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Gail Mullen 21/01/2020 12:29
This just shows the public w/ brains how Ignorant & how she doesn't care to real understand a/b history or anything! What a SAD CASE SHE IS. INFACT THE WHOLE ADMINISTRATION IS A SAD PHATCHIC CASE! #25AMENDMENTNOW #RacistPresident
Much fanfare was made Wednesday about the Black woman who delivered the Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump from the House of Representatives to the Senate. A Black woman is ...
SophiaDelphine 20/01/2020 10:45
How much botox does she have injected that she can say that with a straight face? #MLKDay #MLKNow #MLKDay2020 #IHaveADream #Trump #RacistPresident #RacistInChief #RepublicansEnablingTrump #GOPRacists #GOPCowards #GOPSilence #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #ImpeachAndConvict https:// twitter.com/YAppelbaum/sta tus/1219339270227406848   …
While defending himself and President Donald Trump against accusations that they are both white supremacists, Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller said, “Donald Trump is the anti-racist president ...
Pirate Edward Low 20/01/2020 08:57
let's see on #MLKDay gun nuts descend on richmond and @kellyannepolls finds a way to believe Martin Luther King would side with a #racistPresident who committed treason I guess we ARE back to the 60's hate and lies
Stop supporting racist president Sun, 17 Nov 2019 07:48:00 GMT
I’d like to begin this email by apologizing as a life-long American citizen to the recent immigrants to this country that I have known and come to love as friends and colleagues. May I unequivocally ...
Guillermo J. Farias 20/01/2020 07:00
Anyone surprised??? I’m not. #racistpresident
Sebastian Gorka, a onetime adviser to Donald Trump, wore a medal from the Vitezi Rend, a Hungarian group historically aligned with Nazism, to one of Trump’s inaugural balls. Gorka was reportedly a ...
Joyce 20/01/2020 06:06
I know plenty of people who think he is a #RacistPresident... of all backgrounds.
"But Sunday left no doubt. Naiveté, resentment and outright racism, roiled in a toxic mix, have given us a racist president," he argued. The statements from Conway came a day after Trump sparked an ...
Joyce 20/01/2020 06:05
You are completely disgraceful posting that... given the #RacistPresident currently occupying the oval office.
Rage reminder 20/01/2020 02:00
Another day without apology: on 7.14.19, #racistPresident realDonaldTrump suggested that Congresswomen "go back [to the countries]...from which they came."
Another day without apology: on 7.14.19, #racistPresident realDonaldTrump suggested that Congresswomen "go back [to the countries]...from which they came." <br>http://pic.twitter.com/4il9XUqERD
Sara Brooks 18/01/2020 04:45
Exactly! @Coatareports Do you do your own research or are you spoon fed the questions?. It's because of people like you, we have racists in power. Shame on you for trying to smear a good politician with half a quote, while licking #RacistPresident's boots. https:// twitter.com/BernThird/stat us/1218223991292407808   …
SmartDissent.com 18/01/2020 03:40
ICYMI: Trump Stealing Money From Military For Wall Creates #NationalSecurity Risks. LINK: smartdissent.com/article/trump- stealing-money-military-wall-creates-national-security-risks   … #SmartDissent #SupportOurTroops #RacistPresident
ICYMI: Trump Stealing Money From Military For Wall Creates #NationalSecurity Risks. LINK:  http:// smartdissent.com/article/trump- stealing-money-military-wall-creates-national-security-risks   …  #SmartDissent #SupportOurTroops #RacistPresident <br>http://pic.twitter.com/a6G9nLG0mg
William Batey 17/01/2020 02:01
#Lies. Why in God's name would Black people support a #RacistPresident who is surrounded by a racist base!
Erle (Rick) Davis 16/01/2020 03:53
I'd love one of these pens. Whether #RacistPresident gets convicted or not, it is great to see that 1 party in Congress understands and acts upon criminal behavior by our thug-Prrsident
Yep, It's Like That 14/01/2020 11:54
how is this guy still employed by anyone...oh wait #racistpresident #WhiteSupremacist
Alfred E Neuman 14/01/2020 06:47
No,I was talking to you, you Simpleton. #hypocrite #RacistPresident
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