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Geetika Swami 13/12/2019 11:37
Difference between PM Modi & #RahulGandhi how they want India to be seen internationally After #CitizenshipAmendmentAct propaganda, Rape Capital remark is Congress's another attempt to malign India #RapeInIndia #RahulInsultsIndia #IndiansAreNotRapists #SmritiIrani
Jothimani 13/12/2019 02:17
Actually BJP should be ashamed of protecting rapists like Sengar,chinmayanand,Sd be ashamed of raising National flag in support of Kathua rape accused,ashamed of PM Modi ji's silence. As a woman thankful to @RahulGandhi for his strong statement. Enough is enough. #RapeInIndia
Kasturi Shankar 13/12/2019 12:47
Tonight at 9 pm.... I will take on arnab goswami . I will dare defy him. Kasthuri vs Arnab on Smriti vs Rahul. People vs The Republic. #RapeInIndia
Suryanarayan Ganesh 13/12/2019 12:54
This Bhakt blogger is now complaining about #RahulGandhi saying the same thing #RapeInIndia https:// twitter.com/chitraSD/statu s/489658166712754176   …
Yogesh   🇮🇳 13/12/2019 11:36
#RahulGandhi @RapeInIndia Well what happened to Sukanya Devi ? Beware of this maniac who is out to insult Indian women .
#RahulGandhi @RapeInIndia Well what happened to Sukanya Devi ? Beware of this maniac who is out to insult Indian women . <br>http://pic.twitter.com/6M1jvYA7GM
Hats off Modi Ji.!! New India is Born.!! #RapeInIndia
Hats off Modi Ji.!! New India is Born.!!   #RapeInIndia <br>http://pic.twitter.com/8IyNxMk7KW
Bhavika Kapoor 13/12/2019 02:30
#RapeInIndia is bitter truth, and I am proud of @RahulGandhi who exposed the #Modi govt completely. BJP frustration is understandable but better BJP should prevent rapes rather attacking opposition leader who is raising concerns on rapes. https:// twitter.com/rssurjewala/st atus/1205375059159764992   …
Bhavika Kapoor 15/12/2019 07:15
@smritiirani The news published by BBC, an international media. Read, 800 rapes in UP alone. What action you have taken as Women Development minister? Isn't this situation is #RapeInIndia? Explain rapes stats in UP as u are liable to explain. @BBCHindi https://www. bbc.com/hindi/amp/indi a-40690945?SThisFB=&__twitter_impression=true   …
NewsBits.in 01/01/2020 10:49
Elderly man gets 20-year-jail for raping minor girls in Madhya Pradesh. One of the victims is a 5-year-old girl, another just 4-year-old. http://www. newsbits.in/quick-bits?sto ry=472   … #Crime #CrimeInIndia #Rape #RapeInIndia #MadhyaPradesh
SwarupSarkar 31/12/2019 09:44
A Student of Engineering was termed #Rapist in 2014-Jailed & added in #crimeagainstwomen data base to show #RapeInIndia cases increasing, which was not true! https:// timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/tr ial-court-acquits-engineering-student-in-5-year-old-rape-case/articleshow/73027477.cms   … Court held, “There is nothing on record that the accused has ever misbehaved with the victim.”
Sir Jadeja Fan 13/12/2019 02:43
#ShamelessSmriti For Exposing #RahulGandhi. Rahul Gandhi is Defaming BJP's Make In India By His Statement Of #RapeInIndia. Worst Politics Played by Congress. SHAME #RahulInsultsIndia
SwarupSarkar 30/12/2019 05:09
This is how #RapeInIndia cases manufactured & added in #CrimeAgainstWomen data . 19 yrs Boy have to spend in Jail for 21 Months due to #FakeRape case on mere allegation. Court acquits youth in rape case, raps cops over probe toi.in/cqD5eZ/a24gk   via @timesofindia #SpeakUpMen
Zoya 13/12/2019 10:24
India. A country where Ruling Party BJP is more concerned about the comments given by Opposition Party Politicians on rape crime happening in the country RATHER THAN focusing on Law and Order situation to stop rape crime & to provide timely justice to rape victims. #RapeInIndia
India Today 16/12/2019 04:49
BJP had demanded action against Rahul Gandhi for his #RapeInIndia remark https://www. indiatoday.in/india/story/ec -seeks-report-from-jharkhand-poll-authorities-over-rahul-gandhi-s-rape-in-india-remark-1628562-2019-12-16   …
A giant difference Modi say : MakeInIndia Rahul Gandhi say : RapeInIndia That's the difference between Sangh culture and 10 Janpath culture RahulGandhi says India as rape india #ShamelessRahulGandhi
இசை 15/12/2019 10:36
#RapeInIndia launched across the country by @BJP4India https:// twitter.com/indianlove1947 /status/1206039861787947011   …
Tajinder Tiwana 16/12/2019 10:30
Press Coverage of @BJYM4Mumbai protest against Rahul Gandhi for his derogatory #RapeInIndia remark.
Press Coverage of @BJYM4Mumbai protest against Rahul Gandhi for his derogatory #RapeInIndia remark. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/FEGr7MpRq2
Dinakaran 13/12/2019 01:49
#MakeInIndia is a call for manufacturing in India. When @RahulGandhi says it is not #MakeInIndia but #RapeInIndia , isn't it also a call? Somebody should vet his speeches. Maybe he didn't really intend to say that, but he should have thought twice before uttering those words.
Rajeev Ranjan 13/12/2019 01:09
One behaves according to his upbringing. Nehru was busy with Edwina when Indira was growing up. Indira was busy with many when Rajiv was growing. Sonia was busy with many when Pappu was growing. #RahulGandhi #RapeInIndia #IndiansAreNotRapists
From #MakeInIndia to #RapeInIndia Again making an embarrassing comment on India's pride. #ShamelessRahulGandhi
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