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For our Future's Sake 18/06/2019 07:35
Someone asks an entirely legitimate question about the destructive impact of No Deal: Boris Johnson: A) You don't understand B) No one wants No Deal, sort of C) It'll be okay, probably. (It won't) Nobody voted for this chaos. #BBCOurNextPM #FFS #PeoplesVote
Jo Swinson: a positive future for Britain Wed, 19 Jun 2019 00:59:00 GMT
It should be the number one goal of everyone in our party. It’s why I’ve worked so hard as the leading Liberal Democrat in the People’s Vote campaign to bring together a group of like-minded MPs who ...
Sick to death of Tory politicians saying ‘what the people want is to see Brexit delivered.’ Millions do not. Millions want a @peoplesvote_uk and this shower are terrified because they would lose it
THREE years ago, our country voted narrowly to leave the European Union in a referendum that saw our city of Leeds split almost exactly down the middle. In that referendum, 50.3 per cent of Leeds ...
A @peoplesvote_uk of the whole country would be totally undemocratic. Tory MPs deciding 2 Old Etonians should run off for Prime Minister, to be decided by 0.25% of the population, mainly elderly, southern, white, male, is what makes our democracy the envy of the world
A Tory former minister who backs a second Brexit referendum has been forced to quit of the party’s leadership contest after failing to gather the support of six MPs. Sam Gyimah stepped aside minutes ...
Anna Soubry MP 18/06/2019 04:15
“If we don’t deliver Brexit then the Conservative Party will die” says @Tobias_Ellwood on @BBCPM Sounds like another good reason to support @peoplesvote_uk #Revoke and @ForChange_Now
Scottish Labour has broken ranks with Jeremy Corbyn by backing a second referendum in all circumstances and pledging to campaign for Remain if one takes place. Richard Leonard and Jeremy Corbyn are ...
Lord Patten - If I was going to vote, I would vote for the only candidate telling the truth & that's @RoryStewartUK.. all the other candidates are following Alice in Wonderland & seem to think you can believe 6 impossible things before breakfast.. #politicslive #PeoplesVote
People's Vote chairman Roland Rudd gets grilled by an LBC caller over their push for a second referendum, saying 'what does that tell you about democracy when people like you are coming back saying ...
Bob Posner(Electoral Commission) - the #Brexitparty_uk has 30 days to do these checks. (2/2) #peoplesvote #FinalSay
Damian Collins - The #BrexitParty had no effective system in place to determine if a foreign donation was permissible or not Louise Edwards(Electoral Commission) - They need to improve their processes significantly in that area... it's a huge risk (1/2) #PeoplesVote #FinalSay
Antoinette Sandbach - The new #EU commission will not be in place until 1st Nov... so all the #ToryLeadership candidates that promise to renegotiate some magical new deal are lying to the British public. #PeoplesVote #FinalSay #ToryLeadershipContest
I just joined the Liberal Democrats - join me here: https://www.  
David Lammy 17/06/2019 07:12
As the clock ticks down to October, not a single Tory candidate has proposed a feasible solution to the Brexit crisis. All rely on either the fantasy of a "better deal" or passing May's deal which has been brutally rejected three times. A #PeoplesVote is how we settle this.
Naomi Long(MEP Alliance Party) - The #ToryLeadership candidates are playing fantasy politics with the Irish border, we are chasing a unicorn #brexit... these technical solutions don't exist... every country would be using them if the did. #ToryLeadershipContest #PeoplesVote
Ben Bradshaw 17/06/2019 08:10
Brilliant @tom_watson thank you. This has been needed saying for too long. #BrexitShambles #FinalSay #PeoplesVote https:// tus/1140496212262604800   …
#Ridge - Will you try and stop #BorisJohnson taking the UK out on a #NoDeal? Hilary Benn - Yes. How can any Prime Minister advocate for economic vandalism on the UK. There is no mandate for a #NoDeal as the leave campaign didn't argue for one. #marr #PeoplesVote #FinalSay
Timo#FBPE 15/06/2019 05:22
Quite a few people have told me they voted brexit because of the red bus lie about the NHS or because of the Turkey immigration lie. What kind of democracy are we supposed to be defending by 'delivering the will of the people' many of whom....were simply conned? #PeoplesVote
Vince Cable 15/06/2019 09:30
I see the unscrupulous and opportunistic #BorisJohnsonShouldNotBePM has decided to back #Heathrow expansion. End of retreat from commitment to lie in front of the bulldozers. On the bright side he may now support #PeoplesVote and #StopBrexit in a few months.
Pam Wallace #FBPE 14/06/2019 02:56
Oh dear, how your words come back to haunt you. #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
Oh dear, how your words come back to haunt you.  #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote <br>
Ken Clarke - I could not support a Prime Minister who prorogued Parliament.. used dictatorial powers.. to get a #NoDealBrexit through. #PeoplesVote #ToryLeadershipContest #BorisJohnson
Christine Jardine MP 12/06/2019 05:20
I am stunned at the Labour MPs who sold the country down the river this afternoon by not voting with @LibDems to block no deal. Now we know that @LibDems only UK party whocan be trusted to fight for #Remain #peoplesvote
People's Vote UK 12/06/2019 05:02
MUST-WATCH: This summer, #LetUsBeHeard. Join us as we launch an all-out nationwide offensive with rallies in 15 towns and cities in every corner of the country, culminating in a #PeoplesVote march on 12 October. Please RT this so everybody knows: https://www.
Dominic Grieve - I will not hesitate to bring down the government if a #NoDealBrexit is attempted.. I will not allow this country to be taken out of the EU on a #NoDeal without the approval of this house & in my view going back to the country. #PMQS #PeoplesVote #FinalSay
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