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Kellie Karavias 23/08/2019 02:31
Yes @ThomasPorterIV moving our educators with the #PantherPowerShuffle because #SchoolCultureMatters can you spot Principal @AngelWilson36 dippin’ and doing it ya’ll? @HoustonISD @HISDFineArt https:// /1164905831126749185   …
Gregory-Lincoln PVA 23/08/2019 02:22
Chapter 29 #EnjoyTheRide from @mrronclark_ #moveyourbus we’re in full motion in the G-L-E-C this morning. @GLECDance #PantherPowerShuffle welcome to our house, where we have fun like family with our focus on the future—our scholars #TheMarathonContinues – a Gregory Lincoln
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