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SAR Consultancy 20/09/2019 08:41
Off to @UCC for our next speaker for our event on 18th Oct on #RightWingExtremism @RIAdawson, we are delighted to have Dr Natasha Dromey @natyaunderhill on our panel, once again illustrating the wealth of research going on in Irish Universities. #ISSSAR https://www. eventbrite.ie/e/irish-securi ty-series-15-the-rise-of-right-wing-extremism-and-what-this-may-mean-for-ireland-tickets-71646292991   …
Neil Basu, the UK head of counter-terrorism, has said the security services are taking the threat very seriously. Credit: PA Right-wing extremism is the fastest growing terrorist threat in the UK, ...
Sheelagh Brady 20/09/2019 07:32
Seeing this makes me wonder what the figures would be like in an #irish context, are we too complacent about #RightWingExtremism? Come to our Irish Security Series event on the 18 Oct to hear key experts speak on this very topic #ISSSAR https://www. eventbrite.ie/e/irish-securi ty-series-15-the-rise-of-right-wing-extremism-and-what-this-may-mean-for-ireland-tickets-71646292991   … https:// twitter.com/terrorismpolic e/status/1174701183119831041   …
Just Security is based at the Reiss Center on Law and Security at New York University School of Law.
Rebecca Roncoroni 19/09/2019 04:48
Why are you bullying the guy with a sick child in hospital, rather than Johnson whose party has stripped the NHS of funds, trying to use sick children as a photo op? #hypocrisy #rightwingextremism #boristhebully
TEN YEARS ago, a Department of Homeland Security report on resurgent right-wing extremism provoked political furor that ultimately gutted the agency’s efforts to take on the threat. Today, leaders say ...
natasha underhill 18/09/2019 02:26
Looking forward to being part of the upcoming Irish security series with SAR Consultancy on October 18th @SAR_Consultancy #rightwingextremism
Carmen Estel comes around the shuffleboard table and leans in. “You see this?” She uses her glass to point to her boyfriend. “This is hanging out with Joey.” Joey Gibson, 35, the founder of Patriot ...
Sheelagh Brady 17/09/2019 10:28
Watch this space over the next few days as we release names of speakers for our event on #rightwingextremism; a really interesting lineup. Delighted to have Dr Owen Worth from @UL on board. #ISSSAR https:// twitter.com/SAR_Consultanc y/status/1173991314343497729   …
PUTRAJAYA: Right-wing extremism will not be accepted in New Malaysia, says Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad. The Parti Amanah Negara strategic director advised the new Umno-PAS pact to ...
maulie 16/09/2019 10:59
#ezralevant and globe and mail are trending together. Lookin’ good, globe and mail, lookin’ good. #hate #WhiteSupremacy #whitenationalism #rightwingextremism #cdnpoli @globeandmail⁩ ⁦@globepolitics⁩
#ezralevant and globe and mail are trending together. Lookin’ good, globe and mail, lookin’ good. #hate #WhiteSupremacy #whitenationalism #rightwingextremism #cdnpoli  @globeandmail⁩ ⁦@globepolitics⁩<br>http://pic.twitter.com/ZFR1M5agri
Dr John Bahadur Lamb 16/09/2019 12:45
Read this thread and be very concerned that such a paper actually got published! #rightwingextremism https:// twitter.com/Simon_Whitten/ status/1173319663322841088   …
MDIntegration 16/09/2019 07:32
Christchurch. Walter Lubcke's murder. El Paso. How best to report on #rightwingextremism? Four experts gave us their recommendations, including more precise terminology, fewer clichees, and taking time to do research. https:// mediendienst-integration.de/artikel/how-to -report-on-right-wing-extremism   … #MediaMigrationEurope #terrorism
Master Senpai 16/09/2019 01:23
I know this will trigger the right wing, but the NRA is a terrorist organization! #fthenra #rightwingextremism #rwnjsrunamok
  🦄 'Brina Ryce 15/09/2019 09:34
Ryce Writes Trash : Pro-Gun Film Targets Alt Right Fantasies https:// rycewritestrash.blogspot.com/2019/09/pro-gu n-film-targets-alt-right-fantasies.html?spref=tw   … It's rant time! #proguncontrol #altright #radicalrightwing #rightwingextremism #progressivepolitics #atheist
Deborah 23/08/2019 02:25
David Koch did not just inherit the family business, but the family politics as well. His father was one of the founding members of the far-right John Birch Society in 1958, which put out this JFK flyer. David Koch funded the Tea Party after Obama was elected. #RightwingExtremism
David Koch did not just inherit the family business, but the family politics as well. His father was one of the founding members of the far-right John Birch Society in 1958, which put out this JFK flyer. David Koch funded the Tea Party after Obama was elected. #RightwingExtremism <br>http://pic.twitter.com/WQFAez2Q7h
Holly 19/08/2019 01:48
Bipartisan investigation of Washington state legislator Matt Shea is in progress https://www. spokesman.com/stories/2019/j ul/29/independent-team-signed-for-shea-investigation/   … Meanwhile, Shea apparently has absolute confidence that his constituents support #RightWingExtremism ⁦ https://www. spokesman.com/stories/2019/a ug/14/rep-matt-shea-endorsed-training-child-soldiers-for/   …
ICCT - The Hague 08/08/2019 01:19
Why has the US been so slow to recognise the danger of #RightWingExtremism and to allocate resources to combat it? Listen to our Associate Fellow @ColinPClarke discuss the social, political, and cultural reasons behind this discrepancy on @pritheworld. https://www. pri.org/file/2019-03-1 8/right-wing-extremism-underreported   …
Teresa Eder 02/06/2019 05:12
If you think Austrian political establishment has learnt lesson from #Ibizagate, think again. Austria is about to have its next minister with a Neonazi past. Meet Andreas Reichhardt: https:// fpoefails.org/tag/andreas-re ichhardt/   … #ibizagate #rightwingextremism
Brilliant. Playing the nazi card. #cdnpoli #rightwingextremism #WhiteSupremacists #racism #callitwhatitis https:// twitter.com/AshKSkeet/stat us/1132362333936865281   …
JMDavis 05/05/2019 06:31
In light of some far-right demonstrations that happened this weekend in Toronto and Montreal, now is as good time as any to post a link to some concrete suggestions to fight this type of extremism: #RightWingExtremism https://www. antihate.ca/three_things_t he_government_can_do_to_fight_far_right_extremism   …
City Centre Da'wah 29/04/2019 08:00
Another #RightWing terror attack, this time on a Jewish place of worship is called a “hate crime” The powers that be have to start taking #RightWingExtremism seriously & give it the same attention that is given to extremists that associate with Islam https:// news.sky.com/story/amp/man- held-after-opening-fire-in-us-synagogue-11705656   …
K.Alex B. 28/04/2019 02:45
2-28-18 @peterwsinger “In America,it is politically savvy to talk strongly & repeatedly about terrorism and extremism ,except the version of it that has killed the largest number of our fellow citizens over the last decade.” #WhiteSupremacy #RightWingExtremism
Dr Jennifer P Eggert 20/04/2019 08:46
Perfect example for someone who clearly didn't get it... #TonyBlair #RightWingExtremism #Integration #Diversity #Multiculturalism https://www. theguardian.com/politics/2019/ apr/20/tony-blair-says-migrants-must-integrate-to-combat-far-right   …
Mubin Shaikh 13/04/2019 08:55
I'm seeing a similar kind of denialism of RightWingExtremism among overwhelmingly White "Conservatives," as I did of IslamistExtremism among overwhelmingly Brown conservative Muslims. Is it even ironic at this point?? Lol! #cdnpoli
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