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sofea jane   🤡 17/02/2020 03:49
When you feel sad, don't go on here. Turn off your phone. Go in a different room in the house where it's most comfy for you. Go pickup up the Quran and read. Take a moment to forget about your dunya troubles and read Allah's words.
They moved to Iran and then Kuwait, followed by Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and finally California. It was in Iran that Arastu first encountered Islamic calligraphy, stylized writing of verses from the ...
Gheed 16/02/2020 08:04
Big flex. Does the Quran have the answer for everything?
JOHOR BARU, Feb 18 — A 33-year-old unemployed man was charged at the Magistrate’s Court here today after he was accused of stepping on the Quran and insulting Islam, in an incident that ...
Music? • Quran & Sunnah prohibit music. • There’s NO good music. Even if it’s - in Arabic or whosoever is doing it - what’s said in the music is completely Quran! • Music Harden the hearts - It’s part of the hardness of the hearts that we don’t feel the hardness. 1/2
JOHOR BARU (Bernama): The Magistrate's Court here Tuesday (Feb 18) ordered a man seen stepping on the Quran in a viral video recently to be sent to Permai Hospital here for a mental health assessment.
Marquis de Lafayette 13/02/2020 10:56
Because they forget that the Quran commands men first to cast down their eyes, and only then advises women to dress modestly. https:// twitter.com/makloubae/stat us/1228004713397964800   …
The police in Medan, North Sumatra, have arrested a man for allegedly ripping a page from the Quran after stealing it from Al-Mahsum Mosque in the city last month. The suspect, identified only as DIM, ...
OCHE'ZE (Prof Amaa) 13/02/2020 04:51
Wore hijab, learnt the quran and how to perform salat. Became malridiyha for 3 years. https:// twitter.com/volqx/status/1 227994896239353864   …
KOTA KINABALU, Feb 16 (Bernama) -- A total of 109 exhibition and sales booths have been set up in conjunction with the 1441H/2020M National Level Quran Recital and Memorisation Competition held from ...
Little Lioness  ✨ 15/02/2020 10:37
Worth watching wollah Quran, anytime, any day
Allah Islam Quran 18/02/2020 04:02
I’m a Muslim and I love my prophets.
Unknown 14/02/2020 10:58
Make a choice: Allah says: 1. ❝So remember Me and I will remember you❞ •Quran 2:152 2. ❝They forgot Allah so He forgot them❞ •Quran 9:67
Shoaib   🇵🇰 18/02/2020 04:11
Muslim Woman spent 3 years hand-painting “Quran” on transparent silk pages
Muslim Woman spent 3 years hand-painting “Quran” on transparent silk pages  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/9Jd9qTQHq7
Allah Islam Quran 18/02/2020 11:01
ALLAH swt always has 3 replies to our prayers. 1. Yes. 2. Yes, but not now. 3. I have a better plan for you. There’s never a No :)
Quran Sharif Bible. There is no proof of eating meat anywhere. Eating meat is not the order of Allah. #HiddenTruth_Of_Bible A meat eater is similar to a demon. The meat eater goes to hell.
. 15/02/2020 10:40
And Allah Knows, while you know not #Quran 2:216
Daily Dose Of Deen 17/02/2020 04:56
Here’s your daily dose of #Quran
Here’s your daily dose of #Quran <br>http://pic.twitter.com/gJZoemIDY7
Islam: God is one. 18/02/2020 04:49
Gary Miller.. A falsification test is one of the strongest proofs in science today. The Quran has many examples. bitly.com/MyWay001   #faith
Allah Islam Quran 18/02/2020 03:03
Say ‘Astaghfirullah’ for your past, ‘Alhamdulillah’ for your present and ‘Hasbiyallah’ for your future.
Quran & Hadith 18/02/2020 01:05
Some Quranic Commandments Speak kindly (2:83) Speak the Truth (3:17) Speak justice (6:152) Speak graciously (17:23) Speak fairly (17:23) Speak politely (17:53) Speak no lie (22:30) Speak gently (20:44) Speak not in vain (23:3) Speak straight (33:70)
Islam: God is one. 18/02/2020 11:16
How can the Quran be an evidence that God exists? Dr. Fazal Rahman explains to David. See the whole discussion in the links below. Part 01 bitly.com/MyWay054a   Part 02 https:// bitly.com/MyWay054b   #jesus
. 18/02/2020 08:50
Allah loves those who act aright #Quran 3:76
Islam - Religion of peace 18/02/2020 07:45
Do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good . #Quran 2:195
Allah Islam Quran 18/02/2020 07:00
I’m worried, I’m stressed, I’m confused, but I know that ALLAH will make the right things happen so it will all be okay.
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