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Kevin Corke 17/09/2019 07:51
Prayers appreciated... #Jeopardy host #AlexTrebek resumes chemotherapy treatments | CBC News https://www. ment/trebek-cancer-chemo-1.5286499?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar   …
Many were quick to mock 2020 Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson after she appeared to credit the power of "prayers and meditation" earlier this month when Hurricane Dorian turned away from the ...
nairamarley 17/09/2019 05:25
You keep praying for yourself not knowing God has answered ur prayer. You got your qualifications, your healthy and ready to work. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re perfectly fine. It’s this country u need to pray for.
Multiple news stories from the last few weeks carried breathless reports from Opelika that the U.S. Constitution was on the verge of being trampled underfoot by students. Hysteric cries of the pending ...
nairamarley 17/09/2019 05:22
#Pray4Nigeria Don’t panic guys, nothing happened. We just need prayers everyday.
CLEVELAND, Ala. (AP) — The sheriff of an Alabama county dealing with several grim cases has organized a prayer vigil. reports Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon released a statement Friday about ...
Beto O'Rourke 17/09/2019 07:01
A Republican mayor, putting country over party, to end this epidemic. “I’ve gone to church, I’ve prayed,” he said. “My prayers aren’t working.” Thank you, Mayor Cretekos. https://www. r/2019/09/16/clearwater-mayor-calls-for-assault-weapons-ban-my-prayers-arent-working/?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true   …
Bill Kenwright Ltd, Swansea Grand and Alex Turner Productions present the London transfer of A PRAYER FOR WINGS, the award-winning play by internationally acclaimed Welsh-born director Sean Mathias. A ...
Judah Smith 17/09/2019 06:21
Prayer doesn't move God... Prayer puts you where God is moving.
Heather Locklear is sharing that she continues to struggle but she's not giving up as she's nearly done with her court-ordered treatment. The "Melrose Place" star is currently seeking help after being ...
West Virginia Football 17/09/2019 04:12
"On behalf of our football program I want to offer our condolences to the family of Alex Miller, his friends, his teammates and really everyone in Roane County. Our thoughts and prayers are with them." - Coach Neal Brown
Roy 17/09/2019 08:31
Good afternoon #teampulte My wife and I have a request! Please say a prayer for our youngest son! God knows all about it! Love y’all
Hopewell Chin'ono 17/09/2019 08:57
1. This evening Zimbabweans from all walks of life joined Doctors and other medical professionals at Harare Hospital in a prayer vigil for Dr Peter Magombeyi, the abducted President of the Doctors Union. Medical professionals have vowed not to return to work until he is found!
Steve Harvey 17/09/2019 05:51
Prayer Works!!!!
Prayer Works!!!! <br>
•̀ 3 •́ 17/09/2019 02:18
prayer circle: Changkyun getting many lines & no new rapper
Raw Story 17/09/2019 05:47
‘My prayers aren’t working’: GOP Florida mayor calls for ban on ‘military-style’ weapons https://www. yers-arent-working-gop-florida-mayor-calls-for-ban-on-military-style-weapons/   …
Billy Hallowell 17/09/2019 08:01
Being offended by thoughts and prayers is silly. "Thoughts" are pointless but still kind. Prayers are powerful. But even if you reject the power of prayer, can't you at least appreciate that someone cares about you enough to lift you up in prayer? Seems like a silly debate.
Da' T.R.U.T.H. 17/09/2019 04:32
I’m rooting and praying for @kanyesundayservices God is clearly doing a work on his heart and it’s exciting to watch! I’m praying that he would be deeply rooted, intimately acquainted with the ways of God and persevere until the end!!! The same prayer that I pray for myself.
Moses Agbo 17/09/2019 03:11
All the #One_Nigerianist must watch this clip and know if their prayer should still be=God bless Nig,or God divide Nigeria. Indeed,@MBuhari is an answered prayer to all Fulani race. #Islamization_Fulanization can only consume non Biafrans and enemies of Biafrans bc we are out.
we should start our prayer circle. this is just the beginning.
Will Johnson 17/09/2019 07:13
Calling for prayer- at ER - infection in jaw possibly spreading to face, eye swelling shut - headache - waiting to see doctor
Calling for prayer- at ER - infection in jaw possibly spreading to face, eye swelling shut - headache - waiting to see doctor <br>
That must have been so Painful I think he needs your prayer
twAn 17/09/2019 02:42
#NCAT Prayers up to the family of the victim as well as the driver, that’s a heavy toll on a persons mental state.
*.:。phoebe❈⁹'⁰ 17/09/2019 07:06
prayer circle : stays actually bothering to vote for stray kids instead of being lazy
Rickey2x  ™️ 17/09/2019 02:33
Can we at least get a Aggie Alert or something. This is crazy . Prayers for the family and friends affected #NCAT
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