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Campaign Cash 2019 21/08/2019 06:10
Lakewood showing up for health insurance & reproductive care, gun violence prevention, the Dream & Promise Act -- so many things our junior Senator doesn't want to hear about. #RepealAndReplace Cory Gardner #OneTermCory https:// us/1164226048550199297   …
Two repeal and replace bills have been proposed in the state legislature, including one that calls for the election of a half-dozen “regional rent control boards” across the state. It’s an ...
Oh, so he did ONE decent thing despite voting against healthcare for everyone else. He voted against protection for pre existing conditions! Worthless senator. Can’t wait to see another blue wave #repealandreplace his sorry a**.
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham outlined Republican priorities in 2020 if they win back the House this week. High up on that list? Another attempt to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act.
Poor Richard V 21/08/2019 05:11
I failed to #RepealAndReplace, to #LockHerUp, to #BuildTheWall, to defend #2A, to #DenuclearizeKorea, to secure a Chinese #TradeDeal, to #DefundPlannedParenthood totally... who am I? @JoeBiden @SenWarren @BernieSanders
A coalition of 22 statesincluding California and New York, six cities and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington this week in an attempt to block repeal ...
A top Trump health administrator on Thursday said that officials are actively "working on" a plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare, which has remained a priority for President Trump even as many ...
Amy Stewart Hale 20/08/2019 06:32
I see he’s back to his old shite!! Old dogs just don’t learn new tricks.. It’s time to #repealAndReplace that #gopTraitor !! #justVote #VoteBlue2020 #IA
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Jack Charbonneau 18/08/2019 06:34
Yeah, we know. The tax cuts were supposed to be for US... not people like YOU. Who else LOST MONEY on their returns? ... I know my family did. #RepealAndReplace the #GOPTaxScam. #EndTheElectoralCollege
clockworkOrangeTrump 18/08/2019 09:41
When I #RepealAndReplace ObamaCare, neophytes who suffer from pre-existing nervousness will get GREAT cover + LOWER premiums, BELIEVE ME! #MAGA
Jacob 17/08/2019 11:50
Dems really ought to be running on #RepealAndReplace https:// tatus/1162522363390517248   …
Tom Vega 17/08/2019 03:03
Call your representative and tell them you want the Massachusetts Marijuana laws changed. #repealandreplace #mapoli @ProgressiveMass @MA_Senate @massgop @massdems @maura_healey @MassMedical @MassGovernor https://www. ijuana-most-common-drug-found-in-drivers-involved-in-fatal-massachusetts-crashes/   …
Yaffa Lyulka 17/08/2019 07:54
We are embarrassed to have #CriminalTrump as our president. #VoteBlue2020 to #repealandreplace the #RacistInChief!
SAM Massachusetts 16/08/2019 04:53
It's just more trouble than it's worth. #repealandreplace https:// us/1162405955046465536   …
jack rabbit 16/08/2019 12:48
#RepealandReplace. Where is it. #trumprallynh #TrumpRallyNH #NewHampshire #NEWHampshirerally https:// ous-repeal-and-replace-plan/   …
Jack Charbonneau 14/08/2019 10:02
Everything is great when you own a golden toilet. Sounds like you and the @senatemajldr have nothing to worry about in 2020. The other 99% of us beg to differ. #RepealAndReplace the #GOPTaxCuts. ... tick tock tick tock... #EndTheElectoralCollege
Everything is great when you own a golden toilet. Sounds like you and the @senatemajldr have nothing to worry about in 2020.  The other 99% of us beg to differ.  #RepealAndReplace the #GOPTaxCuts.  ... tick tock tick tock... #EndTheElectoralCollege<br>
Teddy 14/08/2019 11:45
OMG you're right! Let's #repealAndReplace Obamacare with #MedicareForAll
Rockenschtroodle 13/08/2019 10:27
every appearance is a campaign rally,all trump knows is sell. But #TrumpDoesntDeliver #EmmylessDonald,even at his sellout from real estate to licensing to TV #TrumpFailed #RepealAndReplace #BuildTheWall #AmericaFirst but our farmers are #OnTheDole how come truckers lose #perdiem https:// /status/1161398291210395651   …
Texas News 13/08/2019 10:16
Looked it up. The House plan forced ppl who have #PreExistingConditions into a high-risk pool, where they would have to pay more. #RepealAndReplace #ACHA #SaveOurHealthcare https://www. /statements/2017/may/04/robert-pittenger/does-new-version-ahca-protect-coverage-pre-existin/   …
Texas News 13/08/2019 03:20
I think this is tribalism. She doesn't want anyone to take away her healthcare. Same was true for many when GOP tried #RepealAndReplace (or w/o Replace) and didn't seem to care that cancelling the requirement for #PreExistingConditions and other safeguards /1
Lydia MarieM 12/08/2019 11:46
The @WhiteHouse and @FoxNews are nothing more than purveyors of propaganda. They're State news sources and all of unindoctrinated is well aware of this fact. Can't wait until 2020 to #RepealAndReplace the current traitors @realDonaldTrump occupying the #PeoplesHouse. https:// tus/1160899739283599362   …
The Macabr World 12/08/2019 10:52
That’s the @GOP #RepealAndReplace plan...
Batgirlflies2MAGA 09/08/2019 12:45
https:// dsey-graham-gop-will-repeal-obamacare-if-republicans-take-the-house-and-presidency-in-2020/   … Senator Lindsey Graham vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare should Republicans win the House of Representatives and the White House in 2020. #RepealAndReplace #Obamacare #TrumpLandslide2020
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