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Clay Bennett 31/03/2019 12:59
3/31/2019- Lifesavers #healthcare #Obamacare #TrumpCare #OhWaitThereIsNoTrumpCare #RepealAndReplace #Trump #DonaldTrump https://
3/31/2019- Lifesavers #healthcare #Obamacare #TrumpCare #OhWaitThereIsNoTrumpCare #RepealAndReplace #Trump #DonaldTrump  https://     <br>
JEFFERSON CITY — A St. Louis County Republican who wanted voters to repeal and replace Missouri’s new redistricting system said he doesn’t know how hard the GOP-controlled Legislature will push the ...
Canada Proud 31/05/2019 08:53
#BREAKING Trudeau’s carbon tax is taking a toll on the economy. We just had the slowest economic growth since Trudeau was elected. It’s time to repeal the carbon tax and replace @JustinTrudeau #RepealAndReplace
#BREAKING Trudeau’s carbon tax is taking a toll on the economy. We just had the slowest economic growth since Trudeau was elected.  It’s time to repeal the carbon tax and replace @JustinTrudeau #RepealAndReplace <br>
Tackling wealth inequality is admittedly hard. The rich have access to very good accountants, lawyers, and lobbyists. There are a lot of places for them to stash their wealth. Loopholes are easy to ...
Delonté Donray ➒ 27/09/2019 11:51
I can't wait for the Kamala Harris Administration in 2020 to impeach Kavanaugh and put Merrick Garland on SCOTUS. #RepealAndReplace
Repeal and Replace Trump’s Tax Cuts? Thu, 19 Sep 2019 15:19:00 GMT
And other enacted changes, such as lowering the corporate tax rate to 21%, may need to be undone. “Together,” Furman says, “you could call this tax reform or even repeal and replace.” Like what you're ...
Jeanne Dufort 01/05/2019 12:36
Time to #RepealAndReplace Mitch McConnell. https:// 1123381297311776768   …
After the 2016 election, I wrote a blog cautioning then President-Elect Donald Trump and the Incoming Congress not to rush to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. I urged our nation’s elected ...
Au Purrr , The ResistaCat 10/08/2019 08:23
#BREAKING , It Is Tine To #RepealAndReplace The #2ndAmendment . The meaning of the amendment has been so badly mangled that our only choice is to start over with something that allows for real gun control. https://www. -second-amendment-gun-control/   … #auspol #uspoli
“Hallelujah,” said Sen. Shelley Hughes, R-Palmer and chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, after Tuesday’s 18-0 vote to approve a deal on repeal-and-replace legislation. “I think Alaskans will be ...
Pradheep J. Shanker 31/07/2019 12:39
The key take home point so far of this debate? OBAMACARE IS AWFUL. #REPEALANDREPLACE
Randy Bryce 04/08/2019 06:25
[email protected] isn’t even on any committees in Congress. He just takes up space and is a white supremacist apologist. #RepealAndReplace in 2020. https:// /status/1158079994125520896   …
Bill Adkins 27/03/2019 09:39
It's no longer #Obamacare, it's become #Trumpcare and this court move is just more of the effort to erase Obama's compromise legislation. "#RepealAndReplace" is just "Repeal" and Trumpcare is no care, just a license for insurance company piracy https://  
@JohnCornyn, you spent years supporting #RepealAndReplace and #SkinnyRepeal that would guarantee pre-existing conditions are not covered and leave millions of people uninsured. I'm proud to support #MedicareForAll guaranteeing healthcare is a Human Right.
Amy Stewart Hale 20/08/2019 06:32
I see he’s back to his old shite!! Old dogs just don’t learn new tricks.. It’s time to #repealAndReplace that #gopTraitor !! #justVote #VoteBlue2020 #IA
Michael Howard 12/12/2019 11:11
Well done. Is there a plan to #RepealAndReplace #McConnell & restore democracy to the #Senate? If not, even when we defeat #Trump in the #2020Election, it’s possible that no bills get passed & judge nominations are stymied. Our #democracy seems to be broken. Can it be fixed? https:// status/1204886474950397952   …
Daily_stir #FreeMilo 11/12/2019 01:02
The worst pundits use JUDGES to argue the Senate @GOP is #MAGA & @senatemajldr a genius. JUDGES benefit #ConservativeInc. This same collection of turds blocked all recess appointments, failed to #RepealandReplace, didn't eliminate carried interest, blocks immigration hardliners.
TheRightOutlook 10/12/2019 12:55
Will GOP #repealandreplace? https:// status/1203780591792951296   …
Peter Webster 10/12/2019 01:08
Party of lawlessness and destruction of the Nation. Attorney General #WilliamBarr is the Attorney General in title only he is actually donald trumps personal lawyer. Let's #RepealandReplace these Traitors to the Constitution, Flag and the people of this Country.
Anything to rig an election and the @GOP KNOW they are a minority....and just want to claw onto power the only ways they know how. Time to #repealandreplace the #Republikkkans
Just another reason to #RepealAndReplace the GOP. Please follow & support Ms. Marston. Thank you! https:// tatus/1203649134688784384   …
Keith Caughlin 07/12/2019 04:18
How many years ago did you vote to pass legislation that would raise premiums, copays & deductibles? An #aca that wasn't going to raise prices one dime & save average of $2500 annually. What a fucking boondoggle. #pelosied #grubered #acasucks #repealandreplace
John D Walters 07/12/2019 02:53
In 2020 the @GOP @SenateGOP @senatemajldr needs to to #RepealAndReplace Graham from the senate judiciary committee. I vote @ChuckGrassley or @SenMikeLee . Schiff & the wb should be inv, Ilhan Omar should be inv for campaign finance violations & immigration fraud.
PhilHenryPowerGospel 06/12/2019 09:00
Jesus took the law (#Legalism, #SelfRighteousness) into his own hands to #RepealAndReplace it with #MercyandGrace #Matthew 5:15 #PowerGospel
Jesus took the law (#Legalism, #SelfRighteousness) into his own hands to #RepealAndReplace it with #MercyandGrace #Matthew 5:15 #PowerGospel<br>
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