09/2019 03:05
@RonanFarrow He was ordained by the @GOP for one reason, and one reason only, a reason that superceded everything else on the agenda: #abortion. He's there for the specific purpose of overturning #RoeVWade, whether it's in this term or the next. Just you wait and see.
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