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Deion Sanders 21/07/2019 12:30
These youngsters want likes,followers and social media more than they want to be great,make a difference in their community and create generational wealth. #Truth we gots to fix this. #Prime21Camp @UAFootball @DemetricDWarren
The annual Prime 21 Camp will take place Saturday at Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. The event, hosted by Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders, is a one-day camp featuring some ...
Deion Sanders 15/12/2018 04:11
Deandre Baker Thorpe winner. @UAFootball Prime21Camp
Deandre Baker Thorpe winner. @UAFootball Prime21Camp <br>
ARLINGTON, Tex.-- The annual Prime 21 camp lured talent from all over the country to the Dallas Metroplex, including a handful of local 2020 prospects and, of course, some of the premier underclassmen ...
Aeneas Williams 16/07/2017 07:22
Awesome experience coaching at the Prime21Camp & having my son there!
Awesome experience coaching at the Prime21Camp & having my son there! <br>
Prime 21 camp live updates Sat, 20 Jul 2019 11:59:00 GMT
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Roughly 70 athletes are registered and suited up to compete at the annual Prime 21 camp, which takes place at Martin High School. Some of the best athletes representing the 2021 ...
Deion Sanders 10/07/2015 09:38
@UnderArmour Baby! #Prime21Camp tomorrow at 2524 W.Ledbetter Dr. Prime Field. The best highschool… https://  
Omarion Cooper is a studly class of 2021 defensive back for the Lightning. After shinning at Deion's camp this weekend, Cooper was invited to the Prime 21 camp in Dallas next month. "I’m very happy, ...
Deion Sanders 11/07/2015 12:51
The gear at the #Prime21Camp is crazy! #Truth https://  
Dickerson attended Ohio State’s camp on June 6 and plans to attend Nebraska’s Friday Night Lights camp on June 14 and the Deion Sanders Prime 21 camp on July 20. He will also try to get to Notre Dame ...
Demetric D. Warren 13/05/2018 01:51
Who’s Next?? #Prime21Camp invites go out next week! The Best Skill Position Camp in the Country! #IWILL @HamiltonESPN @FlightSkillz @DeionSanders
Country Lott!! 20/07/2019 01:34
Reporting Live from the #Prime21Camp
Titus F Swen  🇱🇷 16/07/2017 02:26
Blessed to have attended the #Prime21Camp and blessed to have been coached by some of the greats
Alston Chizoba Orji 20/05/2016 09:29
Proud to say I've been invited to the #Prime21Camp Beyond blessed
OG aka CAPTAIN 23 11/07/2015 12:23
Heading to Dallas with my 13 year old Ty for @DeionSanders #Prime21Camp. I can't wait to coach these youngsters up
Deion Sanders 09/04/2018 03:19
I'm in my PRIME! #UAALLAMERICAGAME #Prime21Camp #Future50 #UAnext @UAFootball @UnderArmour #21reasons
Deion Sanders 21/07/2019 01:51
Love these dudes to Life! #Truth #Prime21Camp @UAFootball
Deion Sanders 15/07/2017 02:48
@Coreyfuller4 just told these kids You have the skill but this generation has no WILL. #PRIME21CAMP
Deion Sanders 15/07/2018 10:40
My dear friend @aeneas35 is 1 of the best men I've EVER met. #Truth #Prime21camp
Jason Howell 15/07/2017 07:51
[email protected]_Whitt3 with the snag #Prime21Camp
Deion Sanders 09/07/2016 05:54
uafootball #Prime21camp the best wrs,dbs and qbs in highschool. Thank u @underarmour for… https://www.  
Demetric D. Warren 15/07/2018 09:27
Hall of Fame RB Emmitt Smith Coaching at the #Prime21Camp @EmmittSmith22 @_ylfotyt
FD2 25/03/2018 07:18
Blessed to be personally invited to the Under Armour PRIME 21 Camp by Deion Sanders #Prime21Camp #IWILL
Woody Wommack 20/07/2017 02:25
A talented field of skill position players participated in the #Prime21Camp. Our biggest takeaways from the event:  
GotMix News 15/07/2017 07:10
TX Put on a show in the 1st practice at Prime21 camp. #Prime21Camp #gotmix
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