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Deion Sanders 21/07/2019 06:23
If u can't enjoy the life u live u need to change the life you're living! #Truth i was dancing to the music of life. #Prime21Camp @UAFootball
ARLINGTON, Tex.-- The annual Prime 21 camp lured talent from all over the country to the Dallas Metroplex, including a handful of local 2020 prospects and, of course, some of the premier underclassmen ...
Deion Sanders 21/07/2019 12:30
These youngsters want likes,followers and social media more than they want to be great,make a difference in their community and create generational wealth. #Truth we gots to fix this. #Prime21Camp @UAFootball @DemetricDWarren
Prime 21 camp live updates Sat, 20 Jul 2019 11:59:00 GMT
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Roughly 70 athletes are registered and suited up to compete at the annual Prime 21 camp, which takes place at Martin High School. Some of the best athletes representing the 2021 ...
Deion Sanders 21/07/2019 12:26
If u ain't low you mess up the whole flo! #Truth #Prime21Camp @UAFootball @underarmour
Dickerson attended Ohio State’s camp on June 6 and plans to attend Nebraska’s Friday Night Lights camp on June 14 and the Deion Sanders Prime 21 camp on July 20. He will also try to get to Notre Dame ...
Demetric D. Warren 21/07/2019 03:23
More Mario Williams! @MarioWill00 kid is crazy good! #Prime21Camp #WEWILL
He stood out wherever he went during a busy summer. Over the past three months, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders took notice and extended an invite to Cooper to his Under Armour PRIME 21 Camp in Dallas ...
Demetric D. Warren 21/07/2019 02:21
2022 Stud DB Khamauri Rogers with the INT. @Khamauri1k @CoachRogers88 #Prime21Camp
Coming up next for Bush will be another in-state trip to LSU sometime soon, he said, then he'll "be taking a trip to Florida and maybe Georgia. I have the Prime 21 camp coming up next month, so I ...
Deion Sanders 21/07/2019 01:51
Love these dudes to Life! #Truth #Prime21Camp @UAFootball
Will Blackmon 17/07/2019 04:44
YOOO! I’m honored to be selected as one of the coaches for @DeionSanders #Prime21Camp this weekend ! #3Step #Blessings
Deion Sanders 15/12/2018 04:11
Deandre Baker Thorpe winner. @UAFootball Prime21Camp
Deandre Baker Thorpe winner. @UAFootball Prime21Camp <br>
My #Prime21Camp was a awesome experience. Teaching was top notch and the competition level was off the charts. Shout #TeamPrime21 we are the 7v7 champs. Thx to @DeionSanders @DemetricDWarren @HamiltonESPN for having me! I will be grinding to make it next year for the 3rd time.
Demetric D. Warren 13/05/2018 01:51
Who’s Next?? #Prime21Camp invites go out next week! The Best Skill Position Camp in the Country! #IWILL @HamiltonESPN @FlightSkillz @DeionSanders
Deion Sanders 09/04/2018 03:19
I'm in my PRIME! #UAALLAMERICAGAME #Prime21Camp #Future50 #UAnext @UAFootball @UnderArmour #21reasons
Deion Sanders 31/03/2018 02:05
I coach for Free everything else I gets paid to do. #Truth @UnderArmour @UAFootball #uaallamerica #Prime21Camp #Prime21CampSeries
Deion Sanders 26/03/2018 12:52
Ken Griffey Jr. My former Teammate and 1 of the greatest baseball players and dads I know enjoying ourselves at the @UnderArmour @UAFootball Camp in Orlando. We have the best Highschool Camps & Coaches in the country. #Truth #AskSomebody @Coreyfuller4 #Prime21Camp
FD2 25/03/2018 07:18
Blessed to be personally invited to the Under Armour PRIME 21 Camp by Deion Sanders #Prime21Camp #IWILL
Deion Sanders 24/03/2018 01:21
Orlando I hope yall ready! PRIMETIME is here baby! Let's work,Lets learn,Lets compete and lets Dominate. #UANext #Future50 #UAAllamericagame #Prime21Camp #Truth
Raymond Woodie Jr. 16/07/2017 08:08
At the #Prime21Camp So blessed to be surrounded by these great mentors and #NFLHallOfFame members. @aeneas35 @DeionSanders @LT_21 ♚⛃
Titus F Swen  🇱🇷 16/07/2017 02:26
Blessed to have attended the #Prime21Camp and blessed to have been coached by some of the greats
Jason Howell 15/07/2017 08:29
2019 WRs @DeunteWright and @trejanbridges have made it to #Prime21Camp after a few days on the road
Norris McGill 15/07/2017 06:08
Jonathan being Jonathan @OriginalMcGill3 #Prime21Camp #underarmour
Deion Sanders 15/07/2017 02:48
@Coreyfuller4 just told these kids You have the skill but this generation has no WILL. #PRIME21CAMP
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