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ALASTAIR CAMPBELL 26/05/2020 01:00
A bit techie for me this story about Cummings doctoring his own work but bottom line is on a day when 1000 people were dying, in huge national crisis with shortage of PPE/tests, his priority was to backdate fake a blog to make it look like he predicted the coronavirus 1/2
Coronavirus: Has the NHS got enough PPE? Tue, 26 May 2020 09:27:00 GMT
The government says it's working "around the clock" to provide protective equipment, but doctors say shortages put lives at risk.
Brian Tweedale 26/05/2020 04:49
So Lord Dyson has been awarded the contract to produce millions of pieces of PPE by the Tories. #R4PM The smell of corruption swirls around everything the Government does.
President Trump announced he would replace Christi Grimm as acting inspector general after disagreeing with her report.
to be fair to Boris Johnson he’s been late on doing a lockdown, late on cancelling mass events, late on PPE, late on testing so he’s going to be late on sacking Dominic Cummings too
The UK government has signed contracts with firms to manufacture two billion items of personal protective equipment in the country.
Leonard Roxon 26/05/2020 04:31
IF Trudeau Liberals were smart, moment Military Intelligence report came in Dec 2019, they'd have filled up PPE stockpile. Instead they shipped out all we had to China! NOW, they blame Harper? Do these idiots realize they've been in power for 5 years now? https:// tnc.news/2020/05/25/lib eral-health-minister-blames-stephen-harper-for-liberal-failure-to-stock-emergency-supplies   …
Christi Grimm's office released a report on April 6 detailing medical supply shortages and testing delays at hospitals.
Ain't that the truth.
Ain't that the truth. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/Yfoez9Eazw
A New Jersey man faces federal wire fraud charges for an alleged $45 million scheme to sell personal protective equipment in the darkest days of the pandemic to New York City at a massive markup.
Amit Thadhani 26/05/2020 03:09
Can someone explain how this miniskirt PPE makes any sense?
Can someone explain how this miniskirt PPE makes any sense? <br>http://pic.twitter.com/TKC9DiNcan
This very funny. It's not a true translation, before anyone decides to slag it off.
Kingdom PPE International 26/05/2020 09:39
You can believe any rumors, threads, vdo anylises either on YT, Twt or IG about artists but people who know the truth is the ones who followed them since day 1, especially who met them irl not some fans/ new fans who live on social media only and make assumption.
Robert Peston 26/05/2020 04:08
“I can announce we have signed contracts to manufacture 2bn items of PPE here in the UK” says @MattHancock. Not clear over what time period that will be made and delivered. So not desperately relevant as a statistic on its own
#DISUNOMICS 26/05/2020 04:58
Today’s government update. More PPE on its way
Today’s government update. More PPE on its way <br>http://pic.twitter.com/N6kTFx0JDy
I honestly can't tell you how hard work is right now. I see these pictures of crowded beaches etc and I could cry. Honestly I could, I come home in physical pain from the ppe I have to wear. And people don't care, they want their fun. I'm so close to giving up.
Eleanor Adams 26/05/2020 10:32
#Newsnight Andrew Bridgen hit a new low for the tories tonight when he compared Cummings actions to Doctors. NHS workers have died to protect us, working without adequate PPE thanks to this g'ment. Many haven't seen their families for weeks. HOW DARE HE
Once again @BBCNewsnight storming it tonight, saying it how it is. What all of us really have been thinking, that Cummings has no excuses, what he did was not reasonable and was not within the guidelines. No false equivalence. Solid brave reporting. Thank you #Newsnight
Jam Saltfish Jones. 26/05/2020 08:47
Me wearing PPE to the family BBQ.
Me wearing PPE to the family BBQ. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/uvbrt2vfbW
I am not excusing the military report findings. But please do not attack the healthcare workers (PSWs, nurses, etc.). In LTC they are often working with less than the bare minimum in terms of proper staffing, PPE, needed resources, etc... A full public inquiry is needed. #onpoli
tumi 26/05/2020 07:07
Honestly, my priority will always be HCWs. Namanje we don’t have PPE, we are dying. Yoh you guys can joke about “may the best immune system win” but nna I didn’t do this to sacrifice my life for irresponsible people. I’m not interested.
Paul Murphy 26/05/2020 06:07
Supermacs millionaire Pat McDonagh says the €350 support for those who lost their jobs due to Covid should be cut He says that'll make it easier for him to get workers to work for €200 a week. Maybe he should consider paying a living wage and providing proper PPE to staff?
If every Tory MP tweeting & giving interviews in defence of Cummings' rule breaking (whilst we were home doing the right thing), had put this much effort into lobbying for more PPE for their frontline workers, imagine how many lives could have been saved... #OneRuleForThem
I think we’re lucky that Cummings did predict the Covid-19 pandemic because if he hadn’t we would have been woefully unprepared (lack of PPE, ventilators etc) and could have had the highest death rate in Europe. #CumGates
penny wears PPE 26/05/2020 03:31
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