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NFX 22/05/2019 06:40
On dirait le bug parcoursup
Parcoursup: could do better Tue, 13 Feb 2018 04:51:00 GMT
All societies need a grand narrative to justify their inequalities. In contemporary societies, the focus is on the meritocratic narrative. Modern inequality is just because it is the outcome of a ...
ani$sa  🇩🇿 03/09/2019 06:59
premier jour de cours: bac, parcoursup, bac, bac parcoursup
Less than two weeks before classes resume on September 3, tens of thousands of French students are still being denied admission to university by the Parcoursup algorithm set up by the Orientation and ...
Mερhιsτσ 30/08/2019 11:51
But many students are already protesting against its new enrolment process, Parcoursup, which they claim introduces selection – a strong taboo for students. Trouble started on 22 March at the Paul ...
  🈵 19/05/2019 01:19
experte parcoursup
They have also been protesting against 'Parcoursup', an online government platform designed for selecting students for university. The are also against the creation of a national civic service ...
xy oranj  🕸 10/08/2019 07:49
parcoursup quand ils vont voir toutes mes absences
parcoursup quand ils vont voir toutes mes absences <br>
In many ways, this year’s rentrée was remarkably smooth, with no teacher strikes despite the threat of job cuts and few complaints about the new national “Parcoursup” system that tramples French ...
Dusk 20/05/2019 09:32
Wesh y'a un easter egg sur #PARCOURSUP @parcoursup_info
Wesh y'a un easter egg sur #PARCOURSUP @parcoursup_info<br>
marmar 03/09/2019 06:11
BAC PARCOURSUP BAC PARCOURSUP BAC PARCOURSUP https:// tus/1158350242506518528   …
bilal 19/05/2019 04:40
il s’est fait refuser sur parcoursup https:// tatus/1130091349292847105   …
Théo 05/07/2019 09:55
Parcoursup Bac Manque les 18 ans et le permis mtn
sav 03/09/2019 06:43
bac bac parcoursup bac bac
Les Echos 19/07/2019 07:04
Parcoursup : 60.000 candidats attendent encore une proposition https://  
Blaise Cendrars 20/06/2019 06:31
Parcoursup <br>
malaisante   😟 30/08/2019 11:03
personne : - parcoursup : https:// status/1167384449052368898   …
Saint-Joseph de Tivoli 05/06/2019 08:09
calendrier parcoursup
calendrier parcoursup <br>
Impératrice どくしん 22/05/2019 11:07
What website do you visit the most? — Parcoursup https:// 82035652?t=1558523255   …
Céline Gatteaut 26/05/2019 06:34
#Parcoursup @ Voutch
#Parcoursup @ Voutch <br>
Maëlle  🌺 15/07/2019 11:56
Parcoursup me fatigue
Bri  👁️ 04/09/2019 04:10
Il y a pas sur parcoursup https:// tatus/1169278951606370305   …
Clara   👼🏽 03/07/2019 06:48
Du coup c’est comment parcoursup .. #baccalaureat2019
22 28/05/2019 10:21
comment on pirate un compte parcoursup
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