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Ricky Rebel 22/02/2019 08:06
Music can heal the world If you love pop music, check out my record #TheNewAlpha available everywhere digital music is sold smarturl.it/TheNewAlphaCle an   … Shirt by @fortunatokyo
Music can heal the world  If you love pop music, check out my record #TheNewAlpha available everywhere digital music is sold  http:// smarturl.it/TheNewAlphaCle an   …   Shirt by @fortunatokyo<br>http://pic.twitter.com/vYS8lScmfC
Singer Ricky Rebel defended the pro-Trump outfit he wore to Sunday night's Grammy Awards on Fox & Friends, saying that the president inspired him to be a "true alpha." Rebel, turned heads at the ...
Ricky Rebel 22/02/2019 01:43
My take on @JussieSmollett and @realDonaldTrump decriminalization of gays https:// youtu.be/xC1e_w7pTU0  
Ricky Rebel is making a statement at the 2019 GRAMMYs. The singer showed up in a white suit with silver embellishments, studded slouchy leather boots and mirrored statement glasses. Rebel surprised th...
Today we’ll have special guest @RickyRebelRocks, tune in at 2pm EST! https:// twitter.com/AVoiceNews/sta tus/1098632075618512896   …
Joy Villa continued her trend of wearing memorable and conservative dresses to the Grammy Awards on Sunday — and her friend Ricky Rebel (real name Ricky Godinez) joined her in representing the views o...
Ricky Rebel 21/02/2019 03:51
I LOVE my #MAGAFamily https:// twitter.com/minaparisi2/st atus/1098610697322315776   …
Two California singers made no secret of their political beliefs at Sunday's Grammy Awards, paying tribute to President Donald Trump with their red carpet looks. In a show of support for Trump's borde...
mina parisi 21/02/2019 03:49
@RickyRebelRocks ur an inspiration to me & so many others who may b afraid of speaking their truth , together with our entire #MAGAFAMILY we can help them , I will to b their voice & protect them on this platform or any other ! https:// twitter.com/rickyrebelrock s/status/1098609725229359104   …
Singers Joy Villa (left) and Ricky Rebel (right) attend the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Record...
Ricky Rebel 21/02/2019 03:45
Love you, thanks for supporting my music. #JussieHoax was meant to demonize Trump supporters. It backfired. We need to try to heal people suffering from Trump Derangement syndrome and the Trump Supporter Derangement Syndrome by coming “out of the closet” and not hiding anymore. https:// twitter.com/minaparisi2/st atus/1098557659974914048   …
mina parisi 20/02/2019 11:58
@RickyRebelRocks , ty , ur amazing as well .. I'll fight with my voice for real victims & our #MAGAFAMILY https:// twitter.com/minaparisi2/st atus/1097845953204310016   …
Bradford Guy 20/02/2019 11:52
I think if I was not a straight man, I would be in love with you. God bless you, Ricky.
Ricky Rebel 20/02/2019 11:45
Thank you! I had a blast on #infowars, one of my favorite shows! #alexjones @OwenShroyer you rock! https:// twitter.com/trumpfollower1 3/status/1098356388814864384   …
Andre Soriano 20/02/2019 08:58
INFOWARS! Watch Us & Stay Tuned, Host Owen Shroyer with Amazing Recording Artist Ricky Rebel today at 5:30 Eastern Time, but wait there’s more! #infowars #realnews #news #americafirst #proudamerican #blessed #honored #grateful #kag #maga #usa
INFOWARS! Watch Us & Stay Tuned, Host Owen Shroyer with Amazing Recording Artist Ricky Rebel today at 5:30 Eastern Time, but wait there’s more! #infowars #realnews #news #americafirst #proudamerican #blessed #honored #grateful #kag #maga #usa <br>http://pic.twitter.com/bHhNonAkUP
Ricky Rebel 20/02/2019 07:26
How does this make sense? So we should just let them murder gays on mass in these countries??? How can any gay align themselves with this insanity? @outmagazine https:// twitter.com/chadwick_moore /status/1098029006786572289   …
Ricky Rebel 18/02/2019 09:58
President @realDonaldTrump is committed to helping Venezuela from the socialist nightmare they’re currently living in. #PresidentsDay LIVE: President Donald Trump URGENT Speech to Venezuelan American Commu... https:// youtu.be/m1I2CuH5ocU   via @YouTube
RUSTYROOFTOP™♕ 18/02/2019 09:10
The tolerant gay community who will bring down another gay man for his right to have an opinion...
Ricky Rebel 17/02/2019 06:52
You’ve done in amazing job @realDonaldTrump! We support you all the way! #Trump2020LandSlide
So tolerant of you Rhea. You are mesastizing hate with this divisive tweet. #sad The trans & gay community may be marginalized, but not DUE to policies by @realDonaldTrump. Maybe watch Ricky's interviews, educate yourself & #walkaway from the Left's indoctrination machine.
Ricky Rebel 17/02/2019 03:33
I'm still the same guy you knew. Don't close your heart to family/friends over politics. I refuse to live in the #Trump closet. Been there, done that, got the tshirt and guess what? I have no regrets and I am sorry for nothing. I was just exercising my freedom of speech.
Ricky Rebel 16/02/2019 11:53
Thank you for sharing this article @SarahPalinUSA! I would love to meet you one day. https:// twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA/ status/1096911603184881666   …
Kevin Scholla 15/02/2019 08:44
Ricky Rebel and @andresoriano tell me why Kristy Swanson and Kaya Jones are not like most people in the entertainment world. Find out how @KristySwansonXO and @KayaJones reacted after @RickyRebelRocks wore the #KAGJacket at the #Grammys . https://www. sarahpalin.com/2019/02/15/exc lusive-rebel-yell-men-behind-kag-jacket-stand-trump-smart-gays-standing-liberals-mean-girl-gays/   … @SarahPalinUSA
Ricky Rebel 14/02/2019 06:23
It’s ok if you voted for @realdonaldtrump! It’s your God given right to vote for whoever you want! That’s called FREEDOM! I rocked the genius @andresoriano #Trump Suit at the #GRAMMYS to express #freedomofspeech and inspire others to come out of the #trump closet. @foxnews
Ricky Rebel 14/02/2019 05:33
Trump nominates openly gay conservative to federal appeals court https://www. nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-ou t/trump-nominates-openly-gay-conservative-federal-appeals-court-n920831   … via @nbcnews
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